Garden and vegetable garden equipment – getting ready for the season!

Seedlings are already growing on all the windows of summer residents, and the summer season will begin very soon! It’s time to get ready for it. And we suggest that you forget about digging the ground with a shovel and cutting bushes with hand pruners. The technique has long come to the aid of all gardeners, summer residents and farmers. This material contains everything you need to make the summer residence begin to bring joy and pleasure. From brushcutters to motor-drills, from irrigation systems to aerators.

Tidy garden – cutting grass and bushes

A thriving herb is a headache for any gardener. Before you have time to look around, instead of a pretty lawn, there are knee-deep weeds and completely ill-mannered, overgrown bushes. What to do? You can fill unwanted grass with chemical solutions – inexpensive, long and ugly. As a result, your entire area will look dry and dead, like in late autumn. Finally, buying mowing equipment is perfect.

A garden trimmer is ideal if you have a small area and are willing to keep a systematic eye on it to prevent tall grass. Most trimmers are lightweight, mobile and can be rotated to any angle, making it easy to cut between beds. There are petrol and electric trim tabs. You can read more about the difference between them in this article .

Electric trimmer Greenworks GST1246 6 799 *
Both the one and the other type are justified in different conditions. For example, electric is lighter and suitable for women and the elderly. But they cannot mow damp and wet grass, and it also depends on the outlet. Gasoline is suitable for large areas, because it is completely autonomous. As a rule, gasoline trimmers are more powerful, but they are also heavier due to the fact that in addition to the device itself, you also carry a tank of fuel.

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A special trimmer bracket will protect your plantings from cutting tools, and the mower’s legs from freshly cut greenery.

Trimmer accessories are important consumables. On some models, you can swap out the cuttinglinefor a knife to deal with dead wood and tough weeds. Both lines andknivescan be easily changedif necessary.

With all the advantages, trimmers may not cope with large areas and smooth lawn mowing. It’s better to take a lawn mower here.

Lawn mowers cut grass quickly and perfectly smoothly due to the wide cutting surface, and its blades can be adjusted in height – you can choose how long the grass you need on the site. All lawn mowers are classified asgasolineandelectric. The latter can be powered by mains orbattery. On some models, the handles are folded, respectively, they take up less space during storage.

Lawn mowers are not designed to work on uneven terrain – that’s a job for trimmers.

There are generally modern robotic lawnmowers that will save you a lot of time and effort. They work fully automatically and the principle is similar to a robot vacuum cleaner: lawn mowers make a movement map, mow the grass along the route, and when they are discharged, they return to the docking station. Robot lawn mowers are convenient and practical, but they also cost significantly more than classic models.

Robotic lawnmower Husqvarna Automower 305 94 999 *
There are lawn mowers with mulching . This function turns the cut grass into fertilizer for flowers and fruit trees. However, when mulching, the layer of processed grass sometimes becomes so dense that additional equipment is required.

Electric lawn mower Greenworks GLM1232 4 499 *
Brush cutters can help clean up lush bushes and thin-twisted trees. For this work, hand saws or chainsaws are usually used. The advantage of the hedge trimmer is that it is much faster than a hacksaw and at the same time quieter, smaller and lighter than a chainsaw. Some hedge trimmers can handle even thick branches and can tame serious trees, not just garden bushes. And for working with branches that are too high and far away, there are poles . Even pruners – and those have long been with power sources, and you do not have to strain your hands and use force to cope with the plants.

Brush cutter Einhell GC-EH 4550 4 999 *
Land care – plowing and tidying up the beds

Down with rakes, shovels and hoes. Stop ripping off your shoulders and back and starting a war, whose turn it is today to go out on the potato fields. Seriously, you can spend money once and forget about the most difficult and annoying work in the garden.

Cultivators are the first artillery. They will help in plowing, weeding, inter-row soil cultivation, getting rid of weeds, loosening and compaction of the soil, and sometimes in hilling, if the soil is pre-treated. All work is carried out using steel cutters. Cultivators are divided into three types: for row-spacing, for processing and harrowing, for preparation for the upcoming sowing. Some models are also equipped with an attachment function. There are also universal cultivators that can do anything at all.

