How to protect a house or apartment using smart technologies

Safety is a basic human need and lack of home protection can negatively affect human behavior. And this is only the psychological component of the problem. And if a person really has something to fear? Maybe the safe in the bedroom contains cash, expensive art, or new technology. Security systems solve such problems, and today these solutions are available to everyone.

Security system structure
First, let’s figure out what a modern security system is.

The control center is the head of the entire system. Any set of modules is connected to it, if they are, of course, available for connection by the manufacturer. The modules are connected via cable, Wi-Fi or radio. They can be conditionally divided into three types:

Control modules – remotes, mobile applications, control by GSM-commands
Alarm modules – sirens, GSM transmitters
Security modules – sensors, cameras, locks
Some control and alarm modules may already be integrated into the control center. In this case, there is no need to connect them additionally.

A smart home is the same security system with a control center to which the modules are connected. These devices are very similar in functionality and the differences will disappear in the future. Usually, in the smart home system, you can additionally find lighting, voice control, smart sockets. Everything connects via Wi-Fi or ZigBee protocol.

Protection against emergencies, flood and fire
The security system can include not only home burglary protection systems, but also preventing or anticipating emergencies.

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All new buildings must have a fire alarm system with sensors in each apartment. But if the house is not new or the person is not sure about the operability of the fire system, then such a sensor can be installed separately. There are smoke detectors that do not require connection to a security system. In case of fire or smoke, they turn on the siren. They are hung as close to the ceiling as possible, they are powered by batteries. Carbon monoxide detectors also seem to work, which, in addition to smoke and fire, react to carbon monoxide.

Smoke detector First Alert PR700
More advanced smoke detectors are also installed, but in addition to sound indications, they can send alarm information to the security system. And already the main control unit will decide what to do – send the information to the owner of the premises or to the control panel of the security company.

Water leakage sensors notify the owner about partial or complete flooding of the room. A small box is placed on the floor where there is a potential leak. You don’t even need to fix anything here. Just install batteries and connect to the security system. A leak detected in time will save not only an apartment from a flood, but also prevent unpleasant conversations with neighbors below.
At first glance, surveillance cameras are an obvious part of a security system, but they are far from always able to connect to the main center. If cameras are needed and the security system does not support them, you can connect a separate video recorder with hard disk recording and network access or a separate network camera.

The purpose of the cameras is not only to capture an unwanted face when entering or attempting to enter, but also, for example, to monitor children in their absence or to find a lost thing.

When choosing a camera, it is important to pay attention to the following things:

For example, we have a security complex with the ability to connect a camera via a network connector. We want to hang a camera above the front door on the street. The camera will work non-stop all year round. So we need night shooting, IR illumination, rain protection, and an RJ-45 port. Under such conditions, for example, ORIENT IP-950-SH2APSD will suit us. The model has a microphone, a motion sensor, and the power can be turned on via a network cable. We connect it to a home router and we can monitor the front door through a laptop or mobile application.

If you need to monitor three rooms in an apartment and monitor children in your absence, then you should pay attention to the high recording resolution and Wi-Fi connection so as not to pull the wires. In this case, installing three Xiaomi Mi 360 ° Home Security Cameras 2K Pro would be a good solution. The wide aperture of the camera will capture all corners of the rooms, the high definition of the image will allow you to find any trifles lost by children, and saving to the cloud or to a memory card will create a video archive with months of observations.
Traditional security systems use motion sensors instead of cameras, as they are a clear trigger to trigger an alarm. If the motion sensor triggered without disarming the system, then this is a serious reason to call the security service. It is important not to confuse these sensors, because there are the same ones, but for lighting control.

When choosing a motion sensor, pay attention to compatibility with security equipment. For example, Ajax CombiProtect is only suitable for the Ajax system. The device is powered by a CR123A battery, is mounted on four complete screws and even has a built-in glass break sensor.

For some cybercriminals, just having a camera or a motion sensor with a lit indication is enough to retreat from their plans to hack.

Glass break detectors are sold separately. They are installed next to the windows and a built-in microphone recognizes the sound of rough penetration into the home. The recognition range is 9 meters. Then the information from the sensor goes to the security console and an alarm is triggered.

Ajax GlassProtect glass break sensor

A simple siren will do the trick to quickly scare off intruders. There are also smart sirens such as Netatmo. In addition to its direct function – to loudly play an alarm signal, it is able to prevent intrusion. You can choose any sound that will simulate the presence of people in the house or for example a dog barking. The invasion will be prevented even before it starts. Powered by AA batteries or power adapter.

Siren Netatmo Smart Siren

To monitor your home remotely and check all sensors, you need to install the application on your smartphone or computer. Depending on the installed systems, the applications can be very different from each other, and sometimes you will need several different ones. For example, an Ajax security system and a separate Xiaomi entrance camera are installed. So we need Ajax Security System and Mi Home. The Ajax interface is described in detail here .

First launch of the Mi Home app for smart home control

Setting up monitoring apps is easy. You need to go to the smartphone app store, find the recommended software, install and register. After that, you can already add devices.

Adding a device

Manual and automatic add modes The fastest way to add a device is via a QR code on each smart device. If the sensor is already firmly fixed and it is impossible to see the code on the back, then it can always be configured via a button on the case.

The sensors are connected in the same way. Once added, they are displayed in the main menu and you can view the event log. When a sensor is triggered, a push notification is sent to the application.

Each device in the system has its own set of functions. For example, in the Xiaomi Mi 360 ° Home Security Camera 2K Pro, in addition to simple viewing, you can rotate the device itself and see a log of detection of certain persons on the calendar.

Today, home protection does not require the user to have serious knowledge of network structures, protocols, skills in laying cables under the ceiling and serious financial investments. This is a flexible modular system where today you only need two cameras, after six months you will need a water leakage sensor, and after a year you will want smoke detectors or even voice control of the light. Everything is set up in minutes, translated into Russian and has a friendly interface.