How to cook potatoes with meat when there is no time

The conditions of the crisis and the lack of finance often provoke questions such as “how to cook a delicious and hearty dinner for the family, while not exceeding the budget in conceivable and unimaginable numbers.” This “life hack” will allow you to find out how to easily and quickly make such a dish if you come home from work “without your hind legs”, and what ingredients can be used to bake juicy potatoes with meat, with a budget of about five hundred rubles. All the necessary tools for this are also highlighted here: dishes, appliances and not quite straight hands. However, for such a recipe, they don’t have to be perfectly even;))

Main components
The first issue that needs to be addressed is the availability of suitable utensils. In its capacity, a deep non-stick baking sheet with dimensions that will freely fit the entire volume of food and which will certainly fit into the chamber of your oven will ideally act. Baking sheet used in this recipe:

Baking dish MoulinVilla BBWP-037 Brownstone brown 530 *
It should be noted right away that this dish was used absolutely without adding any oil .

Main ingredients used:

Classic pork shashlik from the supermarket (already pickled), 1 kg – 450 r.
Potatoes, 1 kg – 30 r.
In place of a barbecue, there can be any other meat product – pickled on its own or not – there is a choice for each of them, but here it is exactly cooking without problems that is covered – bought, made, enjoy a delicious dinner. Therefore, it was decided to buy a ready-made one from a trusted manufacturer.

The oven or stove with an oven used can be any electric model, in which you can set the temperature in the range of 240-270 degrees and set the cooking on a timer.

Note that the oven can be smaller. Even the use of a compact electric oven is allowed , but then you need to keep in mind that the amount of baked product will be less, therefore, the cooking time will already be faster.

Cooking process
Wash and peel the potatoes well.
We cut into large pieces. Add spices, mayonnaise (sour cream can be used), spices, herbs.
We mix it all up.We take out the meat.
The kebab was sold in large pieces, so it was decided to cut it a little.

Put the potatoes and meat in a baking sheet (no oil).
Gently mix all this so that the main two ingredients are evenly distributed among themselves (in contact with the pieces – meat-potatoes-meat-potatoes).

Cover with foil. The foil must be crushed so that nothing superfluous sticks out. It should look just as beautiful as in the image.
We put it in the oven. We set a timer for 80 minutes. We select the heating mode “top and bottom”. Temperature is 240 degrees. We close the oven.
















After 30 minutes, take out the baking sheet and remove the foil.
We set the temperature in the oven to 260 degrees. Now you can safely watch the readiness through the glass of the door.When the meat and potatoes are already golden, you can turn the temperature down.
In general, the outcome depends on the ability of the observer. An experienced cook is able to determine readiness without any timers, by its appearance when the product is covered with a dried crust. This case is characterized by an orientation towards the timer and the appearance of the potato in combination. As the cooking time drew to a close, the meal was visually inspected and determined to be done.
Cut cucumbers, arrange tomatoes and welcome to the table.

Remarkable is the fact that, after spreading the deliciousness on the plates, nothing burnt to the baking sheet.

The choice of the vessel is obviously correct.

At the end
Finally, a little advice – in order not to experience the heavy need to wash the used baking sheet after dinner, it is recommended to do this before eating.

Washing a non-stick baking sheet is a piece of cake. So you will provide yourself with an easy wash (after all, in this case, nothing will have time to dry in it and everything will be washed off in three seconds), and it will have a longer service life.