How to make a YouTube channel and start making money on videos

The phrase “Like, subscribe and hit the bell” is a classic ending to a YouTube video. For it to work, the content must meet expectations. This tutorial is about how to create a unique and successful YouTube channel. It will show what an aspiring blogger does, how he turns into an influencer, and what needs to be done to promote and monetize mini-media.

Before as…
The reasons for creating your own channel are different for everyone. The author does not always aim to monetize his own source of information; he can use the media at hand as a way of self-expression. Someone shares interesting information and receives feedback, comments, and then openly discusses them. Therefore, monetization is not always a step-by-step process. Rather, it is the transformation of a hobby into a job – new tasks, new responsibilities.

Therefore, before converting your favorite activity into currency, you need to calculate the conditions for the start . For example, if this is a ready-made channel with an audience and unique content, then we can assume that half of the job is done: to make a profit, it is enough to work with the little things and bring all the nuances to the monetization rules.

If there is no suitable content, no channel, no idea at hand, and the wind is blowing in your head instead of thoughts, then it’s time to look into the instructions and start thinking consistently. Sequentially – step by step instructions.

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How to come up with a channel
An idea is a search for yourself or a business where you can show your talents. Poets call it inspiration, and artists call it muse. The concept will not appear in my head from scratch: you need to think, dream, seek and want. Let’s try to throw in several ways and help inspiration.

Determining the direction

First you need to understand what category of content we are trying to squeeze into: technology , business, economics, art – this list is huge. And only after the main profile of the work has been determined, it is possible to generate more specific ideas. Think about what area you can act as an expert. If you can’t find one, don’t despair. You can try to sort out some issues on the air, together with the audience.

We study the target audience

The target audience is those who will read / watch / listen to us. For example, if it is a “technology” category, then the majority of channel visitors will be people of different ages. This should be taken into account when creating content, for example, by offering to look at the familiar from a new angle. Moreover, the future of blogs is no longer for entertaining , but for informative content.

We spy on others

If not everything is going smoothly with inspiration, then you can look for it from your “colleagues”. We study the market from the position of a competitor. Why reinvent the wheel when more successful bloggers have already invented it? We analyze the work of leading authors and optimize their presentation in our own way. Not plagiarism – just a hint to get started. For example, nowadays bloggers-coaches live on a grand scale. They teach others how to live, teach, or do something more specific. This once again proves the popularity of content that is marked “informative”.

Tips, homemade recipes, vlogs, mobile photography, computer electronics – you can start the channel with any topic that interests you. Still hard to find yourself? Magic Google will solve any issue – we drive the phrase “cool ideas for your YouTube channel” into the search line and choose the one and only concept out of a thousand proposed.

How to create a channel – instructions
Google understands that the authors are not technologists, but ordinary users, so everything is simple and understandable both from a computer and from a mobile application.


If you have the Internet , then you also have a Google account. This is a constant, because most of the services on the web work through Google or Google, not counting the fact that a huge number of projects are originally owned by this company. Among them are YouTube. Therefore, you do not have to register to create a channel. Most likely, you already have an active account.

From the computer

Go to the YouTube website and click on the “Login” button in the upper right corner:

We select an account and continue authorization:

If there is no account, the system will automatically redirect to the registration page. Everything is simple here: we enter the first and last name, and the computer will offer us the login options. We indicate the date of birth and come up with a password. The account is ready. After registration, the user will be taken to the main page.

Go to the upper right corner again, click on the avatar and select “Create Channel”:

The service will offer to choose a name for the channel. You can leave the same as in the main account, or come up with a new one. We choose to taste:

And we get to the configuration page:

Here the settings are optional: you can immediately set the avatar, change the description, add links to social networks and a personal website:

At this stage, you don’t need to fill in anything at all. We apply the new settings and get to the main page of the new channel:

Done – here’s our new channel! Still boring and empty, but a creative writer will quickly fix this. Click on “Configure Channel”:

Go to the desired tab:

And we begin to create: we add a header, a logo, a welcome trailer for those who have not yet subscribed to the channel, and much more important. The difference can be dramatic:

The second channel has a high quality design – large readable letters, distinguishable background and attractive video previews.

