How to maintain and clean your TV: basic care rules

The TV is not only responsible for captivating content, but also remains one of the elements of the interior. Unkempt technology can ruin the whole experience of your home. In the material, we will consider the elementary rules and techniques for caring for it.

General care rules
During operation, any TV becomes dirty. Household dust and stains from accidental touches to the screen and glossy surfaces spoil the look and interfere with comfortable viewing of content. Caring for your TV is easy and doesn’t take long. The main thing is to reasonably approach the process. First of all, before you start cleaning, the TV must be disconnected from the main
Simple rules will help to keep the device clean:

1. Do not use aggressive liquids (solvents, gasolines, alcohol-containing and highly concentrated detergents, etc.). They can cause irreparable damage to the device.

As a rule, ordinary water (preferably purified) is sufficient for cleaning surfaces. You can add a few drops of liquid soap to the water to remove stubborn dirt. The concentration of the soap solution should be 2-3%.

2. Do not use excessive force to clean the screen. Strong pressure on the die can ruin it.

3. Do not apply detergents directly to the screen! They can leak under the frame framing the screen, and the matrix will fail.

Good results are shown by special sprays and wipes for cleaning screens. They additionally have an antistatic effect. Surfaces treated with this composition are less dusty and stay cleaner longer.

4. We clean the surfaces with soft, lint-free fabrics (flannel, cotton, microfiber cloth, etc.). It is highly advisable to use new or at least clean wipes.

Dirt and grains of sand left on the cloth from previous cleaning can lead to scratches. Basically, TVs in living rooms are covered with household dust and stains from touching the screen.

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To remove dust, simply wipe the TV with a clean, dry microfiber cloth or any other soft cloth. Pay particular attention to the frame that surrounds the screen. You can use cosmetic cotton pads to clean the dust in the frame area. The corners of the frame can be easily cleaned with cotton swabs or a jet of compressed air from a spray can for cleaning .

If the surfaces are heavily stained and stained, you will need to use a mild soap solution. To do this, prepare two napkins. Moisten one slightly and use it to clean the surfaces. The second, without waiting for the solution to dry completely, immediately wipe the TV dry.

Important! Do not under any circumstances allow water to come into direct contact with the housing. It is leaking, so water can get inside. Doing so can result in electric shock and may damage the device. Only clean surfaces with slightly damp cloths!

The icons and pictograms of the touch buttons do not need to be rubbed, much less scratched. The image is applied with paint, and one day it will simply be erased.

Periodic attention (once every one to two months) requires the back wall of the device. It must be free of dust, paying particular attention to the ventilation openings. To do this, use a vacuum cleaner with a narrow crevice or soft brush attachment.

If the TV is installed on a stand, give it some attention as well. To clean the “feet” from dust, you can use either a napkin or a special soft brush.

The remote control should also be cleaned periodically, because it is picked up by all the inhabitants of the dwelling several times a day. The remote control body is handled in the same way as the TV body. It should be borne in mind that sweat contamination is formed on it much faster, so dry cleaning will be ineffective. You need to use a damp cloth and then wipe the remote control dry.

Dust will accumulate on unused connectors on the TV. To remove it, the easiest way is to use a can of compressed air or a regular aspirated bulb (blowing).

Taking care of your TV in the kitchen
Television sets installed in the kitchen, in contrast to their “room” counterparts, work in more difficult conditions. The fact is that during the cooking process, fats are formed, which then settle on the walls, furniture, and, of course, on the surfaces of the TV.

Such contamination cannot be removed by dry cleaning; surfaces will have to be wet cleaned. The procedure is the same as described above, except that the concentration of the cleaning solution should be slightly increased.

As you can see, caring for your TV is a simple matter. The main thing is to clean the surfaces regularly. Avoid heavy contamination. To clean it, you will have to use force, which can damage the TV. With careful care, the TV will delight its owners with an impeccable appearance for many years.