Free PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold Subscription Games

The last summer month has brought a lot of new games, which can be found here . If you don’t want to spend money on new items, you should pay attention to the free update of PS Plus and Xbox live Gold services in August 2021.

Playstation plus
The PlayStation Plus update will traditionally take place on the first Tuesday of the new month – August 3rd. You need to pick up the games until September 6 inclusive. As always, games released on PS4 will work on PS5 for backward compatibility.

Hunter’s Arena: Legends is an attempt by the young studio Mantisco to diversify the Battle Royale genre. Basically, it’s a weird mix of Battle Royale, MOBA, and MMORPG. Choosing one of 17 characters, each with their own skills and fighting style, you and 29 other people enter the arena with the sole purpose of surviving. At the same time, you should not immediately rush at each other.

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First you need to pump a little on simple mobs, kill a couple of ancient demons and take their prey, and only then break into the epicenter of the battle. Sounds intriguing. And how it will be in practice – we will find out on August 3. The game will be available to all PS Plus subscribers right on the day of release.

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville
Metascore – 77 / User Score – 5.5

What happens if we make Battlefield more colorful and move the action to the garden? Will Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville . A completely frivolous multiplayer shooter with plants and zombies on opposite sides of the barricades. In the presence of 20 character classes, which can be changed and customized for every taste, a variety of maps and a bunch of multiplayer modes. In PvP, you can take part in a big 12×12 battle, at such moments a real “borsch” is going on on the screen. In more serious 4×4 battles, each player has one life per round – you have to treasure it.

Of course, there is PvE, where in the company of friends you will have to fight off waves of enemies. And if you want to know more about the universe, the story mode is perfect. There is really a lot of content, and the franchise’s trademark humor has not gone anywhere. But the game is for the most part designed for joint passage with friends. If you go through it alone, then even the abundance of bright colors and modes will not keep you in front of the TV for a long time.

A tennis simulator with real courts and world-class stars. There is a story mode with a whole team that will need to supply equipment and negotiate with sponsors, there is also a local co-op and multiplayer. In the first case, it will be possible to measure skills with friends, and in the second – to lead the world rankings and compete for the title of champion with rivals from all over the world.

Games on a subscription Xbox Live Gold traditionally contain projects for three generations of consoles: Xbox Series X / S, One and 360, and access to them, as always, opens in stages: from the beginning to the end of the month, with some exceptions.

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The third part of the infamous Darksiders series invites you to take on the role of Rage, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. This needs to be done with only one goal: to find and destroy the Seven Deadly Sins. And all this in a large open world among ruined megacities, dark forests, mysterious catacombs, lava and not always pleasant looking hordes of the enemy.

You can resist them with the help of a whip and very effective looking magic. For example, the heroine can levitate or use the elements. In addition to battles, the game cleverly combines platformer, action and puzzle games, which is really addictive. Darksiders III will be available to all Xbox live Gold subscribers from August 1st to August 31st.


Yooka-Laylee became a real phenomenon long before its release. She set a record on Kickstarter , raising $ 1 million in 5 hours. It can take a long time to describe the reasons for such love. But in short, the game was developed by the Playtonic studio, which in turn consists of the participants of the notorious Rare , who gave the world Donkey Kong and Banjo-Kazooie.

Yooka-Laylee is a platformer with an extremely interesting style and characters. The main characters are Yooka the lizard, who does all the hard work, and Laylee, the purple bat, who is responsible for humor and airspace. The heroes will confront the evil Capital-B. This owner of a large corporation dreams of using a huge vacuum cleaner to take possession of all the books in the world. You need to pick up the game from August 16 to September 15.

Lost Planet 3

Lost Planet 3 was released on PC and seventh generation consoles back in 2013. The game is a prequel and tells the story of Jim Peyton’s adventures on the ever-cold planet EDN III. Seemingly nice graphics, walking robots, an unknown planet, a huge walking drilling rig, spaceships and giant spiders should have made Lost Planet 3 at least an entertaining game.

However, the boring open world, bland storyline, and horrific animation made it difficult to win the hearts of the players. But if you’re unfamiliar with the series, it’s worth checking out Lost Planet 3 personally, at least because the weather on EDN III is perfect for taking a break from the summer heat. You need to pick up the game before August 15.

Garou: Mark of the Wolves

The 2D fighting game Garou: Mark of the Wolves is the latest installment in the Fatal Fury series . More than a dozen different characters are available in the game, each of which has its own qualities and, importantly, a rich history behind them.

At one time, Garou: Mark of the Wolves became one of the most popular fighting games in the world, but the popularity of this game bypassed Russia. It’s time to join the legend. The main thing is not to forget to add it to the library from 16 to 31 August.

These are all games that will be included in subscriptions from Sony and Microsoft. Which selection did you like best and what games would you like to see next month?