How do support services located in other countries work?

Buying any product, you count on the fact that it will serve you faithfully for a long time. But people work at each production facility, which means that sometimes a defect appears, or a thing breaks down before the warranty period. How to be? Contact the warranty center. The average buyer does not often turn to the warranty center, but from the service in the center and from the decisions made on the appeals, an opinion about the brand is formed. If the manufacturer in his warranty obligations shows friendliness, quickly resolves issues and goes to help the client, then this is very captivating. Due to the specifics of my work, I quite often have to contact such centers and resolve warranty issues. Today I will tell you about my experience of contacting the service center of the Slovenian company EK Water Blocks.

It so happened that in Russian stores there was no product I needed, namely the pump EK-D5 PWM G2 Motor (12V DC Pump Motor) – Sleeved. I ordered it along with other items through the official website. The package arrived quickly, everything was packed with high quality. Having installed this pump in my PC assembly, I found extraneous noise, or rather a grinding noise.

To make sure that the noise comes from this pump, I turned off all the fans and checked again. Unfortunately, my guesses were confirmed. Having entered my profile on the official website, I created an appeal, where I asked what I should do with it.

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I received an e-mail with a request number and a request to share a video with a malfunction, as well as a promise to answer my question within 2 working days.

The communication continued in correspondence – an important point – I described my problem in Russian, the answer came in English, but the mail client has a built-in translator, so there were no problems with translation. In my video, I was asked to check the contact of the cables with the fans and, after checking, give them an answer. Which I actually did again, since I had already checked everything before, but you never know suddenly.

After a couple of days, my question was decided that a new pump would be sent to me. I waited.

After some time, I received another letter, regretting that they had a lot of orders, they asked me to wait a little longer.

By the way, a little more than two weeks passed from the moment of contacting the receipt of the track number for tracking.

And the package itself arrived in 7 days.

During our correspondence, EK Water Blocks released a pump update and they sent me a new model with a small present and a paper apology.

To summarize: a little more than 3 weeks passed from the moment of contact until the moment of receiving a new pump. Separately, I want to note that while I was waiting for the package, the pump with a defect worked and, apart from unpleasant noise, did not cause any inconvenience. Was my question quickly resolved? In my opinion, yes. Am I satisfied with the quality of the service? Yes, too. Such service is very captivating and gives confidence that in case of problems with the purchase of new goods, they will quickly and efficiently help me and will not be left alone with trouble.