Getting Ready for Winter: The Best Selling Fan Heaters

The warm summer days have already ended, and before turning on the central heating, you need to wait – at such times people remember about electric heaters. Compact fan heaters will quickly warm the air in apartments, offices, without causing any harm to the internal wiring of the room.

This material opens the cycle of tops “getting ready for winter” and introduces the popular household fan heaters worth up to 2 thousand rubles, which have become the sales leaders in the DNS chain of stores in July – September 2020.

10th place

Fan heater Zanussi ZFH / S-207
Zanussi ZFH / S-207 is a desktop fan heater of the Como design series, equipped with a powerful 2000 W heating coil. In a matter of minutes, it will warm up the air in rooms with an area of ​​up to 25 m². The reduced noise level during the fan operation will not interfere with either the work environment or good rest. Light indication of operating modes, stable legs, convenient carrying handle – make the operation of the device simple and safe.

Distinctive features:

unique appearance;
coaxial arrangement of adjusting levers;
long service life – ten years, according to the manufacturer.
9th place
A compact heater with a power of 1500 W for small rooms up to 15 m². Aceline CFH-1500OSC does not burn out oxygen and does not dry the air inside the heated room. Using the rotary knobs conveniently located on the top panel of the heater, you can adjust the operating temperature of the heating element and select its operating mode. Multi-colored light indication allows not to confuse ventilation mode with heating mode.

Distinctive features:

ceramic heating element;
automatic hull rotation mode;
a safety switch that cuts off the power supply if the device is dropped.
8th place

Fan heater Ballu BFH / S-04
The ergonomic lightweight Ballu BFH / S-04 is designed for quick heating of rooms up to 25 m². The 2000 W heating coil starts full-fledged operation immediately after switching on the device. Due to its small dimensions, the heater does not take up much space in: apartment, office, travel bag, closet.
















Distinctive features:

the simplest design, no thermostats, only two keys are responsible for the performance of the heating element;
the air flow does not burn a hand brought directly to the fan grill;
there is no “cold ventilation” mode.
7th place

Fan heater Irit IR-6006, IRIT IR-6006
The sleek IRIT IR-6006 with a convenient carrying handle starts heating up the air just two seconds after turning it on. Powerful electric coil – 2000 W, easily heats rooms and offices up to 20 m² in size. Rotary knobs that control the thermostat and operating modes are located on the front panel, in close proximity to one another, therefore, controlling the fan heater is quite simple. A well-visible indicator light signals the switched on state of the heating coil from a long distance.

Distinctive features:

the air flow coming from the device is quite hot;
judging by the reviews, it is one of the most energy-consuming models.
6th place

Fan heater Ballu BFH / S-11
Ballu BFH / S-11 is a fan heater designed for quick heating of rooms up to 25 m². Classic black body, convenient “handwheels” of the thermostat and mode switch located on the top panel of the heater, heating coil – 2000 W, low noise level during operation. Everything is fine, but …

Distinctive features:

a small recess in the case, intended for moving the device from place to place, causes a feeling of ergonomic discomfort for lovers of long nails.
5th place

Fan heater Zanussi ZFH / S-202 1 599 *
Zanussi ZFH / S-202 is a classic type heater equipped with an electric coil with a heating power of 2000 W. This size is enough to create comfortable conditions in living rooms and work offices with an area of ​​up to 25 m² in a short period of time. Durable plastic of the heater does not crack, even when dropped from a meter height. A small child will not be able to stick their fingers through the narrow slots of the diffuser grille.

Distinctive features:

intuitive control knobs;
design that easily fits into the interior of any room;
ergonomic carrying handle.
4th place

Fan heater Aceline CFH-1500W 1 699 *
The compact Aceline CFH-1500W in a black and silver case, with a maximum heating power of 1500 W, is designed for heating rooms with a maximum size of 20 m². The switched on heating element of the fan heater does not have a negative effect on the oxygen concentration in the heated room. The original carrying handle, classic adjustment knobs, high heating rates – the ultimate combination of aesthetics and performance.

Distinctive features:

the heating element of the device is made of ceramic;
the fallen heater is automatically disconnected from the power supply, thanks to a special sensor.
3rd place

Fan heater Aceline FH-2000B
A fan heater with a maximum power of 2000 W is most effective for heating rooms not exceeding 20 m² in size.

Aceline FH-2000B harmoniously fits into the interior of any room, and the powerful electric coil very quickly brings the ambient temperature to the desired value. The device is strikingly similar to many models of modern fan heaters – a semi-oval front panel, a small carrying handle, two rotary adjusting handles located on the left side of the heater, a bright LED indicator – this is how the IRIT, SUPRA, GALAXY, RESANT and the list of brands doesn’t end there. Standard modern layout.

2nd place

Fan heater Ballu BFH / S-10 1 050 *
Ballu BFH / S-10 is a fan heater, which is a “twin” of the heater, from the sixth position in this rating. The same power – 2000 W, the same operational characteristics – the area of ​​heated rooms does not exceed 25 m². Identical adjustment knobs, conveniently located on the top panel of the heater, graceful, but not suitable for all carrying handle. Only two parameters distinguish one model from another:

The color of the device body – the heater, which took the second place, has a white color, and the device, which turned out to be on the sixth place of the rating, is made of black plastic. The length of the power cord – the Ballu BFH / S-11 model can be moved away from the electrical outlet by one and a half meters, and the Ballu BFH / S-10 model will have to be positioned closer to the power supply, as much as ten centimeters.

White color, judging by the sales statistics, turned out to be more attractive than black, although the technical parameters of the fan heaters are completely identical.

1st place

Fan heater Aceline FH-2000W 599 *
The situation described in the previous section is repeated in the first position of the rating. The leader of the top list is the Aceline FH-2000W fan heater and its bronze medalist, the Aceline FH 2000B heater, are absolute “technical twins”. Maximum power – 2000 W, service area, up to 20 m², similar design, identical adjusting knobs, only a heater, from the third place, black, and the sales leader is white. It is impossible to explain the different positions of the rating, from a technical point of view, just the light colors won again.

Reasons that determined the choice of buyers
The fan heaters (“duyki”) that got into the rating are not by chance that buyers fell in love with them:

Nine out of ten described heaters (except for the Ballu BFH / S-04 model) operate not only for heating the room, but also have a cold ventilation mode. Such models are useful all year round: when it is cold, they warm it, when it is hot, they refresh it.
Two heating modes, built-in thermostat that smoothly changes the operating temperature of the heating element (except for the Ballu BFH / S-04 model), – the owner of the fan heater independently chooses the optimal parameters for the operation of the heater. And the room heats up quickly, and electricity bills are expensive.
Manufacturers of rating “dueks” care about the safety of buyers and the safety of their property, therefore they equip fan heaters with protective automatic equipment. The heating elements of the devices are de-energized when cold air ceases to pass through them, or when the operating temperature of the spirals begins to exceed safe parameters. The likelihood of a fire is reduced to zero.