Home water purifier, which one is better to buy?

Careful planning can help you make the right decision when choosing your specialized equipment. To buy a water purifier for home without mistakes, the cost of the kit is estimated along with the cost of installation and other related work. Taking into account the peculiarities of operation is necessary to exclude unforeseen additional costs.

What impurities can be in the water entering a country house?
The composition of contaminants is clarified by professional analysis of samples from an appropriate source.

The research results are transferred to the customer in writing with the signature of the responsible person and the seal of the organization. These data will help you buy a water purifier for your home, taking into account the original composition and concentration of harmful impurities.

Types of water purifiers that are installed on the main
Primary processing is carried out directly in the appropriate engineering structure. A filtering layer of gravel and other granular material is created in the well. The intake device of the artesian well is equipped with a mesh with large cells.

At the next stage, a high-performance water purifier is installed for a private house. The processing speed must be sufficient for the simultaneous opening of several taps and the normal operation of the connected equipment. At this stage, the level of filtration is not required to ensure the quality of the drinking water at the outlet. However, the presence of impurities that could damage the boiler or other equipment should be excluded.

Ion exchange
With the help of this technology, hardness salts are removed, which are replaced by harmless sodium compounds. The exchange of ions is provided by a special load placed in a large-volume container. For a family of 3 people, a capacity of 1500 to 1800 l / h is sufficient. Under such initial conditions, 35-45 liters of cation exchanger are used to create the filter layer.


















Ion exchange water purifier for a private house

Flushing to remove trapped impurities and re-loading with sodium salt solution is performed every week or more often. To simplify maintenance, routine maintenance is automated. The best option is a control unit with a flow meter. In this case, the electronics starts a regeneration cycle taking into account the amount of the treated liquid. This method is more economical than starting the procedure on a timer.

A characteristic disadvantage of ion exchange is the high price of a purifier in an extended version of equipment.

Feedback from the owners confirms the complexity of the correct setting. Regular replenishment of the salt tableted stock for the preparation of the regeneration solution cannot be automated. The equipment is noisy when flushed, so a room with effective insulation is chosen for its placement.

Hollow fiber
Simultaneous purification of industrial and drinking water can be organized using the Avaris installation. This hollow fiber filter removes even the smallest fractions as small as 0.01 microns. High productivity (from 1 cubic meter / hour) allows the installation of such products in the line.

Main Hollow Fiber Membrane Filter

Flushing is used to remove accumulated contaminants in the cavities. Membranes of this brand are distinguished by a long service life – 500 thousand liters or 48 months of operation. The body is made of robust and durable stainless steel.

Relatively large particles are captured by appropriate filters:

You can apply sequential processing that captures the largest particles first. The flushing of the strainer, disc or bulk filter can be automated. Cartridge replacement is done manually.

The best ion exchange water purifiers for the home are expensive. After such treatment, it will be necessary to remove dissolved sodium salts from the liquid and restore the mineral composition at the final stage of preparation. The listed problems can be eliminated by using an electromagnetic converter.

Electromagnetic (non-chemical) filter

This alternative solution blocks the formation of scale without changing the chemical composition of the water and the pressure in the pipeline. Reliable equipment of the corresponding category is produced under the AquaShield brand.

The entry-level device has the following advantageous characteristics:

The manufacturer confirms the good quality of the AquaShield series with an official warranty extended up to 7 years.

Types of drinking water purifiers for washing
Removing the smallest impurities in the line with high performance is difficult, therefore, fine filtration is performed at the final stage. To place equipment, use the free space in the kitchen furniture under the mixer. This option simplifies the connection of equipment to the main pipeline, other utilities.

Reverse osmosis filter
The semi-permeable membrane of the reverse osmosis filter does not allow impurities, larger than water molecules, to pass through, therefore it effectively performs the functions of final filtration. To prevent fast clogging of microscopic ducts, a set of 3 replaceable blocks in standard housings is pre-installed. The set of cartridges can be selected taking into account the composition of contaminants in the supply line.

The main disadvantage of household reverse osmosis units is the slow processing speed – from 5 to 9 liters of liquid per hour.

The disadvantage is compensated for by installing a tank for storing clean water. The second characteristic minus is the discharge of the liquid contaminated with impurities into the drain. This feature increases the flow rate of the incoming water and the corresponding costs for the services of the supplying organization.

Typical reverse osmosis kits are supplied with a valve for the purified liquid, connecting pipes, and other functional components of the system. Detailed instructions in the accompanying documentation help you to carry out the installation operations yourself.

When choosing equipment of this category, in addition to performance and composition of components, the inlet pressure should be taken into account. If the pressure is too low (less than 2.5-3 bar), the kit is supplemented with an automated pumping station.

Flow filters
If the level of water pollution is low, a set of 3-4 cartridges is used. Manufacturers produce a wide range of replaceable blocks for mechanical cleaning, deferrization, softening. The modules with activated carbon loading are installed to remove residual chlorine, unpleasant tastes and odors. Which is the best water purifier for the home, is specified according to the results of laboratory analysis.

The performance in this case is higher compared to a reverse osmosis plant, so a storage tank is not needed. The resource of typical cartridges ranges from 6 to 10 thousand liters. This parameter is established during tests at a concentration of impurities that does not exceed sanitary standards. Therefore, the replacement algorithm is set taking into account the actual operating conditions.

Manufacturers rating
Large companies maintain a wide range of products and ensure high quality of their products. You should pay attention to the best samples of equipment according to user reviews, which are offered to potential buyers by profile manufacturers.

The Morion series includes reverse osmosis installations with original water-to-water storage tanks, which can reduce water consumption in 12 months to 9000 liters in comparison with standard counterparts. The extended version of Aquaphor household drinking water purifiers is equipped with cartridge replacement indicators, a pump, and efficient membranes.

In-line drinking filter Aquaphor Kristall-Quadro 2 899 *
Water purifier for sink Aquaphor

In the assortment of Geyser, you can choose a stationary ion-exchange unit of a classical type or a compact cabinet model. The manufacturer offers a complete set of equipment with loads, taking into account the composition of impurities.

Main technical filter Geyser jumbo-10 2 699 *
A cartridge water purifier for home under a sink can be found in the catalog of this brand. The company offers specialized kits for high-quality processing of liquids at a hardness level of up to 5 mEq / l.

In-line drinking filter Barrier EXPERT Complex 3 299 *
You can find the price of water purifiers for the home, as well as for the apartment, on the official website and in the online store of the DNS company, in the corresponding section.

User reviews
The owners evaluate the presented samples of equipment positively. Negative reviews are explained by errors at the stage of project preparation or during operation. To eliminate problems, you should carefully study the official recommendations. The professional development of the cleaning system will help you get a good result without excessive costs.

Reviews of water purifiers on the website of the DNS company

What is the best purifier to choose and buy?
Comprehensive calculation is required for accurate economic analysis. When choosing a water purifier for a home for a sink, the cost of installation work can be ignored. However, for the installation of an ion exchange unit, it is necessary to include the costs of preparing the premises, laying of engineering networks. Consider at least 5 years of operation in order not to miss the need to purchase replacement modules and other related costs.

Our recommendations
Large companies produce products of mass demand, therefore, innovative developments with improved consumer parameters should be sought in the assortment of specialized manufacturers. NPI Generation produces high-performance hollow fiber filters Avaris and efficient electromagnetic transducers AquaShield. The use of these models allows you to perform high-quality water treatment with minimal associated costs.