How to install a video intercom in a house or apartment

Putting a secure lock on the door – plus 50 points to security. And installing a video intercom will make your home even more secure. With them, you can find out who came while we were away, open or not open the door when unwanted persons appear. And modern models can store not only pictures, but even videos. In this material, we find out how to lead a video intercom into a house or apartment.

Basic equipment
Video intercom systems can either consist of a pair of devices – a video intercom and a door station – or create a whole network for monitoring. It can include several monitors, a video recorder, several cameras and an electric lock.

First of all, you need to choose the video intercom itself – a device with which we will see long-awaited (and not so) guests. Most modern devices have an intuitive interface and the ability to connect a pair of panels and additional monitors. By and large, the choice comes down to the size of the screen diagonal and a set of additional features, for example, device recording or Wi-Fi support.

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The outdoor panel is a modern analogue of a doorbell. They can be sold as a set with a video intercom, or separately. In addition to the button that sends a signal, this device contains a camera, the quality of which directly affects the “picture” that we will see on the video intercom screen.

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To cover a large area, multiple panels and additional monitors and cameras may be required. In this case, it is worth taking care of a video intercom with a sufficient number of ports in advance. You can also add an electric lock, which will open by pressing a button on the intercom, but a separate power supply unit will be required for it in pair.

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Additional accessories and tools
The tools allow you to hide all communications and solve the problem of bare wires coming out of the main devices. The set of tools may vary depending on the specific situation and the configuration of the observation set:

Installation and connection of a video intercom
Before proceeding with the installation of the video intercom, it is worth following two simple steps. They will greatly facilitate further work. Draw a plan on a piece of paper – the devices to be installed and the wiring. This will help you visually imagine where to place the wires and secure the intercom for easy use. Then assemble the system on the table and check if it works, just twist the necessary wires. When connected to the mains, the video intercom should display information on the screen, and the panel should respond to pressing. This will help identify faulty components prior to solid wall mounting.

It is advisable to make the appropriate wiring and a ready-made mounting recess for the intercom at the stage of repairing the premises. This will allow you to easily hide all the wires without spoiling the finished interior.

On the front panel of the video intercom, we will find a display and function buttons, but we are interested in the rear panel. It has a power plug and connectors for connection. A close inspection reveals the layout of these connectors and the connectivity of the devices.

The device comes with a four-wire and two-wire preparation, an installation bracket and a mounting kit. On one end, the wires have special notches to prevent plugging into the wrong slot.

The equipment and tools are at hand, the plan is drawn and the installation locations are marked, it’s time to get to work.

We drill a hole in the wall to the outdoor panel. It is desirable to place it at a height of 150-160 cm from the floor. We install the mounting plate by pre-threading a bundle of wires into it and drilling holes for the mounting screws. We tighten the screws and screws. To install the video intercom, we also drill holes for the bracket. We fix the bracket with screws. We carry out the soldering of wires with heat shrinkage to insulate the bare parts of the wire. If necessary, apply several layers of heat shrinkage – the wire must be reliably insulated. After completing the procedure, we put the wires in the junction box behind the bracket and install the intercom on the bracket.

If you plan to connect the video intercom to the driveway, you will need an appropriate interface module. You can find out the model of the entrance intercom from the management company or neighbors. As a rule, you only need to connect the two-core wire of the access device to the interface module, and from it – the four-wire cable to the video intercom in the apartment.

Connecting a video intercom in a private house practically does not differ from an apartment one. Longer and more robust wires will be required. The standard scheme with one outdoor panel and a video intercom can be supplemented with one more panel and a camera. That will allow using one screen to control both the main entrance and the spare one on the other side of the house.