How to clean the steam generator yourself

Sooner or later, any iron or steam generator must be cleaned of scale, sediment and dirt. The formed scale interferes with the smooth operation of the device – the steam power is reduced, and the device can stain clothes or even fail. In this material, we understand how to properly clean the steam generator.

Intelligent self-cleaning system
Perfect models are equipped with an intelligent self-cleaning system from scale, such devices are more durable and more convenient than analogues without a system. The intelligent system monitors the operating status of the device and does not allow you to miss the important moment of self-cleaning. After several weeks, the display comes on depending on the frequency of use. A flashing indicator and a beep alert the user until an action is taken. Ignoring the procedure for an hour will automatically turn off the steam supply.

Steam generators with intelligent antiscale

In addition to the smart system, modern device models are equipped with various anti-scale functions.

Steam generator iron Philips HI5916 / 20 white
Steam generator Tefal SV7040E0 brown
Steam generator Philips GC7808 / 40 white
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What are the anti-scale functions
Easy De-Calc. Scale accumulates inside a special collector.
“Quick Calc Release”. Scale accumulates in a removable container.
Anti Calc. The water is filtered through a removable cartridge to prevent limescale build-up.
Calc-Clean. The formed scale is removed from the device by means of automatic self-cleaning and a special container for the iron.
Simple models of irons and steam generators are not equipped with a limescale protection system. The state of such a device will have to be monitored independently. If you do not take preventive measures, hard scale will be deposited on the walls of the device and heating elements.

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How often to clean the device
It is recommended to descale the iron or steam generator at least once every three months.

A device with an intelligent self-cleaning system automatically monitors this moment and informs when it is time to start cleaning.


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You will need to clean the device regardless of the quality of the water used.

What water to use
The water poured into the reservoir of the steam generator must be of high quality. For these purposes, distilled, demineralized or filtered are suitable.

The easiest way is to buy the water you want from the store.

The second way is to filter at home. You can clean the water from impurities using a filter jug, a flow filter, or a special filter for the iron.

It is strictly forbidden to use hard tap water! Water with a high hardness coefficient has a detrimental effect on the device, forms scale faster and clogs the steam outlet channels.

Descaling systems
The cleaning method depends on the model of the device.

Models with built-in manifold . It is necessary to empty the collector and rinse it repeatedly with water.

Devices with filter or cartridge . Cleaning is not required, only the replacement of the filtering consumable is required.

Steam generator Philips GC7635 / 30
Models with a removable container . The container is rinsed under water, and the remaining scale particles in the housing are removed by gently shaking the device.

Steam generator Tefal GV7760
Models with iron container . You need to dump steam from the iron into a container.

Steam generator Philips GC7808 / 40 white 9 999 *
Budget models with built-in water tank . The clogged reservoir is cleaned by turning on the highest possible temperature or by constantly pressing the steam boost button.

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Do not forget: it is necessary to clean the device not only from the inside, but also from the outside. Wipe off dust from the body of the device with a damp cloth, timely clean the soleplate of the iron from dirt.

What to do if the device is still clogged
Flush the device reservoir in one of the following ways:

Citric acid solution. 500 ml of distilled water + 10 grams of citric acid. With vinegar solution. 500 ml of distilled water + 3 tablespoons of vinegar. Pour the prepared solution into the tank and descale, relying on the model of the device. Repeat the cleaning process until a clean and powerful stream of steam comes out of the device.

Make sure the steam holes on the soleplate are clean. Holes clogged with scale particles can be cleaned with a toothbrush soaked in a previously prepared solution.

How to clean a steam generator with Smart Calc-Clean
Fill the water tank halfway.
Place the steam generator and Calc-Clean container on a flat, horizontal surface.
Connect the device to the network and turn it on.
Place the iron on the container.
Press and hold the Calc-Clean button for a couple of seconds.
Wait for the beeps to stop.
Allow the container to cool down.
Empty the waste water from the container.
Wipe down the soleplate of the iron.
Fix the iron to the base station.
Place the device in a storage location.

How to clean a conventional steam generator
Fill the water tank.
Connect the device to the network.
Turn on the highest possible temperature.
Place the device over a bathtub or sink.
Press the steam boost button continuously.
Repeat pressing until the water in the tank has completely evaporated.
Disconnect the device.
Allow the iron to cool down.
Wipe down the soleplate of the iron.
Place the device in a storage location.

Remember that regular cleaning and the use of quality water will provide a powerful supply of clean steam and prolong the life of the steam generator.