Getting ready for winter: best selling convectors

In continuation of the cycle of tops “Getting ready for winter” one of the most popular categories of technology is observed, which creates warmth and comfort for households on these cold autumn days. The TOP best-selling models include convectors with a capacity of 1–2 kW, designed for heating rooms with an area of ​​15 to 25 m². Such equipment is equipped with heating elements of a needle or monolithic type, has a protection system in case of overturning and overheating. Most heaters are designed for both floor and wall installation.

So, the most popular convectors, which became the bestsellers in the DNS store chain, for the period from July to September 2020.

Convector Aceline CH-1500XB
If you want to heat the room to 20 m² in size, then the model CH-1500XB brand Aceline 1.5 kW – a good choice in the opinion of consumers. The convector has a dual-mode heating power switch, is completed with a monolithic heating element, an operating status indicator and an overheating protection system. The color of Aceline CH-1500XB is completely black, this makes the convector stand out from the background of other models in the TOP, made in white or black and white.

Among the disadvantages of the model, buyers mention loud switching of the relay, noticeable heating of the case when working at maximum, plastic legs with flimsy fasteners.

The floor- standing model WWQ KS-20 with a power of 2 kW can be used in heating systems for spaces with an area of ​​about 20 m² in one of three heating modes. It is completed with a needle heating element of the STICH type, which is characterized by high inertia: it heats up almost instantly and cools down quickly. WWQ KS-20 is the lightest convector in the TOP, weighing 2 kg.
















In their reviews, buyers praise the heater for the reliability of non-stop operation, the stability of its legs, and also for the fact that the convector heats well cottages and garages with an area of ​​about 30 square meters. m. As a disadvantage, the presence of a slight foreign smell during the operation of the heater is mentioned.

Like other Ballu convectors , the BEC / EZMR-1000 model is equipped with Double G-Force – a monolithic heating element, which is characterized by a long service life and quiet operation. The heater is convenient in that it is equipped with an overheating and rollover shutdown function, as well as a control interlock system. The design of the convector provides for both wall mounting and floor mounting. The main difference from other Ballu models in the TOP is low power, designed for heating an area of ​​no more than 15 m².

Owners of the convector complain that the Ballu BEC / EZMR-1000 does not have an operating status indicator, and the cord is short.

The Electronic BEC / EZER-2000 model of the Enzo series of the Ballu brand is the most advanced, but also the most expensive convector in the TOP. Unlike other heaters in the rating that have mechanical control, it is equipped with an electronic control unit, as well as a display and a timer. Tipping and overheating sensors are provided, which disconnect the convector from the network in an emergency. Auto Restart saves equipment settings and automatically restarts equipment during power outages.

Buyers note that the convector body does not get very hot, and the control system can be locked – this is convenient when there are children in the house. Electronic BEC / EZER-2000 works quite quietly: when heating / cooling a monolithic heating element Double G-Force, a characteristic crackling is not heard, as is the case with heaters of the TEN type. The power of the model is 2 kW, which allows heating rooms up to 25 sq. m. In parallel with the heating, the convector also ionizes the air, and is installed both on the wall and on the floor.

Convector CH-1000XRK brand Aceline – model for wall and floor installation with a maximum power consumption of 1 kW (for building not more than 15 m²). With the help of a mechanical regulator, the heater can be set to operate in economy mode, in which it will consume 0.5 kW. The safe operation of the convector is ensured by the system of disconnection from the mains in the event of overturning or overheating. Against the background of most models in the TOP, Aceline CH-1000XRK wins due to its low weight (3 kg).

In their reviews, the owners of the convector praise the device for quick heating and compactness, but they mention the power button, which is not very convenient to use.

Model CH-1500XRK from Aceline is a convector that is worth purchasing when you need to heat a room with an area of ​​about 20 m². The degree of heating of the device is regulated mechanically, its power consumption is maximum 1.5 kW.

The owners of Aceline CH-1500XRK say that the convector is not very convenient to use due to the absence of an on-indicator, and also because of the crackling sound when the case cools down. Some buyers also mention the unreliability of the fastening of the wheels, but at the same time they praise the ease of installation, portability and speed of heating of the convector.

The Aceline CH-2000XRK heater is a convection-type model that can be used to heat air in interiors up to 25 m². A monolithic heating element consumes no more than 2 kW of electricity, heats up quickly and cools slowly. This allows you to maintain a comfortable room temperature for a long time. The convector has a function of shutdown in case of overheating, but it is not provided for a similar response in the event of the overturning of the device.

One of the largest models in the TOP. It is 830 mm wide and 115 mm deep. Consumers speak flatteringly about the convenience of adjusting the power and efficiency of the Aceline CH-2000XRK, but they also sometimes mention some disadvantages: strong heating of the case, the absence of an operation indicator, the inconvenience of the power button design.

The last line in the top three TOP leaders is occupied by the BEC / EZMR-2000 model of the Ballu brand – an electric convector with a proprietary heating element Double G-Force of a monolithic type, which quickly warms up the room, operates silently, lasts about 25 years. The model has a power consumption of 2 kW and is designed for interiors up to 25 m².

Customers liked that the device heats the space well, ionizes the air, and uses energy economically. But some owners of the Ballu BEC / EZMR-2000 also note a number of shortcomings: a short cord, no indication of inclusion, plastic wheel brackets.

The technical characteristics of the BEC / EZMR-1500 convector are similar to the parameters of other models of the Ballu brand in the TOP. These are: a complete set with a Double G-Force heating element, the protection class of the case is IP24, the presence of functions for blocking control and disconnecting from the network in case of overheating / overturning of the device. There is also a system for restarting the convector with saving the settings in the event of a sudden shutdown during power outages. The main differences of the device from other models of the BEC / EZMR Ballu series are the power of 1.5 kW (for an area of ​​20 m²) and the weight of 3.3 kg.

As for the users, they note the quietness and reliability of the convector, as well as the aesthetics of its appearance. As a minus, they mention the fact that it is impossible to understand whether the heater is on or not due to the absence of an indicator.

Gold ranking won convector CV-2000SWYL brand Aceline- floor type heater in black and white design. The model is suitable for heating rooms up to 25 m². Convenience and economical operation of the convector lies in the fact that the degree of air heating can be adjusted within one of three modes: 0.75, 1.25 or 2 kW. Thus, you can significantly benefit in terms of energy consumption. This differs the convector from the bulk of the models in the TOP, which are designed for two-stage power control. Another advantage of the Aceline CV-2000SWYL is the presence of an LED on indicator, which allows you to track whether the device is on or off. The convector is equipped with a STICH-type heating element – such a module is able to quickly heat up and quickly warm up the air in the room. The model is 83 cm wide and weighs 5.6 kg.

Customer reviews indicate that the device is simple in design and operates stably, its heat transfer is high, and its control is convenient. Criticism was caused by the small thickness of the sheet metal from which the case is made, and the small length of the cord.