How to properly maintain and care for your washing machine

Many users do not even think that a washing machine, like any complex device, needs to be serviced periodically. They install it at random and operate it for years, without even knowing about the need to clean the filters. In the end, this leads to a breakdown and a call to the master. Let’s talk about how to extend the life of your washing machine.

During the spin cycle, the machine can spin the drum at a speed of up to 1000–2000 rpm (or, for a minute, up to 16–33 rpm!). To avoid unnecessary vibrations, it must stand exactly horizontally and on a level surface. Even if the master installed the machine for you, you should double-check his work with the help of a level.
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If the body is uneven, adjust the feet using the included wrench. Remember to lock the nuts.

Please note that you need to set the level exactly at the installation site of the machine itself. To test, try shaking it with your hands in both directions.

If the standard key is lost, you can use the generic key. Most often, manufacturers use 14 nuts.Vira 444000 360 universal key *
Centering is influenced not only by the adjustment of the feet, but also by the floor itself. If the coating is too soft or damaged, this is the problem that needs to be addressed first.

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Even if the clipper has been installed perfectly, centering can become disordered over time – for example, if the drum is loaded unevenly. Therefore, it is advisable to periodically recheck it. To dampen vibration from the feet, you can use special damping pads.

If the washing machine still strives to “run away” during the spin cycle, and everything is in order with the level, it is worth checking the transport bolts:

They fix the drum so as not to damage it during transportation. Nevertheless, the latter spins even with them, because the bolts limit movement only along the axis of the cylinder:

In a ready-to-use machine, there should be no bolts for transportation. Manufacturers even specially tuck the power cable under one of them – so that you don’t forget to unscrew it.

We do this using the supplied wrench, and then carefully remove the rubber seals.

It is best not to discard the transit bolts. They will come in handy when you move. You can fix the packaging with tape on the back of the case, so as not to lose for sure:

One of the most important operations that many people forget about is cleaning the filters. There are two of them in modern washing machines: inlet and outlet.

The outlet is located in the lower right corner of the case and hides behind a special door.

Before unscrewing the cap, drain off the remaining water using a hose.

The filter has a large grate and retains relatively large items such as a coin or a button. But hair from pets and hair can also get here. Therefore, the mesh must be cleaned regularly.In order not to frighten readers, the filter in the photo has already been cleared.The inlet filter can be cleaned less frequently. It is located behind the water inlet and consists of two nets. We take out the first one and rinse with water.

Try to clean the second one with a cotton swab and a needle.

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After washing, leave the door open until the drum is completely dry. This is not always convenient, especially if there is little space in the bathroom. However, when the door is closed, there is no air circulation, which can cause an unpleasant smell.
The sealing gum should be wiped with a cloth.

In order for the washing machine to serve for a long time, it is enough to do simple operations every few months. Clean the filters in time, leave the door open after washing, be sure to center it and do not forget to remove the transit bolts.