How to learn to ride a hoverboard

There are more and more fast, modern and compact modes of transport. One of them is a gyro scooter . It allows you to move around the city many times faster. If on average a person walks at a speed of 3–5 km/h, then a hoverboard speeds up to 15 km/h, and special high-speed hoverboards even up to 25 km/h. Great? In our ever-accelerating world, of course! It remains to learn how to manage this seemingly simple transport.

Getting ready for the trip
Charging . After buying a hoverboard, be sure to inspect it, read the instructions, charge it to the maximum. Always check the battery level before riding, otherwise serious injury may result when the battery runs out and the scooter suddenly stops.
Protection. Purchase a protection kit, especially for children and beginners. Also, a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads will not interfere with those who like to drive at speed.
Comfortable shoes. Choose sneakers, sneakers and other shoes that have a flat sole, sit securely on your foot and do not cause any discomfort.
Weather. It is better to ride in sunny weather, avoiding slippery, wet roads and large puddles.
Range. Consider how many kilometers the charge of your hoverboard is enough so that you don’t have to carry it back in your arms later.
What is a gyro scooter
Externally, the gyro scooter consists of two wheels and a panel. But inside the device is more complicated:

Some models also have audio speakers and lights.

Where and with whom to ride
There are situations when people, having tried a hoverboard, put it away with the words “not mine”. The reason is most often that the wrong place or the wrong company was chosen for the first skating. How to ride and not overshadow your mood?

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Choose a venue
You should not start riding at home among a bunch of corners, furniture and things scattered on the floor. It is also not an option to travel through the forest, sand, rocky and cobbled paths. In general, everything that is not even and not spacious is not suitable.

The ideal option is a smooth asphalt surface in the park, closed parking without heavy traffic, a large gym with a flat parquet. For quiet turns, a radius of at least 5 meters is required . To accelerate and test the sensations in driving a hoverboard at speed, you need at least 15 meters in length .

A smooth ride on a level road helps conserve battery power. This means that you will be able to drive longer than if you drive in jerks.

Choose an assistant
It’s better to start with someone. In the end, when you go skating alone and fall, there is not even anyone to give a hand to help you get up and cheer you on for further success. Also, try not to invite sad, always whining friends into the company, and sometimes there are such people in our environment. They will not add enthusiasm to your activities. The best assistant is a positive and loving person, most often a close friend or relative .


It is better for children to start learning to ride with their parents , and not with friends. Children master and make progress not at the same time. Those who have already learned or previously knew how to ride begin to tease, rush, offer to do tricks or ride on dangerous surfaces. This threatens with injuries and spoiled the impression of skating. Parents are those people who can carefully and patiently help to learn. And now, when the child already feels confident, you can take friends with you.

There is another option: turn to professionals . There are clubs and individuals who teach riding a hoverboard. But their services are naturally not free.

How to operate a hoverboard
Get up and get down – an important trifle
The scooter platform is very sensitive to movements. As soon as weight falls on it (even one leg), it begins to vibrate and is ready to move. Therefore, if you put one foot on it, then hurry up and put the second , otherwise it will be more difficult to catch the balance with every second, as the gyro scooter will simply begin to slip out from under your feet. Say to yourself or out loud “step-step” and step on each word first with one foot, then immediately with the second.

You can ask an assistant to hold your hands. Leaning in this way, you can quickly get on the platform and catch the balance.

Another option is to hold the hoverboard , preventing it from moving. This can be done by standing up so that the wheel is fixed between the feet of the assistant.

The third option is to stand on the scooter next to some kind of support (for example, a pole, wall, etc.).

Place the scooter evenly so that, having stood on it, you can go straight and not stumble on an obstacle after a few seconds.

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Got up? Stop! Learn to stand on a hoverboard. It is very important, firstly, to calm down, and secondly, to “feel” him. As long as you stand straight on it, without deviating anywhere and without transferring weight, you do not move. As soon as you begin to tilt the body and move your arms, the movement will begin. But let’s talk about how to move a little lower, and now the reverse process is how to get off the hoverboard .

