How to deal with autumn cleaning around your home

In the fall, it is very important to prepare your backyard for winter. The effort spent on this will be worthwhile – after all, many outdoor contaminants are much easier to remove now than in a few months with spring cleaning.

Areas that are not thoroughly cleaned will be covered with new layers of dirt in chilly weather, especially in the corners and edges. And before spring cleaning, the mud will have plenty of time to accumulate in large volumes. If you clean the surfaces in the fall, cleaning after winter can be done much faster. Yes, tidying up will take some effort, but the right cleaning technique makes it much easier and faster to get the job done than with a broom, rake, rags and brushes.

Cleaning garden tools, flowerpots, etc.

If garden carts, shovels, rakes and other tools will not be used for a long time, they should be thoroughly cleaned of soil and plant debris. These contaminants absorb moisture well, as a result of which, under the influence of cold winter air, rust forms on metal surfaces, which not only degrades the appearance of the tools, but also shortens their service life.


For an easy and quick execution of this work, a high-pressure washer is suitable, replacing the mop, brush and bucket of water. A powerful jet of water separates dirt from surfaces and washes it away immediately. It can also be used to clean flowerpots, plant boxes and garden furniture.

The most effective and at the same time gentle cleaning for surfaces is ensured by a fan jet from a distance of 20 Р30 cm. Safety is guaranteed by the latest generation of Kärcher high-pressure washers. Different models, the names of which contain the words Smart Control, can be controlled from a smartphone with a special application installed, which also acts as a consultant. With the help of this application, a setting suitable for a specific cleaning task is easily selected and wirelessly transmitted to the device.

There is nothing in the way of cleaning the mower blade cover with a high-pressure jet, which is where stubborn deposits of grass and dirt form on the walls at the end of the summer season. For safety reasons, disconnect the spark plug wire before cleaning petrol lawn mowers. Plug-in models must be unplugged and cordless lawnmowers must be disconnected from the battery.

Cleaning large areas

Once you’ve finished cleaning your garden tools and furniture, move on to larger surfaces. Before cleaning walkways, courtyards and car parks with a high pressure washer, first clean them with a sweeping machine from coarse debris. Its use is about five times faster than using a broom and scoop and eliminates back pain.

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A practical solution for cleaning in areas where it is difficult to turn around with a sweeper, or for surfaces that cannot be effectively cleaned with a sweeper, is to use a blower. The powerful airflow makes it easy and quick to remove foliage and other debris from stair steps, stone tiles or gravel paths.


In conclusion, it is worth treating with a high pressure apparatus all places where undesirable growth of moss and lichen was observed in the summer. A powerful jet of water quickly and effectively removes this green plaque. If the dirt is deeply embedded in the surface, the mud burr will allow it to be removed from concrete and other stone surfaces, forming a rotating point jet, literally cutting off the dirt.

Frost protection for the pressure washer

In conclusion, it is necessary to put in order the harvesting equipment itself and prepare it for winter storage. A high-pressure washer requires special attention, which must be stored in conditions that prevent it from freezing. Water, turning into ice, expands, and even a small volume of it remaining inside the pump can lead to its destruction. Therefore, the device must be stored in a room where the temperature inside does not drop below freezing point.

Batteries should be removed from wireless gardening equipment and stored in a dry place. Lithium-ion batteries should not be stored fully discharged or fully charged. With a charge level of 40 to 50% and temperatures above freezing, they will survive the winter without problems.