Getting Ready for Winter: Best Selling Oil Heaters

Prepare your sleigh in summer! You begin to realize the value of this golden rule when the first cold weather knocks on the window, and the apartment or office is completely unprepared for the winter season. Therefore, devices become necessary that evenly warm up the premises, are safe, and are compact. Oil-filled radiators, which you will read about from the final top in the “Preparing for Winter” cycle, will help to solve this problem .

So, we provide a sales ranking and a brief overview of floor-mounted oil heaters, which became the most popular in the DNS network from July to September 2020.

10th place

Oil heater Ballu Classic BOH / CL-11WRN white
An honorable 10th place is taken by an oil cooler Ballu Classic BOH / CL-11WRN in a black-and-white case with anti-corrosion protection Protective coating. It quickly and efficiently heats rooms up to 27 m². The model has 11 sections and a maximum power consumption of 2.2 kW, provides a high level of heat transfer. There is a heating power adjustment (3 modes), which, together with an Opti-Heat thermostat, allows you to reduce energy consumption without compromising the indoor climate.

The radiator is completed with a handle and maneuvering wheels for moving, as well as a compartment for the power cord. The design is stable, but even if it overturns, the protection will trip, shutting down the device.

9th place

Oil cooler Midea MOH-3002 gray
Oil-filled radiator Midea MOH-3002 with nine sections provides a comfortable temperature in rooms up to 20 m². High heating speed is achieved with a power of 2 kW. The radiator has two types of protection: overheating and overturning. The model is equipped with an adjustable thermostat and heating power control, which help to set and maintain the optimal temperature.

The radiator is painted in neutral gray, which integrates successfully into any interior design. For ease of use, a handle and wheels are provided, the latter will definitely not spoil the floor covering.

8th place

Oil heater Polaris PRE Z 0715 white
The Polaris PRE Z 0715 has 7 sections in white and gold , but it lacks rollover protection. A good set of functions and design chips is built into this model: an adjustable thermostat, overheating protection, wheels and a handle for moving without any effort. On the case there is a compartment for the power cord, which significantly increases the ergonomics of the radiator.

The model is suitable for rooms with an area not exceeding 25 m². The heating power is 1.5 kW, so you don’t have to wait for a pleasant room temperature for a long time.

7th place

Oil radiator Aceline OL-1005G is designed for heating small rooms up to 10 m². The model has 5 sections and a power of 1 kW, the length of the power cord, for which a special compartment is provided, is 1.3 m. This radiator has a convenient handle and maneuverable wheels that allow you to quickly move the device from point A to point B. Availability 3- x power modes and an adjustable thermostat guarantees the absence of temperature drops, cooling of the room and excessive consumption of electricity.
















The radiator is compact, so it can be easily placed in a small living or technical room. The device does not provide roll-over protection, but the wheel mounting design prevents the radiator from falling suddenly.

6th place

Oil heater Ballu Comfort BOH / CM-07WDN white
The snow-white oil-filled radiator Ballu Comfort BOH / CM-07WDN is designed for heating medium-sized premises, namely, with an area of ​​up to 20 m². Heating power is 1.5 kW, there are two modes that will help to change it up or down.

The seven-section oil cooler is equipped with High stability wheels and feet, which prevent the device from overturning during operation and at rest. The model is protected with an anti-corrosion compound. The radiator can be quickly moved around the territory of an apartment or office thanks to the Easy moving complex. The Opti-Heat adjustable thermostat controls the operation of the device, switching it on and off when it reaches a certain temperature range.

5th place

Oil heater Ballu Classic BOH / CL-09WRN white 3 850 *
The Ballu Classic BOH / CL-09WRN oil cooler is supplemented with an anti-corrosion compound that protects the device from aggressive environmental factors. There are 3 power modes available, allowing you to change the intensity of heating and adjust it to the season of the year, weather conditions. The model is equipped with a new generation Opti-Heat thermostat, which has the function of automatically maintaining the set temperature.

The device is distinguished by a high level of safety, because it provides several stages of protection: the design of the legs High stability and shutdown when overturning. The high speed of warming up the room is due to the power of 2 kW. The device has 9 sections, has a compartment for the power cord and wheels for easy movement, as well as a convenient handle that prevents contact with hot surfaces. This “butter dish” efficiently heats rooms with an area not exceeding 25 m².

4th place

Oil heater Ballu Classic BOH / CL-07WRN white
The Ballu Classic BOH / CL-07WRN oil cooler in a white casing, having 7 sections and a heating power of 1.5 kW, is small in size. This model can be placed in miniature rooms.

There are 3 modes that allow you to adjust the heating power. It has a protective anti-corrosion layer, developed taking into account the specifics of the operation of heating equipment. The device is designed to warm up rooms with an area of ​​no more than 20 m². Highstability feet provide a high level of protection against overturning, in the event of force majeure, a function will be triggered that instantly turns off the heater after a fall. Wheels and an ergonomic handle allow the oil cooler to be moved without restrictions.

3rd place

Oil heater Aceline OL-2511G gray 4 199 *
The Aceline OL-2511G oil-filled radiator is the bronze medalist of our review. The heating power is 2.5 kW – this is the highest figure among all the devices considered in the review. The radiator has 11 sections, it will help to efficiently heat rooms up to 30 m².

The model is distinguished by high ergonomics and smooth lines, the design is dominated by white. For comfort during use and energy saving, there are 3 power adjustment modes: the user can set the temperature in the range of 850, 1650 and 2500 W. A thermostat is provided to control the operation of the device and maintain the set temperature.

The OL-2511G is supplied with a 1.4 m power cord that can be hidden in a special compartment on the radiator casing. The set includes wheels for quiet and safe sliding, and a handle for easy movement.

2nd place

Oil heater Aceline OL-1507B black
Aceline OL-1507B oil-filled radiator is a good solution for heating rooms in an apartment or a private house, as well as in an office up to 20 m². The model is equipped with a thermostat that will turn the device on and off as the set minimum and maximum temperature is reached. There are 3 modes available: 500, 950 and 1500 W. The maximum power is 1.5 kW, the model has 7 sections and a power cord length of 1.3 m, which provides comfort when plugging the device into an outlet.

The silver medalist of our review is mobile, because it is equipped with wheels and a handle for moving around the apartment, office, and other objects. The oil cooler has an elegant design that combines white and black.

1st place

Oil heater Aceline OL-2009B black 3 999 *
Model Aceline OL-2009B receives the well-deserved “palm”. The equipment is intended for heating residential premises and offices, which have an area of ​​up to 25 m². The heater can be moved around the apartment, the design is equipped with 4 maneuverable wheels and a handle that prevents burns and calluses on the skin. The device has 3 modes that allow you to adjust the heating power, taking into account the seasonality and the current situation. The user can set the range from 700 to 2000 W, the thermostat will control the temperature mode.

The design of the case traces a pronounced ergonomics: a calm black and white palette, nine streamlined sections, a control panel with power switches, a compartment for a power cord (1.3 m).