Future Flight Car

Future Flight Car

Slovakia: Work is underway on flying cars around the world. In this regard, ‘Aircar’ has the honor of being the world’s first flying car that flew from Nitra Airport in Slovakia and landed at the airport in Bratislava, another city, 35 minutes later.

It has a BMW engine and does not require any special fuel. Take the aircar to any petrol pump and get ready to take off after refueling. Its creator, Professor Stephen Klein, says it can travel 1,000 kilometers at an altitude of 2,500 meters and has flown 40 hours so far.

However, it still needs a runway to fly because it requires some distance for landing and takeoff. After running for two minutes on the run, the car turns into an airplane and starts flying smoothly. At takeoff, his arms open and before landing, his narrow-angle arms shrink and go inside.

According to Professor Stephen Klein, his first detailed journey has been described as pleasant and extremely comfortable. Meanwhile, journalists were invited to watch and report on this historic flight. During its journey, the flying car flew at a speed of 170 km per hour, but it can seat two people. In total, the car can only carry 200 weights.

The ride of the future and the big market

Flying cars are currently being talked about all over the world and many companies are working on them. In 2019, the Morgan Stanley Company predicted that by 2040, the global market for flying vehicles would reach 1.5 trillion dollars. Other analysts have hailed the success.

A company called Cline Vision has made this flying car with two years of hard work. Interestingly, orders for 40,000 flying cars have been received from the United States alone so far.