Hareem Shah Accused Of Spreading Obscenity On Actresses In Award Show

Hareem Shah Accused Of Spreading Obscenity On Actresses In Award Show

Pakistani tick talk star Hareem Shah has criticized the short dresses of the actresses at the award ceremony of a private TV channel and said that even tick talkers do not spread as much nonsense as these actresses did.

Two days ago, the style awards ceremony of a private TV channel was organized in Lahore in which artists belonging to Pakistan Showbiz participated and made the ceremony last for four months. However, while there was talk of performances and styling of artists at the awards show, the short dresses of the actresses caught the attention of the people.

At the awards show, actresses Aliza Shah, Sonia Hussain, Maya Ali, Ayesha Umar, Aima Baig, model Fehmeen Ansari, Mashal Khan and Amar Khan, among others, were severely criticized on social media for their short dresses. Even “Hum Style Awards” and Aliza Shah’s names have been trending on Twitter for the last two days. And people are not only criticizing the actresses who participated in the award show in short dresses, but also the funny memes that are being made about them are circulating on social media.

Tick ‚Äč‚ÄčTucker Hareem Shah has also released a video message criticizing these actresses. In which Hareem Shah said that I do not like to criticize anyone but it is very important to speak here.

Addressing the social media users, he said that you people and the media say that obscenity is spreading through tick talk, tick talk stars are spreading obscenity. Everyone talks big about it, so today I will tell you where you slept. Pakistani actresses who call themselves legends are called stars. The way he wore vulgar and shameless clothes at the awards show. Imran Khan had rightly said that if a woman cuts her clothes short, then this is what will happen inside Pakistan.

Hareem Shah said that no one stopped us from doing fashion, it is right to do fashion. But not even the tuck talk stars did as much nonsense as it was seen at the awards show ceremony that if one’s whole leg is visible then one’s body is visible.