How to buy games on Nintendo Switch now

In five years, the Nintendo Switch has sold almost 108 million units. It was not possible to celebrate the anniversary in Russia: Visa and Mastercard payment systems left our country. As a result, the payment service used in the eShop stopped processing transactions in rubles. Nintendo had no choice but to close the eShop for maintenance. Then the Japanese company suspended the supply of consoles and cartridges to the Russian Federation. We’ve read tips from users and media outlets like DTF on how to regain access to your library of games and buy new ones, and share the information we’ve learned with you.

How to download games purchased before
Since Nintendo quietly shut down the Russian eShop, users have lost the ability to re-download what they had previously purchased. In this situation, changing the region in the account will save. The scheme works due to the fact that there is no regional blocking on the Switch: a console purchased in Europe can run games purchased in the US, and vice versa.

So, change of region. Go to, click on the “Login” item in the upper right corner, enter your e-mail and password → you will be redirected to the “User Information” page, here in the “Profile” item, click on “Change” and select a new region. Our gamers often put Poland, Japan, USA.


After changing the country, turn on the Switch. You will need to enter your account password again. You can now launch the eShop and download your purchased games. The Nintendo Switch Online subscription will continue and vouchers will not expire. Judging by user reviews, in the European region, vouchers can definitely be exchanged for games.

In general, Switch Online is an important thing in the Nintendo ecosystem , analogous to PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold. In addition to online modes, it includes classic projects from the NES and SNES, exclusive games like Tetris 99, voice chat through the application on the phone, cloud saves, bonus items in games, the ability to buy vouchers. Let’s say you take 2 vouchers with a total value of 8,299 rubles and exchange them for 2 games with a total value of 10,000 rubles. Profitable. But you need to remember that a year after the purchase, vouchers burn out, do not delay with them.

Game console Nintendo Switch 32 GB Neon Red/Blue + 1 game
[32 GB, gamepad – 2 pcs, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB x1, red-blue]
Not available
But gold points are not transferred when changing the region. Gold Points are cashback from Nintendo. They can be used to buy new games.

From now on, do not delete the game from the console if it is fed up and you want to make room for something fresh. Use the “Archive” option (in the “Data Management” menu). When archiving, not only saves remain, but also the game icon in the menu. We click on the icon – we download the game, and the disabled eShop is not a hindrance at all.

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Difficulties when changing the region
In two cases, there will be problems with changing the country: when auto-renewal of Nintendo Switch Online is enabled and the account balance is in rubles. Contacting technical support will help – by mail [email protected] or through a special form on the website.


In the form, select Region (Europe), Country (Russia), Category (“Nintendo Switch Online Membership”), Topic (“How to change settings or stop auto-renewal for Nintendo Switch Online”) → click on “Contact Technical Support” and list in e-mail attached to the application, the date of birth specified during registration, and the serial number of the Switch. The serial number can be found in System Preferences on the console. To reset the balance, you must specify the category “Nintendo Account” and the subject – “Other”.


Get ready for the fact that communication with technical support will take at least a week.

How to buy games in eShop
To buy games in eShop of another country, you need to change the account region or create a new one. It is allowed to keep many accounts on one console, and the installed games will be available for any of them.

The service will allow you to compare prices in different countries. Right now he informs: in Japan, Super Mario Odyssey is given for 3478 rubles, and in Argentina – for 5635.


In the US, prices are generally lower than in Europe, because the dollar is slightly weaker than the euro. This explains the fact that the American region is in demand among our compatriots.

Cost is not the only parameter. Always check on the project page whether the Russian language is supported (if localization is provided in principle).

Let’s get back to the question of buying games. There are two ways – a foreign bank card (Russian Visa and Mastercard do not work abroad) and prepaid/recharge cards. Prepaid cards vary from region to region: a yen card purchased in Japan is not valid for the US.

Replenishment cards for regions popular among Russians are sold in thematic groups on the VKontakte network, through Telegram channels, on online platforms (carefully read reviews about sellers), and dozens of others. If you have exotic means of payment such as cryptocurrency and UnionPay cards at hand, then contact In other cases, and similar stores will help out. There you can pay using a Russian card.


Suppose you have the US region in your account and you have purchased payment cards in dollars. To add funds to your account, click in the eShop on the “Enter Code” item and enter the code from the payment card. When buying the game, you will need to specify the zip / postal code – an American postal code. Be careful and rashly do not drive in the first index that came across when searching the Internet. The fact is that in some states, state tax is added to the price. There is no such thing in Alaska, so copy the zip code you like from the list on for Anchorage it is 99504, for Fairbanks it is 99709, for North Pole it is 99705.

If you picked up the $59.99 game, you probably used $50 and $10 recharge cards, or three $20 pieces. After the operation, $ 0.01 will remain on the balance. In this case, changing the region will not work, because it is necessary that the balance be zero. Combine $0.01 with Gold Points. For a $59.99 transaction, you will receive 300 gold points, which is equal to $3. Find a game under $3.01 (scroll through discounts), click on “Redeem Points” and manually enter how many points you want to spend.

Cartridges are usually cheaper than digital designs. In addition, they can be resold and recapture part of the costs. One problem is that a lot of games, especially from the indie segment, are not released on physical media.

There are four options for where to get the cartridge:

through the World of Nintendo branded online store,
in DNS,
in a marketplace like Ozone, where offers from different stores are collected,
to Avito.

Game Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury (Switch)
[6+, platformer, release date: 02/12/2021, voice language: English, Russian, standard edition]
3 999 *
Please note that in the “World of Nintendo” prices jumped back in March – due to the unstable ruble exchange rate. If earlier the cost of cartridges ranged from 499 to 7,999 rubles, now it is from 799 to 12,499 rubles.

Another important point: Nintendo has suspended the supply of cartridges and consoles in the Russian Federation. Because of this, the physical release of several important projects, such as Kirby and the Forgotten Land, has been delayed. The colorful platformer debuted globally in March. We promised to release it before the end of spring.

Game Pokemon Legends: Arceus (Switch)
[6+, Action, Adventure, RPG, Release Date: 01/28/2022, Voice Language: English, Standard Edition]
5499 *
How to save
Cartridges are an obvious way to save money on games. Keep it non-obvious – using one account on two consoles. A bit like Game Sharing with PlayStation .

The bottom line is that you ask a friend (or you have him) for a username / password from an account. His console for this account will be the primary one, yours will be the non-primary one.

Click on the eShop icon on the console → then on the “+” → then click on “Create a new user” → click on “Login and connect” and enter the username / password of a friend. Projects from your friend’s library are now available on your console. For new games, you can pay in half: half the cost – you, half – a friend. Consider two nuances: 1) if a friend enters the game, then you will be thrown out of it, 2) you will not be able to start the game without an Internet connection.



Switch is an unusual console that combines the features of a portable and stationary device. It is aimed at both “hardcore” gamers and absolute beginners. She also has an amazing library. Upcoming projects also excite the imagination: Splatoon 3, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, Bayonetta 3, Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope, Metroid Prime 4… Surprisingly, in the era of games-services, the Japanese publisher stubbornly bets on “ single projects. It is all the more important that it return to our market in full as soon as possible.

The article partially uses materials from the Denis Major YouTube channel, from the Nizhny Khairul Discord community , from the DTF sites ( guide 1 , guide 2 ), Tinkoff Journal , GameGuru and other sources