With the phone

If you don’t have a computer, and you need a channel here and now, we pick up a smartphone , open the YouTube app and do this:

Correct presentation
We decided on an idea, found our own topic and even created a new channel – it’s time to shoot and make money. But we are not going to sell a no-name product. You need packaging, a recognizable design, a corporate logo and everything that will attract a buyer even before he or she tastes the product itself.

Firm, color, style

The project must be stylish and recognizable. Before creating a video header and covers, you need to decide on a color palette. We are used to associating color with objects: green – grass, trees, spring; blue – sky, sea; orange – autumn, sunset, oranges.

Now let’s imagine that the channel about testing computer storage will be decorated in pink and yellow colors. Weird? Least. This can be admitted in the review of children’s toys , but not computer components. For example, for motherboards and processors, a dark color scheme is more suitable.

Don’t forget about the brand. It is advisable to give your project a unifying name. It should reflect the main direction of the content or be unique to the letter. For example, a channel about mobile photography can be called “Mobigraphy”, and a personal blog with live broadcasts and vlogs will sound original even without reference to a topic – for example, “Man from the Earth”.

It is difficult to keep the sophisticated attention of the consumer on nondescript material. And even more so to make you look at it. It’s like with a book : if the reader doesn’t know what he needs, he or she is guided by the cover. We often surf YouTube looking for interesting videos. We are the very “cover buyers”. This means that you can remember what attracts you, and make sure that your materials also attract the eye of a potential viewer. However, do not forget that on YouTube they are greeted by the cover, but they subscribe and like it all the same for the quality.

Instructions for automation

Who monitors Internet updates 24/7? Automation. Search robots that collect information from pages, sites and channels non-stop. A new video came out – the robot came running and collected everything that we offered him. The robot will be directed by the “correct” phrases-magnets: a title with a popular word, a description with frequent search queries embedded in it, popular tags and links to external resources. The more tips we leave in the publication, the faster the robots will move our material to the TOP. You don’t have to come up with anything – there are special services to search for “hot” phrases. For example, Yandex Wordstat:

It is enough to enter a word, and the service will give out the most frequent search queries on this topic. The principle is simple – the more views a request has, the more views on the channel.

We turn into a first-class presenter

The success of a channel depends on its presentation: it can be reviews with a third-person view or discussion of mobile news in the format of the hosts of Channel One. We need to decide right away – we will live in front of the camera or remain a voice-over anonymous. There is always a choice, but direct participation in the program will help to quickly “hook” the viewer and turn him into a subscriber. Why is that? Content consumer is curious to “see” the author: facial expressions, facial expressions, gestures. Voice-overs and hands flickering in front of the camera automatically reduce the degree of popularity.

Musical accompaniment

Perfect silence creates discomfort, that’s how our hearing works. It is much better to hear something than nothing at all. In everyday life, the vacuum effect is offset by background noise. It is everywhere – the sound of the rain, the TV working, the conversation in the other room. But this is not suitable for filming. Therefore, you need to create the background artificially, with the help of music .

It sounds strange, but the background music is also used for noise cancellation. For example, a composition at a moderate volume can mask unpleasant sounds in a restaurant (chomping customers, knocking forks and spoons, other people’s conversations at the next table). This is a crude but real and understandable example.

Background compositions are also used to fill the silence in the pauses between the presenter’s phrases. There is background music – there is no background noise, and the frame sounds softer. We also don’t forget about the quality of the tracks themselves: we select notes according to the mood of the content, as is the case with the color scheme in the header. When choosing music, do not forget about copyrights, so as not to face the removal of content or legal proceedings later.

Where’s the money?
The path to YouTube channel success is through quality content. And the measure of success will be monetization. Monetization is conversion, converting views into money through ads. For example, an advertiser is willing to pay the owner one cent for one display of a banner. One hundred views – one dollar. And if these are clicks on links, then the rates will increase significantly. This is a rough example, in fact, the terms of payments and the profitability of the channels are different. But the higher the popularity of the channel, the higher the income.

