How to clean a food waste disposer

The disposer helps you get rid of almost any type of food waste. It grinds food leftovers in the sink and discharges them into the sewer system. No unpleasant odors in the trash can, no leaking trash bags. Convenient, fast and hygienic. Like any household appliance, the dispenser requires regular maintenance.

Cleaning the power button
With frequent use, the pneumatic button for turning on the disposer becomes dirty. In addition, due to the accumulated water in the housing, it may stop working. The problem is solved quite easily.

For example, the pneumatic buttons from the manufacturer Insinkerator can be disassembled for this. You don’t need a tool for this. The decorative metal part can be easily removed. To do this, you just need to pull it up. If this does not work, you can pry off the edge of the overlay with the back of a spoon ). Then you need to get the pusher itself.

We remove excess moisture from the case with an ordinary dry napkin.Do not use aggressive detergents for cleaning: they can damage the rubber membrane of the button! Cleaning the wireless button is even easier. It is enough to wipe it just with a damp cloth. Cleaning Stopper, Splash Bar and Flange Attention should be paid to other parts of the shredder as well.




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The stopper is a filter mesh with a plug and a lid. It is made of stainless steel. It protects the shredder from accidental hitting of cutlery and small items. The easiest way to clean the stopper if it gets dirty is in the dishwasher.

It will be more difficult to clean it with a sponge due to the large number of holes.

Do not use abrasive products to clean the stopper to avoid damaging the decorative cover.

Splash bar
Small particles of waste can accumulate under the splash guard. Water enters this place only in the form of drops and cannot rinse this part well.

To avoid unpleasant odors, the splash guard must be cleaned regularly. This is done with soap or dish detergent.

The flange also needs maintenance. It is constantly in contact with water and comes into contact with the rubber splash bar. This causes dark, hard-to-remove spots on the flange. It is quite difficult to remove them with an ordinary kitchen sponge, so it is better to use a melamine sponge.

Cleaning with dishwashing liquid or liquid soap
Some users violate the instructions for using the grinder : they turn on the water too late or turn it off too early. In these cases, food debris accumulates inside the dispenser chamber. This can lead to blockages or unpleasant odors.

Remember – it is always better to prevent the problem than to fix it later!

It is recommended to clean the waste disposer regularly with ordinary liquid soap or dishwashing detergent. Foam easily penetrates the most difficult to reach areas and dissolves grease.

You need to turn on the water with a small stream, turn on the disposer and add a little detergent. As soon as the grinder whips up the foam, the water must be turned off and the device must be allowed to run for half a minute. All soap will be flushed into the sewer system.

Cleaning with lemon and vinegar
In the case of heavy contamination, soap does not always cope. Then you can clean it with acid. An ordinary lemon will help here. Due to its dense peel and citric acid contained in the juice, it washes well the walls of the grinder. The acid removes food debris and fat deposits without any problems. A bonus will be a pleasant citrus aroma that will spread throughout the kitchen.

Do not put a whole lemon in the chopper. It is best to chop it beforehand , but not too finely.

In this case, the grinder should work, the water pressure should be medium.

9% vinegar also helps to get rid of the unpleasant odor in the dispenser.

You need to turn on the water, and then pour the vinegar in a thin stream directly into the working grinder. During the procedure, a splash guard must be installed. The disadvantage of this method is that a strong vinegar smell will appear in the kitchen: the room will have to be ventilated.

Never use vinegar essence (70%). Strong acid can destroy the rubber seal on the motor shaft, resulting in damage. In addition, when it comes into contact with exposed skin, the essence leaves burns.

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Ice cleaning
You can clean the chopper cams and knives with ice. This method will also help clean the filter mesh if it is clogged.

The process, in general, resembles sandblasting.

It is better to use this cleaning method in conjunction with a splash guard: this will help to avoid the scattering of debris.

Do not use too much ice; it can freeze the water in the drain pipe. If this does happen, open hot water with a thin stream and just wait a few minutes.

Some users are concerned that excessively harsh food residues during chopping may damage the disposer. This is not true. Chicken bones, small bones from berries and fruits, coffee, as well as eggshells are excellent abrasives. They, like a scrub, clean the inner walls of the disposer and the inner surface of the sewer pipes, remove deposits and fatty deposits.

For example, regularly grinding the coffee pomace will help keep the disposer in good condition.

It is better to use abrasive waste with a lot of water, while allowing the grinder to work longer.

Special means
On sale you can also find specially designed means for cleaning the working chamber of the disposer.

These can be capsules or special packs.

Such products give a lot of foam. It penetrates into all hard-to-reach places, dissolving fatty deposits and eliminating unpleasant odors.

Grease removers
Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) products are powerful cleaners. They are able to remove almost any contamination and unpleasant odor. It is worth resorting to this cleaning method only in extreme cases, when other options do not help. Grease removers can only be used in shredders with a stainless steel chamber.

Attention! The content of alkaline components of the product should not exceed 15%. Be sure to install a splash guard when using.

For cleaning, it is enough to turn off the water and pour a little product into the running grinder. After 30 seconds, without switching off the chopper, turn on the water at full pressure. Leave the device running for a couple more minutes.

This cleaning method should not be used too often. It is enough to carry out the procedure several times a year.

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How not to empty the disposer
Aggressive agents (for example, pipe cleaners with a high sodium hydroxide content (over 15%) cannot be used with the disposer. Substances that are too corrosive can damage internal parts.

It is also not worth cleaning the disposer with baking soda and vinegar. This method will not give the desired effect: when mixed, the substances neutralize each other. In this case, completely insufficient foam is formed for cleaning. Ordinary soap will do much better.

Concentrated solutions of soda or salt will also not give a noticeable effect.

What to do in case of blockage?
Failure to turn on water when shredding waste may cause clogging. The same will happen if there is not enough water to flush the waste down the drain. If the chopper turns on when the button is pressed, but water and food residues do not leave the sink, it means that a blockage has occurred behind the chopper. Most likely, waste has accumulated in the water seal.

You can use a plunger to clean it . But if the blockage does not lend itself, the drain will have to be disassembled and cleaned by hand.

If, when you press the power button, the chopper does not turn on and just hums, it means that the garbage has remained in the disposer itself. The engine just doesn’t have enough power to turn the shaft. In this case, you can try to rotate the shaft using the service key. To do this, turn off the chopper. In the hole on the back of the housing, install the hexagon included in the kit. Then try to crank the engine by turning the wrench in different directions. This will help to deal with the jam.

Follow the instructions for use, clean the disposer regularly and in a timely manner , and it will serve for many years. If you have any questions, watch our video. From it you will learn what the food waste disposer is for, what it can do and how to install it.