How do I pay for purchases with Google Pay?

Increasingly, you see how people in the supermarket pay for purchases using a phone or a bracelet, but do not know how it works? If you are not keeping up with the progress and are embarrassed to ask , we will help you. Keep step-by-step instructions on how to pay for a purchase without having any cash or card with you.

What is Google Pay
Google Pay is a branded electronic payment system from the company of the same name. In this service, you can register the data of any bank or debit cards. There is no need to create a new virtual Google account. Immediately after adding an account, you can pay for purchases with your smartphone.

No legal agreements and queues at the bank branch – everything is set up in one application in just a few minutes. The application works both on Android smartphones with OS version 5.0 and later, and on smart watches with Google Pay support.


What do you need for contactless payment in a smartphone or smart watch?
You can pay for purchases in online stores or Google services immediately – no additional options are needed here. The advantage is that the data of all your payment cards is stored in one place, and payment takes place with one click without unnecessary confirmation codes, transitions to applications, filling in data, and so on.

Offline payment with Google Pay (in real stores, transport, etc.) is technically carried out in the same way as with a plastic card. That is, you can use a smartphone or smart watch for payment in any institution where there is a terminal for cashless payments. Smartphone payments with Google Pay are currently supported worldwide, as long as your bank allows you to use your account anywhere. In the case of smart watches, it is somewhat different – at the moment, payment is available only in Russia, Poland, Australia, the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Canada, the USA, France and Switzerland.

But the most important thing is the presence of an NFC module in your gadget. This is a technology that transfers information between devices over a short distance. NFC in a smartphone or smart watch is similar to a physical chip on a plastic card – contactless payment is simply impossible without it. NFC technology is now available in almost every mid-budget smartphone, but before buying a new device, we still recommend that you make sure that it is available.

Found that your phone does not have NFC?
Check out our selection of ” TOP 7 smartphones with NFC ” or take a look at the catalog – there are hundreds of models of smartphones with NFC .

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As mentioned earlier, your gadget should be relatively recent – Google Pay works on smartphones with Android versions no older than 5.0 Lollipop. In addition, the device must be protected by a passcode or other means. This is a mandatory requirement of the application, which will protect your funds in case of loss of the gadget. Smart watches, in turn, must have a full-fledged operating system on board like Tizen OS, Wear OS, Garmin OS and others with Google Pay support.


How to set up Google Pay
Of course, you must have the official Google Pay app installed, and you can download it absolutely free from the Google Play store.

Next, make sure you have NFC enabled. You can find the corresponding checkbox in the settings or in the notification shade. If your smartphone is not protected in any way, then you will need to set a passcode, fingerprint or face scan. This is to protect your funds.

After opening the application, you will be prompted to add a new card. Both credit and debit cards of all popular banks are supported. You can do this automatically by taking a picture of both sides of the card, or enter data manually. To complete the contactless payment setup, a meager amount, usually 1 ruble, will be debited from the account, after which it will immediately be returned. You should not worry about the safety of funds, this is a one-time procedure for checking your account.

You can add other accounts in the “Payment” section – all bank cards and virtual accounts are stored there. It is also possible to add various gift, travel and loyalty cards in the “Cards” section. The procedure for adding cards is similar, except for checking her score.


The main screen of the application has useful hints and tips. Clicking on any of the cards will open detailed information about the card, as well as its payment history.

By switching between the added cards from above, you can select a card for payment by default.

To pay via Google Pay, just bring your unlocked smartphone to the terminal and the payment will be processed automatically. You don’t need to sign in to the app!

In the case of smart watches, you still need to open the application before paying.

For purchases over 1000 rubles, as with a plastic card, you will need to enter a pin code.

Is it safe to pay for purchases with Google Pay?
A smartphone or smart watch is in no way inferior to the security of the usual plastic cards. Moreover, even if your smartphone is stolen, an attacker will not be able to use the funds without knowing the passcode from the smartphone. After detecting the loss, the smartphone can be tracked and blocked remotely via the Internet. To do this, Google has a service “Find my device”. The loss of a plastic card can threaten with small write-offs of funds up to 1000 rubles, because up to this amount, any operations are not confirmed by a pin code.

Google assures that your entire financial history is encrypted, and even the company itself does not have access to it. In addition, all payments using a smartphone or smartwatch do not even use your real card number – instead, the application uses a virtual account that is created and changed automatically. If you are still worried, take a look at our material, where we discuss whether money can be stolen through NFC.