Glasses Into Night Vision

Glasses Into Night Vision

Australia: We see night vision goggles in movies, which are very heavy, and usually the military sees at night as we see in daylight. Now, with revolutionary technology, even ordinary glasses can be made night vision. At the heart of this invention is nanocrystalline technology which can be transformed into a night vision layer (film).

Dr. Rishu Kamachomoral of the Australian National University (ANU) has done this important work. They have developed a brand new technology for which a thin layer (film) has been made and it can be applied directly to any glass to filter the light. All that is required is an additional laser that converts infrared (lower red) light into images and the wearer can see the surrounding landscape.

This thin membrane has been made with many years of hard work using nanocrystalline technology. It also uses particles hundreds of times thinner than a human hair that converts infrared light into ordinary visible (visible) photons. In this way, man can see clearly even in the darkness of night.
In this regard, ANU had its first experiment in 2016. The photon-changing crystals in it transformed the human eye. Then it continued to improve. Now that the prototype has been built, it is very cheap, lightweight and can be manufactured on a commercial scale.

In this way, an effective and low-cost system has been created to make the invisible visible. We know that even in the dark of night, infrared rays are emitted from various objects, but the human eye is unable to see them. In this regard, a very thin nanometer-scale membrane has been created which can be applied directly to any glass. It then requires a laser beam, similar to a normal laser pointer, that combines with nanocrystals to filter the infrared so that the human eye can see the light.

At this time the night vision system and spectacles are very heavy and consume electricity. New technology can change them all. The study is published in the Journal of Advanced Photonics.