How to build a beautiful and stylish computer: tips and a selection of solutions

There is a lot of information on the Internet on how to independently assemble any computer: powerful, gaming, office, graphics station, and so on. But what if you want the system unit to be stylish and beautiful? You can contact a specialized company for the creation of custom computers, but it is more interesting and profitable to independently assemble (or at least assemble) a PC that will delight the eye. Of course, beauty and style are very subjective concepts, and the author’s opinion does not claim to be the ultimate truth, but it will be possible to highlight general trends in this article.

Choosing a color
There is a “rule of three colors” in clothing or interior design. It is believed that for a stylish look, you should not use more than three colors in one look or room. There is also a more extended version of this rule, which deals with chromatic “color” (red, yellow, green, etc.) and achromatic colors (black, gray, white). Three chromatic colors are allowed, and achromatic – as many as necessary.

The same rule applies to computers – you can use no more than 3-4 colors. For example, a white case, black accessories, white backlighting with green accents. Or a black and gray body, black accessories, yellow backlighting. It all depends on your taste and imagination.

However, there are always exceptions, and more colors are acceptable if the modding idea requires it.

By the way, about the white assemblies. Most of the computers, especially powerful ones with LSS, are assembled either in a white case (Lian Li O11d in various versions has been especially popular recently), or with white components.

Case LIAN LI PC-O11 Dynamic [G99.O11DW.00] white 11 999 *

Previously, there were simply no white components. The first to play in this field were Soltec with their motherboards for socket 478, and then Sapphire with their motherboards for AMD.

Now we can highlight MSI Titanium, which are rather silver, but will fit perfectly into the white assembly.

Of the video cards, of course, the HOF series from KFA2 / Galax comes to mind first.

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Video card KFA2 GeForce RTX 3080 Ti HOF [38IOM5MD3BHK] 224 999 *
Unlike graphics adapters of the same color scheme from other manufacturers, white there is not only a massive cooling system and a backplate, but also the board itself. It comes with a white and silver stylized stand.

If your video card has a more modest package, the holder can be purchased separately.

If you are not ready to do a full-fledged modding project, but want to give your assembly some personality, there is a place inside the case for superhero figures, game characters and even a dinosaur.

Strict minimalism
Before starting modding, you need to decide on the purpose of the system unit. If this is an ordinary office system unit that will stand under the table, and the case is purchased “for delivery” – they think about the style last.

However, offices are different. And a black box made of thin metal may be inappropriate if, for example, content for games, video rendering, or just a computer from the reception of a reputable company, which customers and visitors see, will be created on a computer. In this case, the most often purchased case and peripherals with a strict and minimalist design.

Minimalism is a style characterized by laconic expressive means, simplicity, precision and clarity of composition. The best fit for this definition is cases of strict shapes without protruding elements and in soothing colors, with solid side walls (although finding a case without a window in 2022 is not so easy if we are talking about an above-average segment).

An example is the Scandinavian brand Fractal Design with the Define R5 case. Far from being a novelty, but when it comes to minimalism, it is the embodiment of this concept.

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There is also a version with a window in the side wall, but the main advantage of a closed one (except for a solid appearance) is silence due to the factory sound insulation.

However, minimalism can also mean the minimum occupied volume in space. In case you need a compact case with a stylish and minimalistic design, you can pay attention to

Behind the transparent window, you can place a neat air-cooled system as well as a custom LSS.

More RGB to God RGB
However, not everyone likes minimalism. And first of all, it will seem boring to gamers who like aggressive design decisions. A gaming computer should look like a robot, a mechanism from the future, or a nuclear reactor.

And the main role in this is played by the backlight, most often RGB. You can compare two rooms with computers in the same building.

It can be assumed that on the left is a modest and stylish room for a designer and music lover. And on the right is a gamer and streamer. It’s all about fashion: players look at what the rooms and equipment of famous streamers look like , and try to make it similar to the best of their ability.

The backlight is needed in order to demonstrate what is installed inside the system unit behind a transparent wall: how cool and powerful components are there, how beautifully laid the wires. Often this is not a static backlight, but with effects: colors change, blink and shimmer. Opponents of RGB lighting believe that computers are becoming like a Christmas tree, but this is not entirely true. Thanks to software or RGB hubs, which are inside some cases, you can set one static color, make color zoning and transition from one color to another, and ARGB – address lighting – increases the options for combinations to infinity.

Previously, before the RGB era, only fans were backlit components. To demonstrate the hardware inside the PC, it was necessary to buy and install special cold cathode backlights, the same as those under the bottoms of street racing cars in about the same years. In addition, I myself had to cut out the windows in the cases.

Now, in most cases, it is no longer necessary to use RGB strips, which came to replace lamps. Hardware manufacturers realized that the backlighting of components is in demand and necessary so that components can be called “gaming” and sell well.

