How to keep yourself safe online?

So, today we will talk about the least security that anyone with you must adhere to when applying the technologies of our century.

Never use the password saving that your browser offers you. As soon as you throw in the stealer, all your passwords are not only yours. I advise you to write on pieces of paper that are especially important, or even better to memorize.

The password should not be superxakir2017, myboysexy007, mihavorohesh7, huivlomaesh, etc. Regular pass given see nk3YLQ6; 3eX

Passwords do not have to be repeated in significant resources in almost any way unsuccessfully. It is not necessary to invent a difficult pass, but at the end, in various websites, assign different letters to the village after all.

To save passwords, I advise you to use the open source keepassx or keepass programs. Both of them are cross-platform and which one is more suitable for you – decide for yourself.

In fact, this is an aggregator of all your passwords, which are encrypted in the storage and you get access to them using a master password. This removes the need to remember many passwords. But I still recommend not writing down the main ones and learning them. Trust me – it’s not difficult.

Enable two-factor authentication on all resources, where there is such a function of course.

Who does not understand, this generates an auxiliary cipher after entering the password, which either arrives for you according to SMS or is done in the Google Authenticator (or other) plan, which you inject after / instead of your main password.

See the list of key resources where this is previously publicly available:

Telegram, WhatsApp, VK, Yandex, Google, Dropbox, Evernote, Apple and many others.

Do it.

At least, even if they find out the password, they will not enter the account.

Of course, you can use SMS interception, but it is unlikely that someone will bother you like that. Yes, and we are discussing the base.

According to Meta data from the photo, you can find out a lot of interesting things about where it was made, on which camera, when, etc.

Therefore, each time you upload a photo, ask yourself if it is possible for someone else to know about it.

Post office:

Any one time if a message arrives for you from someone or someone. Constantly control the location of the sender, certain mailers make it possible to control in this way, after all, also the signature of the certificate, if this is sent from the company.

Control who sent it for you, then what is described below. Including And if the message does not raise doubts in any way, they also further require you to switch to the website (iCloud, for example), and you also decided to switch, in which case, after the transition, visit the (target) directed line, you will also carefully look at the name, it is permissible further iCl0ud, iSloud also polyadelphite. letter.

Don’t fall for phishing.

Who exactly is fond of them – luxurious specialists in psychology. I often think you have come across mail hacking services. 90% of them use phishing for the purpose of hacking, other audit problems are also brute-force (excess of passwords)

To the Word regarding audit problems.

See sample: there is a problem with your dog’s name.

With the support of the stage, it is quite simple to find out how it is called. A nice little girl will knock on the PM, she will tell you that she was embarrassed to compose the first one for you, but you liked her this way. Also watch you in 5 min. realize that the beloved is such a delightful one. Also with music tastes similar to the dog is also available. But mine, by the way, is called Shar.

All Without Exception.

As a result of this, my committee, next to this, in order to be constantly suspicious, thus also to establish solutions which do not correspond to the problem in any way. Come up with your own association to the problem and provide the result to it earlier.

I advise you to use Telegram for gray correspondence and only secret chats. For more important ones, Telegram will not work either. Forget Vatsap for this, correspond there with friends, wife, children. Turn on two-factor authentication there. Do not open there incomprehensible pictures, pages from left contacts.

In the last vulnerability, there was just a hole through the download of an image, which actually gave the hacker access to the web interface.

And believe me, although it was closed, there are still holes that have not been published. Which ones I can’t say. But I warned you to be careful not to correspond at all outside secret chats on private topics. Secret chats have not yet been hacked. How do they differ from the usual – google.

Do not store large amounts of money on the card. Use accounts and transfer from them as needed. I think many have heard about skimming. In general, they steal all card data, including magnetic tape. If earlier you needed access to an ATM in order to install a skimmer, now they are already starting to use ATMs remote at some distance from ATMs. The less money you store on the card without using it, the better.

Never give a card to a waiter, let alone take it somewhere. Many waiters swipe cards, and no, not in order to withdraw from you twice. The second time will not be removed by them.

Ask to bring the terminal to you or go to it yourself.

Cover the code with your hand.

Many people think that why someone needs a code if they do not have a card. Your card could have been swiped before or right now.

Constantly before this, it is the same as pushing a card into an ATM, pull the card game sensor a little, but this way, after all, the pincode input panel. It is not necessary to use by means of measuring power, however, if something is not pleasant in this case, it is more correct to go to another, or call the security service. Do not use ATM machines in the streets, but only in bank rooms.

Do not use free Wi-Fi in peace in hotels without connecting to a VPN in advance. Your information has every chance of being intercepted, but directly – the information of the mushan, logins, passwords, information, and much more