Generate Electricity while Touching

Make Electricity

San Diego, Washington: Is it possible to generate electricity by putting a flexible sticker on the tips of the fingers? The answer, in the affirmative, and the University of California, San Diego, has demonstrated the ability to generate electricity from a thin sticker on the edges of the fingers that generates electricity from human sweat.

These devices that generate electricity from sweat are called biofuel cells (BFCs). By wearing them, so much electricity can be generated that electricity can be generated for wearables. BFC will continue to generate electricity even in sleep. They will also be able to generate electricity by typing keyboards.

“We want people to be able to generate electricity while touching, watching TV and eating,” said Joseph Wang, a scientist who created the BFC. Joseph is a new engineering expert. Experts want people to be able to consciously create electricity. That is why this technology is being called very revolutionary.
Fingers are the best choice for this as there are a large number of sweat glands on the edges of the fingers. Maybe that’s why our fingertips are so full of sweat that we can’t hold things. A few microliters of sweat per minute can be excreted with one finger.

But this sweat can generate 300 milliliters per square centimeter of electricity. Experimentally, scientists have successfully operated a device that detects vitamin C, which can be converted into a blood sugar glucose meter after a small change.