Cultivator RedVerg RD-TVL 24 999 *

Usually cultivators are limited to only one speed, but the direction of rotation of the cutters can be reversed. In more expensive models, there is a choice of speeds. Cultivators are designed for work in summer cottages and household plots of 15-20 hectare. The cutter width of the standard unit is 35-70 cm.

Walk-behind tractors perform the same functions as cultivators, plus the walk-behind tractor can remove snow and mow grass if necessary. In addition, most motoblocks have pneumatic tires and a power take-off shaft. They can also be used to transport crops, heavy items and equipment. As a rule, walk-behind tractors are heavier equipment designed for large spaces, virgin land, and serious volumes of work. They can be equipped with various accessories from plows and rippers to special devices for digging out potatoes.

Cultivator HUTER GMC-4.0 70/5/23 19 799 *
Aerators replace hand rakes and stimulate the growth of dense green grass. Modern aerators include two functions – aeration and scarification. The point is to loosen the soil and rid it of dead plants and roots. Aerators for this use knitting needles and or teeth, scarifiers – cutter knives. Aeration stimulates the penetration of trace elements to the roots and accelerates plant growth, preventing drying out. The mechanism “combs” the soil and cleans.

Scarifier Daewoo Expert DSC 4000
Universal aerators-scarifiers have several replaceable shafts. The first one carries out aeration of the soil, and the second one – scarification, cutting with hard knives. When working with such a shaft, the knives lift sod and moss from the grass, and the teeth cut the ground. Shallow, but enough so that in 1.5-2 months you do not recognize your lawn, it will become so thick. The lawn is trimmed in the spring, after the second or third mowing.

Irrigation systems

Watering kits and timers . You can watch a movie at home and not worry that the flowers and vegetables you planted will wither or grow poorly. Just connect the water timer to your water pipe or hose, install the program you want, and forget about it. Assistant tools will do everything for you, because you come out of town to rest, not work.

On budget mechanical models, set the watering mode within the next two hours, on more expensive electronic models, program for several days in advance. You can equip your garden with complete irrigation systems, for example, drip irrigation:

So you will ensure increased productivity, supply plants with fertilizers and a sufficient amount of water, and you will also save money – the system provides water in portions, according to the established program.

The drip irrigation system can be applied both in the greenhouse and outdoors and supplies water to up to 60 plants at the same time.

There are systems specifically for micro-drip irrigation of greenhouse plants, as well as with sprinkler irrigation. And some models can decide for themselves whether it is time to water the beds, depending on the degree of soil moisture.

The saw is a versatile household assistant. It will help you cut down unnecessary tree branches, sawed boards and give your shrubs an unusual look, like in the most beautiful gardens in the world. Saws, like many other gardening tools, are gasoline and electric. Some of the important indicators are tire length and power. The longer the tire, the deeper the cut. For garden work, a power of 1600 W is quite suitable, and a length is from 35 centimeters. And for the preparation of firewood and sawing trees, you will need a larger power and length of the bus.

Blowers . For quick cleaning and keeping the garden in perfect condition, there is another assistant – an air blower or a garden vacuum cleaner. The blower is driven by a strong air flow to the outside. However, there are models with a standard vacuum cleaner mode.

Such a unit will allow you to quickly remove fallen leaves, accumulated felt, remnants from mowing grass on the lawn, tidy up the open terrace, clear driveways from small branches and other debris.

Blower-vacuum cleaner GreenWorks GBV2800 5 799 *
The blowers are powered by mains or petrol. The first ones are environmentally friendly and suitable for small plots of 10-20 acres. However, it is better not to use such a unit in rain or high humidity.

Shredders . Usually, the garbage that forms after mowing the grass, cleaning the territory, cutting trees, is simply burned. But this is not safe, and in rural areas it is completely prohibited.

Garden shredder Ryobi RSH2545B 13 999 *
To recycle waste in a more sustainable way, garden shredders have been invented. They will help solve the issue of disposal of garden waste and use it for compost. The finer the residues, the faster humus will form, and the compost pile will be more compact. Thus, it is easy to obtain high-quality fertilizer for your own plants and not spoil nature.