How to prepare an apartment for the New Year in one day

What if the soul asks for a real New Year’s fairy tale, and at home from the holiday – only a bunch of tangerines? Well, it’s time to hurry up and conjure up a magical atmosphere! The highlight of the program
In the last article, we already wrote about Christmas trees and balls. But here it is simply impossible not to mention the green beauty!

Recall that artificial spruces differ primarily in manufacturing technology. PVC options are simple, budget-friendly, when the “needles” are cut into thin light strips. The thicker this fringe, the more realistic the look of the Christmas tree, but still falls short of the cast Christmas trees. Cast Christmas trees are many times more expensive, but they look just like real ones.

Artificial outdoor spruce BEATREES Blue Anson 7 350 *
Ate comes in different sizes – you can easily pick up the one that will fit even in the smallest room. Even on your work or kitchen table, on a shelf or bedside table! In pursuit of a necessarily giant Christmas tree, do not go wrong with the dimensions – a Christmas tree will look much more spectacular, around which there is enough free space, at least half a meter on each side. The Christmas tree, which is crowded in the corner between the wardrobe and the table, does not look so magnificent. Therefore, sometimes less is better!

Desktop artificial spruce Bzik 800 1201 460 *
An artificial tree is good for everyone – it is a fairly environmentally friendly solution, if you take a high-quality one that will serve you for decades; economical – I bought it once and no longer need to spend many thousands of rubles on a new one every year. But there is one well-known drawback, for which many do not like an artificial tree – it does not smell. Tips like “sprinkle the tree with essential oil” work briefly and poorly. But putting an electric fragrance in the room will help!

Fragrance Oregon Scientific HWI0003 1 899 *
This is a small device that, using water and ultrasound, atomizes the smallest vapor with the scent of your choice. At the same time, fragrances also look, as a rule, pretty, becoming a full-fledged decoration of the interior. In winter, you can add coniferous essential oils to the fragrance, and in summer you can choose other notes for the room.
















Fairy lights
Garlands are generally year-round decor, and it is not at all necessary to take them off at the end of the holidays. Some of the most eye- catching garlands are curtains and nets that look great on windows, walls and doors. For decorating a Christmas tree, classic threads are best .

It is better to choose a garland for a spruce 3 times the height of the tree. So, for a 1.8 meter spruce, take a garland from 6 meters or more to look spectacular. Also consider the distance to the nearest socket!

When choosing a garland, pay attention to the number of bulbs per meter, total length, type of glow and connection option. Some of the garlands are powered by simple batteries – they can be hung where it is inconvenient to reach the outlet. Large strings with powerful light elements usually have a network connection and massive wires. And there are those that are connected via USB .

Garland NEON-NIGHT Rain warm white

Not all garlands shimmer and shimmer – some have only one color mode. So, cold white gives a bluish glow, similar to the reflection of snow in the twilight, creates a mysterious atmosphere. Warm white light is cozier as it has a yellow spectrum. The brightly colored garlands will wink. The more lamps per meter, the more concentrated and thicker the light will be. However, this is mainly true for garlands with small bulbs. For garlands with large lamps, the number may be quite small, but it will still look impressive.
When choosing a multi-color garland, pay attention to whether it has programming modes. Not all garlands can be configured to suit your taste.

Lighting decor
Do you think the New Year’s lighting will end on the garlands? No matter how it is! Light is generally a fundamental element in New Year’s decoration. The languid, muted lights emerging from nowhere are the symbol of mystery and surprise that is relevant in any interior. For romantic natures, you can buy real candles , because no electronic light can replace living fire. Several large candles scattered around the room will create a lamp-like atmosphere, while small “pill” candles are good for spot lighting. For example, areas with gifts, dining table, shelves. On the dining table, by the way, long vertical candles in candlesticks look especially effective. They do not take up much space and shine high enough without interfering with the plates of dishes. Of course, using natural candles, do not forget about fire safety rules.

If you are at odds with natural fire, you can replace it with LED candles and decorative lamps in the form of houses, Christmas trees, and funny animals.

For those who like a more fun atmosphere, there are LED systems and projectors – lamps that project interactive light onto surrounding surfaces. Flickering lights, colored fireworks, waves can be sent down the walls and ceiling. Some of them are energetic like disco balls and will complement a noisy and perky party.

An electric fireplace is a solution for those who do not waste time on trifles with candles and bulbs. It is both romantic and luxurious in one bottle.

If you are not ready to punch a hole in a panel house in order to bring out a chimney for a real fireplace, but you still want the atmosphere of a country house from the picture, an electric fireplace will suit you in no time. There are models that are executed in the most classic style, like a real masonry.

Electric fireplace RealFlame Dominica STD / EUG DN + Fobos Lux Brass brown 35 499 *
And there are also laconic options for modern interiors.

Electric hearth RealFlame SAPHIR-S 50 (YR-23) black 56 999 *
Not all fireplaces have a live flame effect. If you want to admire the tongues of virtual fire, pay attention to this parameter.

If you want to quickly and inexpensively add freshness to your interior – update your textiles ! Start with throws and throw pillows . For the New Year, you can choose festive prints with Christmas trees, deer or snowflakes, or you can limit yourself to themed colors: for example, green, red, brown.

Plaid Belezza Cheerful deer, 150 cm х 120 cm red, gray 320 *
Fluffy blankets thrown on sofas, armchairs or even on the floor will add a hundred points to the comfort and will be a great addition for gatherings with loved ones at board games and movies. In addition, they will not lose their relevance after the holidays.

Decorative pillow Yellow Rabbit Merry Christmas 45 cm х 45 cm 320 *
The maximum combo is to change the window shades . The decor may not be directly New Year’s, but new curtains will update your home in no time!

Continuing the theme of textiles, we got to the second main attraction after the Christmas tree – the festive table.

A beautiful new tablecloth will immediately set the right tone for the New Year’s dinner. Moreover, here is the same rule as with blankets: it is not necessary to look for a tablecloth with Christmas trees and Santa Claus in order to maintain the style. White tablecloth with red napkins, red with green setting, brown, yellow – almost any color can be suitable if you add appropriate accents to it. By the way, do not forget to add napkins : such a trifle, but how much sophistication and formality there is in it.

If there are more guests than you planned, or if all the dishes in the house have already grown tired after years of use, this may be the best reason to update the service. Find the plates and dishes that will transform your culinary experiments into real restaurant masterpieces.

For a restaurant-serving effect, choose large plates and don’t fill them to the brim with food. The contrast of size between the dish and the plate adds pomp and expressiveness to the serving. Large plate, moderate portion – done, you’re lovely!

New glasses or glasses are sometimes not a luxury, but a necessity, when drinks have to be poured into mugs, glasses and leftovers from different sets. It is much better to take an already fresh ready-made set and not worry that some guest will get a glass from grandmother’s collection, and another – a mug with cats and a crack on the handle.