How to properly use your home air conditioner in summer?

The climate system is man’s best friend, and during the record heat it is also a real lifesaver. Hardly anyone wants to be left without air conditioning on the hottest days, when the thermometers show +45 ° C in the shade. For the system to work flawlessly even in summer hell, you need to know how to properly handle the equipment. This is in our material.

The relationship between technology and the user is often one-sided: the owner benefits from the technology, but does not give anything in return. Sometimes it “rolls” and does not affect the operation of electronics, but in the case of an air conditioner, this does not work: the more attention a person pays to the air conditioner, the more comfort and coolness he will give even on the hottest day.

The official documentation for the air conditioner indicates the basic requirements and restrictions under which it will be guaranteed to work in the factory mode. For example, common models of home split systems live quietly in the summer when the outside air temperature does not exceed 43-45 ° C. In this case, the user must comply with the instructions specified in the instructions. Let’s say you connect equipment separately from other powerful energy consumers, use a network in which the voltage never drops below 200 V.

Naturally, these are the average values ​​that the manufacturer adheres to. He is confident that the conditions prescribed in the manual will allow the system to work out the declared warranty period, and sometimes the entire service life. However, few people stick to the official rules in practice. However, there are a lot of tricks, following which, the owner will pull even more out of his air conditioner and without prejudice to the technology.

The health of an air conditioner begins with selection and installation. Installation, connection and configuration is carried out by a master “from the store” or a third-party specialist. In most cases, the procedure goes without problems, but some things need to be monitored personally. The notorious “professionals” on call can, without noticing it, if not spoil, then easily worsen the quality of the expensive equipment.

Power selection

Before buying an air conditioner, you need to decide on the area of ​​the refrigerated space. Let’s say this is a 20 m² bedroom. To effectively cool such a room, you will have to choose an air conditioner with a capacity of 7,000 BTU. You can use the “Russian” numbering system and choose a system by quadrature. Moreover, in the technical characteristics of each model, this value is spelled out by default.

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Do not forget that the characteristics indicate the maximum values. Many buyers come across this. For confident operation of the air conditioner, it is necessary to add another 20-30% to the real area in reserve. Then the maximum service area will be almost 25 m².

Better now. An air conditioner with a power reserve consumes no more electricity than its low-powered brother. But it will turn on less often, cool the room faster and maintain the climate set by the user in it. The performance of the system will remain at a comfortable level and the service life of the air conditioner will increase.

If you want coolness from the air conditioner, you must first find this coolness. The air conditioner works on the principle of a heat pump. It transfers some of the coolness from the outside air to the house. It sounds unusual, but this is how any refrigeration unit works, including a refrigerator.

Before installing the outdoor unit, you must decide on the installation site. This is more likely to concern residents of the private sector than apartment buildings, who have to pile up a noisy unit on a loggia or balcony. Nevertheless, you need to install it in the most shaded place, preferably where the sun’s rays do not fall in the summer. It is easy to determine: the darkest and coolest is the wall of the house facing north. Cooler air conditioner – more comfortable for a person.

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The shadow can be created artificially. To do this, it is necessary to build something like a pitched roof over the outer block. Of course, this method is less effective than the north wall of the house, but still better than direct sunlight. This is the first bun from the visor.


The second – a reliable roof protects the equipment from rain, hail and cigarette butts flying from the floors above.

Installers do not think about the quality of installation, but care about their own benefit. Therefore, they always connect the contour of the indoor and outdoor units with aluminum pipes. On the one hand, this makes the installation cost cheaper, as the cost of copper will soon equalize with gold.


On the other hand, aluminum is less elastic, so it takes less shape when swaging or expanding the pipe. Microcracks often appear in the joints of aluminum tracks, through which freon escapes. If the amount of gas in the system drops to a critical level, the air conditioner will stop working as usual and may even fail.

Split system Haier AS07TL5HRA / 1U07TL5FRA

Although the indoor unit remains “cold” during operation, it also needs to be placed where the sun does not reach. Then the system will cool the room and not the sun. In addition, plastic heated in the sun will begin to cool quickly when the air conditioner is turned on, which can cause cosmetic or mechanical damage.

Hot? Insulate the ceiling!

The air conditioner draws in room air through the nozzles on the upper part of the indoor unit, drives it through the cold evaporator and spits it out into the room. The air temperature at the ceiling is always higher than at the height of a person. If the house is covered with a metal profile, and there is only a stretch ceiling and a vapor barrier on the ceiling made of insulation, then the air conditioner will cool the boiling water coming from above, and not the room air.

As strange as it may sound, you need to do the insulation of the room: to isolate the home from external factors for the efficient operation of not only heating, but also cooling. In winter, we protect the house from the cold outside, and in the summer – from the heat. In most cases, private new buildings are insulated only along the walls, while the ceiling remains “bare”.

Split system Samsung AR09TSHYAWKNER / AR09TSHYAWKXER

In order for the air conditioner to work as efficiently as possible, it is necessary to isolate the room from the heat that enters through the double-glazed windows. There are two ways to get out of the situation: install blackout blinds or energy-saving double-glazed windows.

Of course, replacing windows is a big deal. Therefore, you can limit yourself to thick curtains and aluminum foil.
The reason for the unstable operation of the split system on hot days can be not only an installer’s mistake, but also improper operation of equipment. For example, if the owner does not monitor the condition of the blocks or does not understand how the air conditioner works

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Just remember: the air conditioner will not cool the room any faster if you set the temperature on the remote control to 18 ° C. In this case, it will simply stop switching off and will “thresh” without stopping until the compressor is exhausted.