Games with the most unusual storyline – an intriguing selection

If 25 years ago almost none of the developers thought about building a deep and detailed plot, now games can outstrip cinema in terms of the number and intensity of events. Some studios deliberately put an emphasis on storytelling and know how to really play on the emotions of the players. Such projects will be discussed in this article. Consider the most intriguing games with the most successful and unusual plot twists.

An engaging storyline has always been a priority for the developers at Quantic Dream. Since the release of Fahrenheit, they have proven they can tell a compelling story that can hold gamers’ attention until the end credits. But if Fahrenheit was some kind of a breakthrough of the pen, then the release of Heavy Rain brought the company of David Cage worldwide fame.

In the era of the PlayStation 3 and the massive use of the Unreal Engine 3, developers finally have the tools to create a qualitatively new picture. For Quantic Dream, this was an opportunity to introduce the industry to a new genre of interactive cinema.

At the time of the presentation, the trailer made a splash. Facial animation, a huge amount of glare, competent direction – all this attracted the attention of gamers.

Ethan Mars is one of the main characters in Heavy Rain. Ethan was unlucky, his eldest son died in a car accident at the age of 10, which caused the protagonist to become depressed, which subsequently led to memory blackouts. At one point, due to these failures, Ethan lost his second son.

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As it turns out later, the child was kidnapped by a serial killer nicknamed “Origami Master”, whose victims are children aged 9 to 13 years. In the hope of finding his son, Ethan enlists the help of Detective Scott Shelby.

The developers have chosen the right concept, thanks to which the gamer will alternately play for one of the characters (the game will also be played as journalist Madison Page and FBI agent Norman Jaden).

The developers have so skillfully disguised the identity of the killer that during the passage of the game gamers will encounter him several times. The introduction of several characters in the role of the main characters only helps to distract the attention of players who, on the first playthrough, will not even suspect a trick. As they say: “Keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer.” This concept perfectly reflects the approach of the writers.

The release of the original Portal allowed Valve to take a little detour from the Gordon Freeman narrative. And if the first part of Portal was a kind of test of the pen and rolling in new game mechanics, then Portal 2 is a more holistic product, with a full-fledged storyline that will surprise gamers with a couple of unusual twists.

The main character Chell is actually the only person in a huge abandoned laboratory under the control of a maddened artificial intelligence named GLaDoS. Except for Wheatley’s robotic assistant. It looks like the small AI is interested in helping the heroine escape.

Wheatley assists the character in every possible way in an attempt to thwart the plans of the supercomputer GLaDoS. Under the guidance of a small robot, gamers are dexterous in coping with tasks, and all the AI ​​actions confirm the desire to deal with the totalitarian system under the control of GLaDoS as soon as possible.

Despite the fact that Valve’s writers use a fairly standard plot technique in the style of “Friend turns into enemy, and enemy becomes ally,” this never spoils the effect of surprise for everyone who reaches at least the middle of the game. Intrigues are able to weave not only people, but also robots. And you can empathize with them no less than standard characters. Especially if Valve is responsible for the development of the game, which knows how to create the right level of drama.

Parallel worlds, time gaps and multiple personality disorder. Bioshock Infinite boasts not only a twisted plot, but also a truly unique setting. The scene of the game will unfold in flying Colombia – a city that literally soars in the sky.

Booker DeWitt is a private detective who was given a very unusual mission to save a girl. Elizabeth is held captive by Zachary Comstock, who is the founder of the city of Columbia and is literally deified by the locals. Elizabeth is of great value to Zachary, as the girl knows how to open portals to parallel dimensions.

It turns out that Elizabeth is able to observe the development of events in several realities at once. The fate of Booker in the current reality is in the hands of the players (and the plot that the writers have prepared for them). But in other realities, DeWitt’s fate can be dramatic.

Towards the end of the game, the plot brings surprises like the Terminator movie franchise. But what if, in order to prevent tragic events, it is necessary to return to the past and get rid of the person who became the culprit of huge troubles? But even at this level, the writers are preparing a shake-up for the players.

Unlike most games that prepare plot surprises towards the end of the passage, Prey shocks gamers at the very beginning of the game. The developers went the original way, betting on an early story-driven cleavage hanger, and they paid off.

Distant future, the main character wakes up in his penthouse and gets ready for work. Outside the window, flying cars and an urban city. Without suspecting anything, the player performs very routine tasks, participates in experiments with his own brother – in general, an ordinary groundhog day.

This continues as long as the character is attacked by an ordinary (and seemingly not alive?) Mug. After what he saw, the psyche of the protagonist does not think of anything better than breaking glass with a panoramic view of the city. Instead of scattered shards and a broken window, gamers see … a laboratory?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is one of the most successful parts of the franchise, not least thanks to the work of the writers.

The plot of the shooter cannot be called original. Players will take control of one of the members of the squad to fight terrorist organizations. The group of fighters is led by General Shepard. The character does an excellent job of his job and sends the main character to stop one of the terrorists named Vladimir Makarov. Through his fault, the terrorists invaded the United States.

The classic “cinematic” plot spread plays into the hands of the scriptwriters here as well. When a gamer walks hand in hand with his partners, willy-nilly, you can feel affection for one of the heroes. This happens in good books and films. And it is doubly offensive when those who are fighting for peace are in fact pursuing directly opposite goals. From respect to hatred and bewilderment – this is about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

As part of a military shooter with political overtones, such twists and turns fit perfectly into the game. The main task is to do it at the most unexpected moment for the players. The writers of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 anticipated this moment so much that towards the end of the game, the player is able to experience a shock. Especially when one of the most charismatic characters in fact turns out to be a traitor.