How to clean dust from PlayStation 4 Slim: step by step instructions with photos

Favorite Play Station 4 began to make noise and get warm? It looks like there’s too much dust in it. It’s time to look under the lid of your console and clean up properly. To make everything work out for you, we tell you how to clean the Sony console from dust using the PlayStation 4 Slim as an example.

There are two ways to clean the Playstation 4 Slim
The first method allows you to keep the warranty seal, but it is not very effective, because you will not be able to get to the main places where dust accumulates. And for cleaning in the second way, you will have to sacrifice a warranty seal.

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First way. We keep the warranty seal
You need to put the console with the back panel towards you and, by pressing on the corners, pull the top cover towards you.

After removing the cover, access to the cooling turbine appears. Taking a vacuum cleaner, you can remove the dust that has clogged there, or blow it with compressed air from special cylinders.

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The method is not very effective, but it takes place if you do not want to lose the warranty.

The second way. We lose the warranty seal, but we clean more efficiently
First you need to prepare the necessary tools: a small Phillips screwdriver, a TORX T8 screwdriver, thermal paste, tweezers, a blade, something flat and strong to pick up one part (a guitar pick, a small knife, etc. will work well).

TORX T8, if desired, can be found in hardware stores or large retail outlets

Now you can start cleaning your PlayStation 4.

First of all, disconnect all cables from the console.

To the right of the warranty seal, we are looking for the hard drive compartment cover. It is removed with a slight movement to the right.

There is a bolt that holds the sled with the hard drive. We unscrew it.

Remove the hard drive by pulling the handle.We remove the seal, it will be located next to the hard drive, near the LAN port. In principle, you can simply tear off the filling, but it is best to warm it up with a hairdryer and remove it with a blade so as not to damage anything.

After removing the seal, unscrew the warranty bolt with a TORX T8 screwdriver.

After that, remove the two plastic halves of the case. This is done easily. You just need to press on the corners and pull towards you. To remove the top half, you need to grab the corners from the front side, and to remove the bottom half, you need to grab the corners from the back side and unfasten the latches.Next, unscrew the bolts holding the power supply.

Flip the console. Using a TORX T8 screwdriver, unscrew the metal plate. Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove four more bolts.

Unscrew the antenna and remove the wire.

After that, you need to pick up the power supply with something, you can even use a knife, since it is removed quite tightly.

We put the power supply in this way and disconnect the power cable. The cable can be very difficult to detach. But there is a small life hack: you can pick up the cable with a knife, placing it exactly at the junction with the connector

We remove the power supply to the side and turn the device over. Now you need to turn off the loops. The connector for the widest cable must be unzipped before removing. The rest are easy to remove, just pull.

Now disconnect another cable from the motherboard.

Disconnect the antennas from the board.

Now you need to unscrew all the bolts from the cover and remove it.
After removing the cover, we will see the motherboard. We unscrew the two bolts that hold the cooling and remove the motherboard from the case.

Turn the console over again and unscrew another plate that closes the cooling system.

We turn it over again and take out the plate on which the radiator is located.

We clean the radiator from dust. You can use a vacuum cleaner, compressed air or, for example, a brush.

We put back the plate with the radiator.Flip the device.

We apply thermal paste to the crystal, put the backplate back and install the motherboard into the case. Note: Make sure all thermal pads are in place. They tend to fall off at the wrong time.

We twist the cooler mount, put all the cables in place.

We install the plate that covers the turbine and the drive.

Do not forget about the antennas passing near the power supply. We put the power supply.

Do not forget to tighten all the screws back and install the hard drive. An important point: the screws under the TORX T8 do not need to be tightened too much. It remains only to install the plastic case. We fix each half until it clicks.

This completes the cleaning process, and the console has become noticeably less noisy. In addition, fresh thermal paste was installed, which will also reduce the temperature of the PlayStation 4.