How to choose a reliable and good electric scooter

It seems that the more powerful the engine and the larger the battery, the better. But a powerful scooter is heavy, more difficult to carry up stairs and transport in public transport.

By weight, you can orient yourself like this: an adult man can lift 13-15 kg. It is better for girls to choose scooters up to 13 kg, for children – as light as possible. Usually you have to find a compromise, because weight depends a lot on the capacity of the battery. In lighter scooters, it is small – and the autonomy is modest. If you want to travel long distances without recharging – get ready for the fact that the model will not be a fluff.

We have compiled a comprehensive guide to help you understand how much engine power you need for your riding style and what battery capacity to choose so that it will be enough for a trip to and from the office.

“I will ride in the parks on weekends”
If you usually get into a car or subway, drive to the park and ride there with your child or friends, and then go to eat ice cream, you will not need a big battery and speed. And light weight and compactness – yes.

Choose small, walking scooters weighing about 10 kg – they are easy to load in the trunk and carry them up the stairs in the passage. Pay attention to the diameter of the wheels. With 8-inches, it is more comfortable to ride on dirt tracks. For example, Mizar Ivory or Hiper Stark DX800 .

“I will go to the office every day”
Everything is exactly the opposite. You need a model with good autonomy (range – from 25 km) and a powerful motor (from 250 W) to quickly cover long distances. For the sake of these advantages, you will have to sacrifice compactness, such a scooter will weigh up to 20 kg. But if you are going to use it as your main transport and do not plan to descend into the subway, you will not need to lift and carry the scooter often.

The road surface is not always of good quality, and sometimes you have to rush to the morning meeting, so it is better to choose models with 10-inch wheels. They make it easier and safer to drive holes and small curbs at speed.

“I will ride it to the park, to work and to the store for bread” A
universal scooter for walking in the park and traveling around the area should not be heavy (up to 15 kg) and powerful enough (from 250 W). For such cases, it is better to pay attention to popular proven models. It’s good if the scooter has a foldable design.

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Engine power: how much is enough?
It seems that the maximum speed of the electric scooter depends on the engine power. But this is not so: usually for security it is limited artificially, programmatically. What really depends on the power is the acceleration rate and the scooter’s ability to carry you uphill. If you weigh 100 kg, and the engine is low-power, on the climbs you will lose speed up to a stop – you will have to push off with your feet.

How to choose?

up to 250 W – enough for riding a child or teenager, walking an adult weighing up to 80 kg,
250-350 W – suitable for adults who ride both on flat and hilly terrain, an excellent option for the first electric scooter,
350 W and more – scooters with such power are suitable for those who confidently manage them and for people weighing more than 80 kg.
Powerful scooters have several speed settings. It is convenient: they gave the child a ride on his scooter – they turned on the first mode, went on their own – switched to a faster one. But of course, the more powerful the motor, the more expensive the scooter will cost.

Wheel diameter: smaller or larger?
When riding a scooter, you will constantly encounter surface joints, pits and other irregularities. The more wheels the scooter has, the easier it is to overcome them.

7 inches – models for children to ride and on ideal surfaces. At speeds over 10 km / h, you can fall if the wheel falls into even a small hole.
8 inches is an option for compact adult models or riding on the flat paths of parks.
8-10 inches – a versatile option that will be comfortable on sidewalks, asphalt, small bumps.

Wheels: cast or pneumatic?
Wheels can be cast or pneumatic.

Cast. Their advantage is indestructibility, they are made entirely of polyurethane, so they are not afraid of stones, jumping from curbs, nails or fragments. The disadvantage is that they are stiff and poorly balanced on wet roads.

Pneumatic. They are reminiscent of bicycle ones: they consist of a tube and a tire. The tire is made from a rubber compound and has a much higher grip coefficient than polyurethane. Due to the air inside, pneumatic wheels perfectly absorb irregularities, smooth out impacts when driving over bumps, but are afraid of punctures. If you damage such a wheel, you will have to take the scooter to a specialized workshop. Ordinary car tire services are unlikely to help.

For those who plan to travel a lot and on different roads, we recommend models with pneumatics, for example, Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S .

Sometimes manufacturers combine different types of wheels. For example, pneumatics are installed on the front, which is the first to receive shocks and participate in control, and a cast wheel is installed on the rear.Maximum speed: why is it almost the same for everyone?
Most scooters have a maximum speed of 25 km / h. This value appeared for a reason. It is believed that in case of loss of control or another emergency at a speed of up to 25 km / h, a person will have time to jump off the scooter and not fall – he will run the path to a stop with his feet. At higher speeds, there is a higher risk of injury. A model capable of accelerating to 30 km / h or more is worth buying if you have a good driving experience and are going to ride on good roads where there are no people and cars.

Autonomy: how long can an electric scooter travel?
It is believed that the higher the battery capacity, the longer the scooter will travel without recharging. Everything is so, but an even more accurate characteristic is the power reserve (it shows how long one charge is enough). One model with a 15,000 mAh battery can travel 65 km without recharging, while the other only 50 km.

The actual mileage per charge depends on the driving style. If you frequently drive in hilly terrain or travel at maximum speed, add 20-30%. For example, the office is 10 km away, and you plan to rush to work in the morning and return home without charging the scooter. In this case, you need a model with a power reserve of not 20, but at least 30 km.

Do not forget that the battery carries up to half the weight of the scooter. To make the scooter not heavy and with sufficient autonomy, you need to find a compromise. Models with a power reserve of 25-30 km are considered universal – they both weigh a little and pass enough.

Why do you need a suspension?
An electric scooter is a much less comfortable form of transport on rough roads than a bicycle: the wheels are smaller, the impacts are harder. In order to somehow remedy the situation, manufacturers install suspensions on wheels (more often only on the front). Riding the suspension models is much more enjoyable, but the bike’s comfort is still a long way off.
Braking system: what is important?
Stopping quickly is much more important than accelerating quickly. The faster you plan to drive, the more advanced braking system you should choose.

Foot brake. Most common on regular scooters. Press down on the rear wheel fender, it presses against the tread and slows it down. Simple but inconvenient and ineffective. And the tread wears out when braking.

Hand brake. Also a popular design, it is often installed on bicycles. Press the lever on the steering wheel, the force is transmitted through the cable to the pads, they compress the wheel, and the speed drops. A reliable and efficient option.
Electronic brake. It is used only for vehicles with an electric motor. Designed to store energy when braking: the motor starts to work as a generator, that is, it recharges the battery from the rotation of the wheels. This creates an additional load and deceleration occurs. In terms of braking performance, it’s the worst thing you can think of.
In order not to waste energy and brake effectively, manufacturers began to produce models with a combined brake – electronic plus manual.

Examples of such models: HIPER Triumph M85s , ICONBIT Kick Scooter E80 .

Additional functions: everything for comfort

On-board computer. Simple models only have LED indication of the battery charge. The computer shows the current speed, the mileage traveled, the residual power reserve. A useful thing.
Headlight and taillight. It will be very useful if you plan to ride not only during the day, but also at dusk or at night. On budget models, the headlight does not illuminate the path too brightly, but you will be visible from afar.
Steering wheel adjustment. Models without steering wheel height adjustment are designed for an average height – 165-175 cm. If your height is very different from average, look for models with the ability to adjust, otherwise the ride will not be very comfortable.
Seat. Although the scooter is designed for standing movement, there are models with a small saddle, like a bicycle. It is more difficult to operate the scooter while sitting, but you will be less tired.