So you got up, stood, now you need to learn how to get off it without falling and stumbling. Reject the body to the original straight position, the weight on the middle of the feet, so that the scooter stops.

Never jump off a moving hoverboard – it’s dangerous!

After you stop, lower one leg back and immediately transfer the weight to it, and immediately lower the other. The hoverboard stays ahead of you. A beginner’s mistake is to lower the leg and leave the weight on the leg that is still on the scooter. So it turns out that you decided not to stop, but to ride on one leg, but hardly anyone is ready for such a ride.

Forward, backward and turns
To go forward , it is enough to move the body forward by a small degree, the hoverboard will immediately start moving. It is not necessary to bend over with the whole body, it is enough to transfer the weight of the body to the socks. At the same time, it is better to keep the legs slightly bent at the knees, but not deliberately, but naturally.

It is important at the time of the ride not to strain and not pinch the muscles. The more “wooden” you become, the harder it is to manage and the faster you get tired. Lightness and calmness are the key to successful riding a hoverboard. Do not make sudden movements so as not to fall.

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To stop , it is enough to return to a straight position and transfer the body weight to the center of the foot. To continue moving backwards, the weight of the body shifts further onto the heels.

Never arch or tilt your body back, as you will simply fall. Only the transfer of weight to the heels will allow you to move your back.

Acceleration depends on how far you deviated forward. But don’t overdo it – keep your balance. And remember that each hoverboard has its own maximum speed limit and you will not accelerate faster, no matter how hard you try to lean.

Ride back and forth until you have confidence and a firm feeling that you are in control. Only after that you can proceed to the turns.


To turn left , you need to press on the platform with your right foot, transferring the weight of your right foot forward. The left leg pushes forward a little.

To turn right, similarly press the left foot on the platform, transferring the weight to it. This principle is difficult at first, but after a few minutes you will get used to it. The main mistake is tilting to the sides when turning. Don’t do this, leaning to the side doesn’t help you turn as it’s only weight transfer that plays a role, but the chances of falling with such leaning movements increase.

Exercises for mastering turns:
A circle. First, just drive in a circle in one direction and the other. So you can go around flower beds, tents and other objects.
snake. Try turning left a little, then right. You can put cones or draw circles with chalk and learn to go around them. After this exercise, it will be easier to go around a stick or hole lying on the road.
Eight. Now we complicate, learning on the go to change the direction of turn from left to right. It is very useful in emergency situations, when, for example, a child, a cyclist or someone else suddenly appears on the road.
To turn in place , it is necessary that one leg remains in its original position, slightly pressing on the heel, and the second one presses forward. Rotation around its axis is useful when communicating while stationary. You can turn to each other without getting off the scooter.

Where to put your hands
Hands do not directly affect control, and we see how masters of riding can read books on the go, juggle, hold another person in their arms, and so on. But this can only be obtained when you have already mastered the control with confidence.

Beginners are advised not to hold anything in their hands . The hands themselves should be placed along the body in a calm, not tense position. But at the same time, be ready to cushion with your hands in case of a fall.

How to drive safely
Do not stand on the switched off hoverboard, it is easy to fall off it.
Do not jump on the hoverboard. You can break him and yourself.
Try to drive smoothly, be relaxed.
Do not wave your arms, because of this you can lose balance.
Always charge your hoverboard before riding.

Use protection. If you don’t wear knee pads, you will have your own … blue ones.

Try not to drive into places for which the hoverboard is not intended (forest with snags, high barriers, strong slopes, unsteady sand, etc.)

It is better to refrain from trips on slippery roads in the rain.

Do the tricks that you saw on the Internet or performed by your friends only if you are already confident in driving a hoverboard and have sufficient physical fitness for this. Never do tricks if you are riding alone. There should always be someone nearby who can help in case of a fall or take a cool photo.