How to assemble a gaming chair yourself

When people buy a gaming chair, people usually think of unrepeatable hours playing their favorite games or how their back will stop hurting after a hard day. But this very chair also needs to be assembled. How to do it correctly – we’ll tell you in the blog.

Assembly space and tools
The first thing to do before assembling the gaming chair is to prepare the assembly area. Ideal if you have a room that has enough free floor space. If there is not enough space, for example, you collect in a crowded room or in a small office, then try to clear the space, which will be a little more than two boxes from the chair, if you put them down.

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If the seat, cushions and backrest are in a package, do not remove it immediately so as not to stain the upholstery during assembly. In general, it can be assembled on cardboard or foam rubber spacers from the box with the chair. Lay out the elements so that they do not interfere with the assembly of other components.

The second step is to prepare the tool for assembling the chair. Typically, the chair is supplied with a blister with fasteners and assembly tools. Most often it is an L-shaped screwdriver, on one side of which there is a cross, and on the other – a hexagon. But there are other options, for example, just an L-shaped hexagon.

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The complete tool is designed for customers who do not have their own tool at home or in the office, and need to assemble the chair right away. There is no need to talk about any convenience and comfort when working with it. Therefore, it is better if you have a Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, a set of hexagons. It is also advisable to wear gloves so as not to injure your hands.

Checking items and equipment
Before assembling the chair, inspect it: there should be no defects in parts, the delivery must be complete. Even small defects can significantly complicate assembly or even make it impossible.

Due to a defect in the crosspiece and the lifting mechanism, the gas lift does not sit tightly and the chair staggers.

Read carefully the assembly instructions for the chair. In most cases, it is included in the package. But if you didn’t find it in the box, take a look at the manufacturer’s website. Follow the steps of the instruction. This could end the article, but the nuances are just beginning.

Step one. We fasten the backrest reclining mechanism to the seat
Manufacturers recommend two people to assemble a chair, but often there is no one to help. It doesn’t matter, you can do it on your own. The first step is to screw the reclining mechanism to the seat with the lever – this must be done using the appropriate fasteners
supplied if not already screwed on at the factory.

Most manufacturers have this hardware on the right side of the seat. The back of the seat is where the holes needed to fix the backrest are located. If the mechanisms for reclining the back are already screwed on, then we move on.

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Step two. We fasten the back to the seat
The next step is to screw the back of the chair into the seat. For convenience, it is better to rest the back of the seat against a wall or table, and put the back on the seat and also lean your elbows.

From experience: the easiest way is to first grab the backrest with screws from the side of the lever of the folding mechanism, and then from the other side. Do not forget washers and springs, if provided by the manufacturer.Do not tighten the fasteners all the way at once, check that all the screws are in and tighten without much effort. If all is well, then tighten them all the way. If the screws are tight, then it is worth slightly loosen the other screws and adjust the backrest with the seat. By forcefully tightening the fastener, you can rip off the threads – in this case, the connection will be flimsy.

Step three. We fasten the lifting mechanism
After assembling the seat and backrest, turn the assembled seat over to secure the seat lift.

In order to properly tighten the lifting mechanism, you need to find the Front inscription – on the mechanism itself and on the seat.

Tighten the screws crosswise, remembering washers and springs if needed.

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Step four. We fasten the armrests
At this stage, it is easiest to screw on the armrests if you did not have them screwed on from the factory. Do not confuse the left and right armrests. They are labeled L (left) and R (right). It is better to screw the armrests to the seat of the chair not to the end, so that later you can make adjustments after complete assembly and fix them thoroughly.

Step five. Wheels and gas lift

The chair is almost assembled – it remains to insert the wheels and the gas lift into the crosspiece. Some manufacturers put a cap on it to protect the gas lift during transportation – do not forget to remove it. This step is described in the instructions if there is a cap on the gas lift. Insert the gas lift cross into the chair lift and turn the chair over.

The chair is on the final assembly. It remains to screw on the decorative overlays, adjust the armrests and fix the pillows under the head and neck. The seat assembly is complete.