Hand, stationary and planetary mixers – which to choose?

Gone are the days when you had to wave a whisk for a long time to make an omelet, dough or cream. A mixer comes to the rescue of modern housewives . But mixers are also different, how to choose the one that is right for you, now we will figure it out.

Hand mixer: lightness and convenience
If you need a compact assistant for beating eggs, butter, cream, then a hand mixer will cope with these tasks. Usually it has a simple device: a pair of buttons for speed and extraction of nozzles, two nozzles for beaters, two hooks for dough. Its main advantages:

takes up little space (some models have a compartment for the cord);
is inexpensive (500–3500 rubles);
easy to clean (just rinse under running water and wipe with a cloth);
with it you can cook an omelet, biscuit, pancakes in a matter of seconds.
There are the following cons:

low power (200-600 W);
does not cope with large volumes of products;
you need to keep it in your hands all the time and control the process, as a result the hand gets tired and does not go anywhere;
it is impossible to cook yeast or dumplings dough.

Mixer Aceline MI-250 white 499 *
Conclusion: suitable for housewives in everyday life. For professional chefs, as well as those who cook for a large number of portions, it is rather weak.

Stationary mixer: automatic process
If you are looking for a device for preparing different types of dough, and you have significant volumes of baked goods, then a stationary mixer is worth considering. This is a volumetric device consisting of a mixer (whisk and hooks), a stand and a bowl.


Hand mixer Polaris PHM 6512B beige 2 999 *
Main pluses:

the device is working, but your hands are free and you can do something else at this time;
can knead thick and high-quality dough for pies and dumplings;
has a high power (400-700 W);
works on the machine, you just need to load the ingredients into the bowl;
it can also be used manually by removing it from the stand.
Some cons: takes up a lot of space in the kitchen;
more expensive than manual (3000-7000 rubles)

Conclusion: this option is suitable for those who like to make homemade dumplings, or who often bake pies.

Planetary mixer: fast and a lot
If you are a professional pastry chef, or desserts are your hobby. This mixer is also considered stationary, its only difference is that the nozzle rotates in two directions (around its axis and along the perimeter of the bowl), which provides more uniform mixing, and the process takes less time. Also, some planetary mixers are equipped with rotating bowls.

Mixer Gemlux GL-SM5.1GR silver
Important advantages:

more reliable and durable;
high power (500–1200 W);
some models have additional attachments (blender, grater, meat grinder);
the movement of the nozzle in different directions allows the product to mix more evenly and efficiently, and with vertical movement it also saturates with oxygen, which makes the baked goods more luxurious.
The disadvantages include: the price is higher than that of a stationary one (more than 5000 rubles);
heavier in weight and makes more noise during operation than manual.

Conclusion: this is an indispensable mixer for those whose life is connected with cooking professionally or as a hobby.

Big power: pros and cons
When choosing a mixer, power is an important indicator. The more powerful the device, the more product it can process in less time. On the other hand, with an increase in capacity, so does its price, as well as the cost of electricity. There is a separate mixer for each purpose of use, see the table below.

Plastic case Lightweight, cheap, comes in a variety of colors Changes color, absorbs odors, cracks over time, emits squeaks when working
Stainless steel case Stronger, better fixed on the table and more stable, durable, does not absorb odors One color, more expensive
Plastic bowl Unbreakable, easy to clean, inexpensive Changes color over time and retains odors

The contents and process are visible, it looks beautiful, environmentally friendly Beats easily, chips appear Mixer Endever Sigma-17 silver
Conclusion: if funds allow, then it is more practical to purchase a mixer with a stainless steel body and bowl.

How to choose a bowl size
The mixer bowl can have a volume of 1.5–6 liters. Which one to choose depends on the volume of the product being whipped. To calculate, take the volume that you usually prepare, for example 2000 ml of batter, and add 500 ml. In this example, it turns out that a 3 liter bowl is suitable. A stock in the form of 500 ml is needed so that the mixture does not splash, and the flour and sugar do not fly out of the bowl.

Life hacks when buying a mixer
Choose a mixer with a lid for adding ingredients. In principle, a lid is needed so as not to splatter the kitchen, but a hole in it to add flour or cream during the whipping / kneading process.

Taste the bowl. First, check if it can be easily removed from the stand and put back. When there is dough in it, this nuance can lead to unpleasant consequences if you pull it, and the dough splashes out, instead of the bowl being removed. Next, take the bowl in one hand, and with the other try, as if scraping the dough from the edges. Comfortable? Take it! No – try the next one.

Additional bowl. If you are preparing several different ingredients, such as dough and cream, and you do it regularly enough, then a second bowl will come in handy so as not to waste time washing and drying.

If you have a child, it makes sense to take the mixer in the kit, which has a nozzle for making baby puree. The number of speeds does not matter. In fact, the hostesses use three speeds, which even the simplest mixer has.

It’s good if you have a timer, so you can turn on the mixer and be absent for a few minutes. Quality devices must have an overheating protection function. The mixer switches itself off in this case. We have sorted out the most important questions that arise before buying a mixer. Let your choice be deliberate, and the purchased device pleases for many years and fulfill all the tasks assigned to it! Delicious meals and bon appetit!