How to maintain and clean your dishwasher

The dishwasher has become an integral part of the modern kitchen. It simplifies dish washing and frees up a lot of time. However, the tireless assistant herself needs regular care. How to maintain and clean the dishwasher so that it serves for a long time, we will consider in the material.

Important! The dishwasher can only be serviced after disconnecting it from the mains!

Cleaning the filter system
The first item that requires close attention is the dishwasher filter . It prevents food residues from entering the water circuit of the appliance, where water and detergent circulate. A clogged filter prevents the normal flow of water in the circuit, which inevitably affects the efficiency of the dishwasher.

The filter unit consists of several elements:

coarse filter, in which large food particles are retained;

a fine filter that captures the smallest food residues and fat deposits;

a perforated plate with a plurality of holes through which dirty water flows to the filter element.

The filter cleaning procedure is simple:

1. Following the recommendations of the instructions for the dishwasher, remove the filter from the device.

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2. The assembly is disassembled into its component parts and thoroughly rinsed with running water to remove any existing impurities.

Special care should be taken when cleaning the fine filter nylon mesh as it is easily damaged. This will compromise the integrity of the filter and reduce the protection of the water circuit from the ingress of small particles into it.

To clean the filter elements, you can use the tools at hand: a soft sponge, a toothbrush, etc. To remove fatty deposits, use a dishwashing detergent.Fairy Active Foam Dishwashing LiquidThe photo below shows a fine filter before and after washing:

3. The filter assembly is assembled and installed in its place.

Fasten the filter securely in its seat! Incorrect installation can lead to debris entering the water circuit of the device and jamming the blades of the circulation pump.

How to properly install the filter is described in the instruction manual. The user needs to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations exactly and make sure that the filter is securely locked in place.

Cleaning the circulation pump
The dishwasher pump is one of the main components. It provides forced circulation of water or cleaning solution through the internal lines of the device. This is done to save water, which changes only when the operating mode is changed: pre-soaking, washing dishes or rinsing. Within one stage of operation of the dishwasher, water circulates in a closed circuit.

If the filter is damaged or improperly installed, there is a possibility of solid particles entering the water circuit, which can lead to seizure of the circulation pump blades. If the quality of dishwashing deteriorates significantly, it can be assumed that the circulation pump does not perform its functions and needs maintenance, or rather, it will be necessary to remove a fragment that interferes with the normal rotation of the blades.

But not everything is so simple, since there are two types of assembly: with the ability to access the pump blades and without it. You can find out this point in the instructions for the dishwasher. If it describes the procedure for removing the protective covers, then the user has the opportunity to independently reach the pump impeller and fix the problem.Dishwasher Bosch SMS25AI01R silverIf the manufacturer explicitly prohibits the dismantling of protective covers and casings, then to eliminate the malfunction, you will have to resort to the help of service specialists.

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As for the general care of the water circulation system, it is important to understand that during operation, fatty deposits form on the walls of the water mains. They gradually reduce the throughput of the system, the pressure rises inside it, which does not in the best way affect the operation of the circulation pump and is fraught with various breakdowns: from the rupture of the system pipes to the failure of the pump.

To eliminate this factor, you need to make it a rule to regularly (once every 3–6 months – depending on the intensity of use) to clean the dishwasher with specialized detergents. Only they, coupled with the high temperature, are able to remove fat deposits from the insides of the dishwasher.

Such products are produced in various forms: cleaning fluids, gels, tablets, etc. The logic of their use is the same. In an empty dishwasher, in accordance with the instructions for use, place the required amount of the agent, set the operating mode with the highest possible temperature and start the washing cycle.

Heat and aggressive chemicals dissolve and flush all fat from the circulation system down the drain.

Cleaning the spray arms
If the dishwashing efficiency has decreased, in addition to the pump, also inspect the water sprinklers. These elements, otherwise referred to as impellers, are installed underneath the baskets.

With their help, the dishes placed in the basket are washed. For this, there are several holes (nozzles) in the body of the sprinkler, in which powerful jets of water are formed.

Following the recommendations of the operating instructions, remove the spray nozzle from its seat and subject each of the nozzles on the body to a close inspection. Remove food debris with running water and a soft brush. Salt deposits and limescale – with a toothpick or small wooden stick. After cleaning and rinsing the nozzles, the impeller is put back in place.

Dishwasher Surface Care
First of all, the surfaces of the washing chamber require maintenance. They are made of stainless steel, which imposes certain restrictions on the cleaning agents used.

Do not use products containing chlorine or abrasive substances. They can ruin the surface, leave permanent stains and deep scratches.

As a rule, the surfaces are wiped with a soft cloth slightly moistened with a solution of detergent. In most cases, manual cleaning of the wash cabinet is completely unnecessary. It’s all about the dishwashing detergents used . If high-quality products are used, and the dispensers for regenerating salt and rinse aid are set correctly, the inner surfaces will be cleaned together with the dishes.

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The operating instructions describe how to set the correct salt and rinse aid consumption. It is important to understand here that the hardness of tap water and other parameters differ depending on the region, therefore, the dosage is often selected experimentally: after the end of the washing cycle, the condition of the internal surfaces is assessed, and, if necessary, the level of salt and rinse aid consumption is adjusted. With the correct settings, the inside of the dishwasher is free of limescale, streaks and other contaminants. They stay perfectly dry and clean.

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In especially “neglected” cases, the walls of the chamber are wiped with a soft napkin dipped in vinegar. Alternatively, a container (100-150 ml) with vinegar is placed in one of the baskets of an empty dishwasher and a washing cycle is started, after which the walls of the chamber are washed with dishwashing detergent.

The sealing gum of the car door deserves special attention. Lime deposits accumulate on them, which interferes with a normal fit.

Such contamination is removed with a sponge or rag dipped in vinegar.

To prevent corrosion on the dishwasher baskets made of enamelled metal rods and other parts of the dishwasher, it is recommended to wipe them dry after each use. To prevent condensation from forming inside the chamber, leave the door open until the dishwasher has cooled down completely.

In the case of using a non-built-in dishwasher model, its outer surfaces will also require the user’s attention. They are cleaned with a slightly damp sponge or cloth dipped in a cleaning solution.

To preserve the original appearance of surfaces, it is unacceptable to use abrasive sponges and detergents with the addition of abrasives!

Like any other appliance, a dishwasher needs proper and regular maintenance. Maintenance and care procedures are simple and will not take much time, but if you ignore them, the dishwasher will turn into a piece of furniture and will no longer be able to perform its direct functions.