Technically, it is not difficult to set up monetization: you need to go to the channel settings, select the section of the same name and enable the display of ads. In practice, everything is also simple, but not so fast. Spoiler alert: at first you have to work for free.

What kind of money?

Standard earnings on YouTube exist through affiliate programs. These are the official Google Adsense offers and YouTube Premium percentages. But you won’t be able to make money right away: to enable monetization, you will have to gain at least 1000 subscribers and at least 4000 hours of views over the last 12 months.

After the “adulthood” of the channel, the system will allow you to include earnings. It seems that you can stop at this: money is pouring into your pocket, views are coming, likes are flying. But soon this will not be enough, and the blogger will look for ways to raise income to a new level. Search queries will lead him to one of the agencies or, as they are correctly called, to the media network.

Roll, roll the ball

A media network is a service that helps bloggers make money. He takes care of all the nuances when working with the channel: selection of advertising, assistance in design, access to a library with music, settlement of copyright issues and resolution of conflicts. The author is left only to work on the content.

Some of these services collaborate with corporations and even film companies, so, for example, they can allocate a cameo role in a blockbuster for their client. Thanks to the media network, the famous blogger Utopia Show appeared for a few seconds in the last part of the film “Men in Black”, he can be seen in the version localized for our country.

In a word, the managing producer for a blogger is the one who will take him by the handle and lead him where the tank will not pass. Solid pluses? Not really – the service asks for an immodest commission for the work, but this is perhaps the only big drawback. Therefore, you will have to choose – gray hair at 20 years old or the deduction of commissions for peace of mind for those who know how to solve problems.

But even a partnership with such a service does not guarantee success. You can end up in the hands of scammers or cheaters. Therefore, it is recommended to work with proven media networks. For authors from the CIS countries, several renowned services offer their services. Here are the ones who “serve” the TOP influencers:

Past the checkout

The advantage of the services is that they help not only with technical issues, but also promote the author and his brand. This is the beginning of the channel and the author is working on views. When the number of subscribers exceeds a hundred thousand, the growth in popularity will become automatic. In this case, the author ceases to be a “talking head” and becomes an influencer – someone who has a huge loyal audience and loyal fans.

At this point, the blogger thinks about how to get out of the YouTube framework and become really popular. The classic proven option is the release of branded goods. Clothes with the name and logo of the channel, dishes , toys, key rings and everything that is meant by the word “merch”.

Merch is not only a minor income for the author, but also a way to expand the audience. With the help of branded products, you can conduct contests, sweepstakes and effectively “wind up” views and other characteristics for monetization.

Product placement

Hidden advertising – the advertiser’s goods are imperceptibly displayed in the materials: smartphones, cosmetics , branded accessories shown in the frame . Most often, such advertising is ordered from bloggers directly, bypassing intermediaries. A beginner resource is far from this, of course. To effectively display hidden ads, you need someone whom subscribers already trust or who they want to be like.

other methods

Donations are common among streamers. Viewers send money to their favorite author during live broadcasts. These can be authors of game channels, philosophers, lovers of discussing politics, and in general anyone who communicates with subscribers in real time.

In addition, a blogger can earn on paid stickers, issuing rights to commentators in the stream chat – there are many ways, the main thing is to get paid. Also, users can become sponsors of the channel. This is another way to make money and let the viewer get closer to the channel’s work.

The work is not easy
Everyone can become an author and learn how to “cut vidos”. Of course, this will require finding equipment for shooting, organizing the right lighting and getting basic video editing skills. And this is just the technical side of a blogger’s life. A solid routine hides behind a beautiful picture.

First, it is working with content. Before filming, the author works with the script: he comes up with a theme, writes down all the phrases and actions step by step, memorizes the text and works on the speech technique.

Secondly, enthusiasm will not go far. The channel, or rather even the author, needs motivation. That is, monetization, but this word hides even more routine. Everything here is like in real business: finance, accounting, marketing issues, equipment costs, and scenario implementation costs.

But do not despair, because the development of the channel occurs gradually and the experience will turn everything complex into everyday life. Like playing the piano – at first there are a lot of buttons, and there are few fingers, but then the fifths and octaves are already at ease.