The first to appear were backlit fans and coolers. Previously, the fans were illuminated by LEDs at the corners of the frame. Now, thanks to the efforts of manufacturers, each user can choose from a huge number of different options .

Even BOX coolers for cooling processors already come with RGB.

And in AIO water cooling systems, they build not just backlights , but even screens into the pump. As, for example, ASUS ROG RYUJIN 360.

Cooling system ASUS ROG RYUJIN 360 22 799 *
Backlit RAM is also no surprise, there are a lot of options from all manufacturers. There are even assemblies where the main emphasis is due to the backlighting on the RAM, while such a computer looks very stylish.

And in the memory kit, you can also pick up an SSD 2.5, which glows. For example, the military style HyperX Fury RGB.

HyperX Fury RGB 960GB SSD [SHFR200 / 960G]
Power supplies with fan illumination and even color selection using a button are not uncommon. And how do you like the PSU presented at CES 2022 with a screen on which the system parameters can be displayed?

Motherboards and video cards
The assembly of a stylish computer 10-15 years ago was also complicated by the manufacturers of motherboards.

Yes, highlighting each connector with a different color is more convenient for PC assembly and repair, but not for visual beauty. However, even then there were manufacturers who thought about style and modding, for example, DFI with the LanParty line: black boards with connectors that glow in ultraviolet light.

And this is what motherboards look like at the beginning of 2022: color schemes in the same style, backlight stripes, massive radiators that partially cover the textolite. It can be seen that not only engineers worked on their creation, but also designers and marketers.

Of course, if necessary, you can paint or glue with vinyl film these radiators in color, as in these examples.

But there are also factory stylish solutions: for example, the Vision line from Gigabyte.

GIGABYTE Z590 VISION D 24 999 motherboard *
And such a motherboard comes with a video card from the same series.

GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 3080 VISION OC (LHR) [GV-N3080VISION OC-10GD rev2.0] 169 999 *
Now the presence of a powerful video card in the system is a sign of a well-to-do user. Manufacturers try to make video cards as beautiful and stylish as possible, install backlit fans, but if the graphics adapter is installed in a standard case, it will not be possible to visually assess the designers’ efforts.

The vertical placement of the video card comes to the rescue. Some cases (the same Cooler Master NR200P) come with an adapter for vertical installation. If it is not there, then, for example, such a Vertical Graphics Card Holder Kit will help.

CoolerMaster Vertical Graphics Card Holder Kit V2 with Riser Cable 3 499 *
For more details on the vertical installation of a video card, see the corresponding article . As an example, here is such a thematic snow-New Year-Disney assembly.

The main focus is on the Palit GameRock video card, which is installed vertically and is very similar to ice crystals.

Palit GeForce RTX 3080 GameRock (LHR) video card [NED3080U19IA-1020G] 172 999 *
True, the author did not complete the idea a little, it would be great that the corresponding memory, fans and LSS would fit into the kit for this video card .

RAM G.Skill Trident Z Royal Elite [F4-3600C16D-16GTESC] 16 GB 13 999 *

Cooler Master MF120 Prismatic 3-in-1 Fan Kit [MFY-B2DN-203PA-R1] 5 950 *

Focus on cooling
Whether you are a professional streamer, hardcore gamer, or a cold and quiet enthusiast, building a custom liquid cooling system is ideal .

Assembling such a system unit is immeasurably more difficult, but making it stylish is an easier task. Especially when it comes to LSS on rigid transparent tubes.

Water blocks for the motherboard and video card, as well as fittings with a pump and a reservoir, can be selected in the same style from one manufacturer. You can fill the system with brightly colored liquid, and a stylish computer that will surprise all guests is ready. The main thing is not to forget about cable management.

Most often, a spacious case is taken, such as the Thermaltake The Tower 900 or the Cooler Master of the Cosmos series.

We hide the wires
Many modern computers with style, despite the variety of shapes, sizes and colors, have one thing in common that adds 100 points to style – neatly laid wires. A large multi-colored beam from a modern inexpensive or old power supply unit can visually spoil even the most verified project.

To prevent this from happening, you can use either individual braiding – rounding – of power supply cables, but there is an easier way – extension cords. More details can be found in the article on neat cable management .

Now there are also luminous extension cords. And if your goal is to make the entire system unit glow or focus on cables, they are perfect for this.

If after reading the article you are left with the impression that style and beauty in computer assemblies is only RGB and light from all components, then this is not entirely true. Here is a black and copper system unit, almost without backlighting, but at the same time as stylish as possible.

As you can see, manufacturers are trying to diversify their product lines as much as possible so that the buyer can choose hardware not only in terms of functionality, but also in terms of the visual component. There are no strict rules for assembling stylish and beautiful computers, each one has its own. This article is just general guidelines based on today’s computer hardware market. Even if you don’t care about visuals at all, or someone doesn’t think your computer is stylish and harmonious, the main thing is that it pleases the user, the rest is not so important.