Gift ideas for March 8

The end of winter heralds March 8, and with it the traditional stress for the male half of the population. What does a woman want? Almost every man traditionally asks this question in early March, randomly running from one store to another and around the clock thinking about how to surprise. Grandma, mom, sister, girlfriend, wife, girlfriend – they all expect a sign of attention. So that you don’t lose your face, our guides Dan, Nick and Sam have prepared options for interesting, unusual, useful and practical gifts that you won’t be ashamed to show your friends, and they will get a lot of likes on Instagram.

Facial Skin Care Devices

Every woman dreams of being the most beautiful and like herself, first of all. Many people spend the lion’s share of the family budget and free time on self-improvement. But you can make your “beautiful work” easier by donating, for example, the NDCare Impulse US01 face care device . It is suitable for a woman of any age – it will provide high-quality cleansing for young skin, anti-aging massage for mature skin and more effective application of cream. The effect promises to be noticeable the first time, and with regular use, the device can replace some cosmetic procedures in beauty salons. Saving both money and time!

NDCare Impulse US01 1 899 Facial Care Device *
The Gezatone 105S facial sauna will help you to better clean your face at home. The appliance is very stable, heats up quickly and produces thick steam, transforming home care into a true spa experience. The sauna can be used not only for beauty: an additional inhalation function and a special compartment for herbs or aroma oils will allow the whole family to prevent colds

Aromatic coffee from a snow-white cup at a cozy table in the morning sun is the dream of any romantic person. Make a woman’s wish come true and present the Polaris PCM 4002A espresso machine in passionate red. The hand-held cappuccino maker creates a luscious milk froth, converting a regular espresso into a latte or mocha, just like in a cafe. The operation of the coffee maker is very simple, but for the best effect of the gift, you can promise to delight her every morning with her own coffee.

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Cartridge coffee maker Polaris PCM 4002A red
If you are used to doing everything to the maximum and buying only professional equipment, the DeLonghi ECAM 21.117.SB/S coffee machine is an ideal option. The built-in grinder with adjustable grinding degree allows you to experiment with the strength of the drink: soft and aromatic for her, hot and bitter for you. The hand-operated cappuccino maker will quickly whip up a thick milk froth. You will become a real barista, and your kitchen will be her favorite coffee shop

Massagers or massage pillows are a gift with care. This option is suitable for mom, mother-in-law, grandmother or lady who works in the office. Massagers will relieve muscle tension, relieve pain and help you relax after a hard day.

Massage pillow CS Medica VibraPulsar CS-cr5 performs mechanical massage using four movable rollers. The pillow receives power from the mains, but it can also be taken on a car trip – there is an adapter for a cigarette lighter. During the massage, the pillow emits infrared heat, helping to relax the muscles.

Massage pillow CS Medica VibraPulsar CS-cr5 3 450 *
The GALAXY GL4942 massager has a wider application – due to its design, it is suitable for almost any area, including points, for specific muscles – this is very useful if the woman to whom you are going to present a present is involved in sports. The device operates in three modes, providing mechanical massage and infrared radiation, and there are also five different attachments in the kit.

You probably remember the “Polaroids”, which were forbidden to be touched by your parents, and so you wanted to take pictures with them! Surely you still have blurry photos of old friends, a dog, and some almost forgotten events. But today, along with clothes from the 90s, instant photos are back in fashion: when photos are almost never printed, the ability to hold a real picture in your hand seems like magic. Your fashionable daughter, sister, or blogger girlfriend will love an instant camera . When choosing such cameras, be guided by the design, because the characteristics of all are very similar.

The FujiFilm Instax mini 9 is very cute, stylish and truly girly. The photo will be ready within 90 seconds after shooting, and its size will be 62×46 mm: it is convenient to carry in a wallet or diary. The camera runs on batteries that last for 100 photos, and you can buy paper for printing without any problems. It even comes with a separate lens for macro photography. The camera allows you to create interesting retro shots in low light conditions thanks to the flash and auto brightness control. And the main thing for girls – the camera has a mirror for cool selfies!

For extravagant ladies who prefer a retro look, there’s the Fujifilm Instax mini 90 . She is “old” in appearance, but has modern capabilities. The image size and specifications are similar for both Fujifilm Instax models. However, mini 90 differs not only in design, but also in the “lamp-like” photographs, which themselves can easily become a gift or souvenir.

Instant Camera Fujifilm Instax mini 90 11 499 *

An option that you definitely didn’t think about is the microphone ! And, meanwhile, you probably know that women love karaoke, so a good microphone can become a real value – can you imagine what kind of parties you can throw ?!

The Shure SM58S is a legendary microphone popular with many vocalists. The microphone operates in a wide frequency range (50-15,000 Hz), the increased sensitivity provides excellent sound pick-up, and the classic design makes anyone who picks it up a star. Shure SM58S is a great gift for a daughter or a bride who is engaged in pop vocals and dreams of a stage.Robot vacuum cleaners

We do not recommend giving an iron or a frying pan, but for a practical woman, a cool home appliance will be a pleasant gift. The main thing is to know what kind of household appliances to donate is not a shame. And do not forget to accompany such a gift with a bouquet of flowers.

The Kitfort KT-518 robot vacuum cleaner is a real opportunity not to vacuum yourself. Its side brushes do a great job of picking up debris in corners and tight spaces, and its reduced size allows it to pass under furniture. The vacuum cleaner can be set to clean on a schedule, for example, when no one is at home. In 110 minutes, it completely vacuums a medium-sized apartment and returns to the docking station to refill.

Vacuum cleaner-robot Kitfort KT-518 white
A more advanced representative of the Roborock S6 robotic vacuum cleaners carries out both dry and wet cleaning, and also, thanks to numerous sensors, he is able to build a room map. In 150 minutes, Roborock can clean up to 200 m² of space.

Vacuum cleaner-robot Roborock S6 white

Another incredibly useful gift is the dishwasher . It will change your life forever, because there will be no more quarrels about whose turn it is to wash the dishes today.

The built-in dishwasher Electrolux ESL94510LO is suitable for a large family. This model has five automatic washing programs and a special drying technology, including in the natural mode, when the machine door is opened at the end of the cycle. Delayed start mode allows you to wash dishes at a better rate at night.

Built-in dishwasher Electrolux ESL94510LO

If your kitchen is limited in size, take a look at the ZWM 536 SH from Hansa . It is small, but spacious: it can wash up to six sets of dishes at a time. There is a delay timer, six washing programs, including express and economic cycles, all the necessary indicators, besides, the device is practically silent.

Dishwasher Hansa ZWM 536 SH grayHaving decided to give such a useful gift, do not forget to accompany it with something romantic, or at least promise to always load dishes into it yourself, like a real knight! True, not with a white horse, but with a dishwasher.