How to prepare for the New Year and not go crazy: a selection of useful purchases

ou still haven’t put the tree down, wrapped yourself in garlands and sang Jingle Bells a hundred times? Fix it urgently! And so that preparation for the New Year does not turn into hell and a mad rush to the shops – we have collected everything for you.

Shine Christmas tree!

What is New Year without a tree? Live fir, bought in a certified store, is fragrant and wonderful, but many switch to artificial spruce – practical, durable. There are both budget solutions and more expensive ones. The key difference is the type of needles. In the models of the initial segment, the needles are made of PVC – thinly cut, twisted stripes, which in the total mass from a distance look like real needles, but not particularly on closer examination. Soft to the touch, elastic, can crumble almost like real ones.

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A more realistic option is cast Christmas trees, in which each branch is molded separately to become as similar as possible to the real one. Such trees are strong, resilient, do not crumble, last much longer, look more spectacular, but they also cost several times more.

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There are also Christmas trees with imitation of snow, with cones, ready-made balls, lighting. They differ in height and material of the cross – there are supports made of plastic or metal. Metal, respectively, is stronger, more stable and more durable. Choose the one that you like the most, because an artificial tree is an investment for many years!

Interior decor
Tinsel , rains, cones, sticks, wreaths – we take everything. So that your tree and apartment do not turn into a circus performance from the abundance of different colors, we recommend staying at 1-3 colors, and select the entire decor to match. For example, white – brown – gold; gold-red; red – blue and so on. White and gold are versatile colors that can be combined with almost all others. Check out our selection of New Year’s decor photos and get inspired!

Both the tree and the room do not have to be decorated only with tinsel and balls. Use satin ribbons, natural materials, fabric bows, woolen pom-poms – almost any material can be a great decor item!

It is difficult to imagine a New Year without illumination. Bright garlands create the very mysterious mood of the holiday and fairy tale. Light garlands with infrequent, small bulbs and a length of 5 meters – ideal to pass between spruce paws. Garland in the form of a curtain – a window, door or wall to create a cascade of twinkling lights. Large balls – for highlighting local areas. They can be casually laid out under the tree between gifts, on a work or dining table, or on a bookshelf.
















An option for the most advanced is an RGB LED strip garland . This method will come out much more expensive than a ready-made garland, but here you can experiment with the glow as much as you like. Buy a remote control and play with the tape modes. In the video below, we described in detail how to assemble a real disco from an LED strip.

Gamers, your way out! A carefully assembled RGB gaming computer is the highlight of the New Year’s program. We turn on the backlight on the mouse, keyboard, cooling, rug – on everything you have. Full jingle belz!

Gift wrapping

Since we have taken care of the tree, then we will not forget about the gifts. Down with the newspaper and grocery bags – we pick up wrapping paper, gift bags, bright ribbons and surprise loved ones with our attention and imagination. You can choose materials for gift wrapping here .

Help in the kitchen
We can endlessly list that you will probably need an oven, hob, knife, saucepan and other kitchen utensils to organize a feast. But you probably have all this, and it is unlikely that you will be updating the entire kitchen equipment park on the eve of the New Year. We want to help you! Therefore, here are some tools that will greatly facilitate your culinary rush. And it doesn’t matter if you cook only for yourself or for 20 guests.

Electric grill – a couple of minutes for a meat steak, half a minute for vegetables. In addition, it can also be used to make waffles, pancakes, croutons for snacks. The grill is a real salvation in the kitchen. He cooks quickly, is healthy, and the dishes are as effective as possible in appearance. Instead of the usual pike or chicken, offer your guests a steak with grilled asparagus: it looks like a restaurant dish, and it takes no longer than 10 minutes to cook with the unit washing.

Kitchen machine. If Olivier is nowhere without a basin, then we put the hand grater and knife aside and take out the kitchen machine. This device, depending on the configuration, can work for a blender, for a combine, for a meat grinder, and for a juicer. The kitchen machine will grate carrots, chop potatoes, chop sausages, chop meat for cutlets, and so on. And all this in a matter of minutes.

Waffle iron . There should be something about a birthday cake, but you can make a knight’s move and make Viennese waffles. For example, with butter cream, spicy caramel, fresh berries or honey mousse. Or a pancake cake, because many waffle makers have a pancake and pancake platform. All this, again, is fast and minimum of dirty dishes. And after the holiday, the waffle iron will come in handy and help diversify homemade desserts.

Multicooker . This, of course, is not about a five-minute cooking, but definitely about an easy one. We threw in all the ingredients, chose the program, closed the lid and that’s it – go on decorating the tree and singing Christmas songs.

Here they come. We were amazed at your awesome Christmas tree, stupefied by steak with asparagus and waffles. And what to do with them next?

Noisy company . We turn on the speakers louder, we take out the microphones and without a twinge of conscience we sing songs, dance and have fun. Moreover, making noise on New Year’s Eve is officially permitted by law. You can buy classic speakers – today they will help you turn on driving songs for New Year’s Eve, and then they will be the eternal companion of your audio addiction. Compact 2.0, full 5.1 system, budget or expensive – give yourself the gift you want. Here , by the way, you can read how to choose them.

But there are also more effective options – stationary audio systems . This is one, but a large and dimensional speaker that glows, flickers and shimmers in every possible way. And most of these music centers have a karaoke system.

A company of introverts. If it is not for adults to jerk to music, then sit back and take out the tabletop . It is best to take several different ones for the New Year – in case you don’t like something, or the game ends too quickly. Choose a board game based on the number of players and their temperaments. Someone will have fun in strategic financial Monopoly, while others are better off grimacing at Crocodile or laughing like Munchkin.

If there are many newcomers to board games among you, you should not immediately take large-scale games with a bunch of rules: choose those where game sessions last up to 30 minutes, and all the rules fit into a small card.

For the most creative, you can also grab makeup paint and arrange a competition, who will get a war paint more fun and beautiful. Put on a red cap, paint up like the Grinch and take a couple of memorable photos.