G-7 Countries Announce One Billion Corona Vaccines

G-7 Countries Announce One Billion Corona Vaccines

LONDON: The G7 summit of the world’s seven largest economies has agreed to donate one billion corona vaccines to poor countries, in collaboration with the private sector and the G20.

According to the World News Agency, the G-7 summit is being held in London under the auspices of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. In addition to the United Kingdom, the leaders of the United States, France, Canada, Japan, Italy and Germany are also present. Are

US President Joe Biden suggested to the UK a few months ago at the G7 summit the launch of a patent project as an alternative to China’s Belt and Road project, which was discussed at the meeting and this important need was agreed upon. ۔
It was decided at the meeting that the group of seven countries would provide 1 billion corona vaccines free of cost over the next year. This year, 70 million food items have been donated, half of which were sent to non-G7 countries.

It was also decided at the G-7 Group meeting that a significant proportion of exports would be continued while voluntary licensing and non-profit global production would be promoted.

It should be noted that G-7 countries have contributed 95% to the United Nations free corona vaccine program to poor countries.