Free PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold Games – November 2021

Be sure to add free games from PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold to your library of high-profile releases in November, because this month hasn’t been without surprises.

Playstation plus
The PlayStation Plus update will traditionally take place on the first Tuesday of the new month – November 2 , and the games will need to be picked up until December 6 inclusive. As always, all games released on PS4 will also work on PS5 for backward compatibility.

It would seem that there are no multiplayer games: shooters, MMOs, fighting games, races, royal battles, and just a lot of pieces. If all of the above is boring or you just want a breath of fresh air, then welcome to Knockout City – this is a simple analogue of the game of bouncer.

Two teams of three people throw balls at each other. Such uncomplicated gameplay is vividly diluted with different types of balls, intricate locations and types of throws. Matches are fast-paced, and the interaction between teammates is so simple that even a voice chat is not required.

First Class Trouble
Metascore – Na / User Score – Na

First Class Trouble is the latest release on PlayStation consoles . The game went into Early Access on Steam on April 8, 2021, and will appear on PS4 and PS5 on November 2, at the same time it will be included in the PS Plus list of free games . First Class Trouble is a social detective or, more simply, Among Us at maximum speed. The game takes place on a tourist spaceship, where at some point the artificial intelligence starts a riot and tries to eliminate the passengers.

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A team of six must cooperate, get to the wheelhouse and reload the ship’s AI. Here are just two of the six players are robots in disguise, playing on the side of artificial intelligence. Of course, this couple should in every possible way interfere with the rest of the team and at the same time not reveal their true intentions?

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning
Metascore – 72 / User Score – 7.0

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning is a remaster of an 8-year-old big RPG. Then it was assumed that this game will be on a par with Skyrim or even the Witcher . But how many have heard of Kingdoms of Amalur ? Redistribution of the role-playing games market failed – and here’s why. The universe of Amalur is curious and slightly different from typical fantasy: there are gnomes, elves and others, but there is an immortal race that wants to destroy all mortals.
In an attempt to defeat an invincible army, dwarf scientists create our protagonist. It is he who will have to cope with the misfortune and at the same time understand who he really is.

But the lore of the game and the plot as a whole are spelled out in such large strokes that it is impossible to truly imbued with the story. It will not work out to fight normally either, because the mixture of slasher and RPG-fighting turns out to be extremely slow and inaccurate. It is also unlikely to enjoy the views and the world as a whole – the graphics do not shine with high-quality textures and detailed elaboration. In the end, we have a potentially good RPG, which is worth trying personally and understanding whether you like it or not.

available for pick-up until January 3, 2022.

The Persistence is a space horror game with excellent immersion and graphics. The game is a sci-fi roguelike game with typical genre resource gathering, restarts, and procedural level generation.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is a game based on the well-known TV series The Walking Dead. From the key – you can take a machete in each hand and rush into the crowd of zombies.

Until You Fall is a roguelike set in a fantasy world with very bright graphics and a good combat system.

Xbox Live Gold
Games on Xbox Live Gold subscription traditionally contain projects for three generations of consoles: Xbox Series X / S, One and 360 , and access to them, as always, opens in stages from the beginning to the end of the month with a few exceptions.

Activation key Microsoft Xbox Live Gold 12 months 3 649 *
Moving out
Five years of PS VR
To celebrate PS VR’s 5th Anniversary, the list of free PS Plus subscription games has been expanded with three more VR headset gamesMetascore – 79 / User Score – 7.4

Moving Out is a loader simulator. You own Smooth Moves, a furniture transport company. The levels are built in such a way that the removal of various goods from the house is a serious difficulty. Either the sofa does not go through the door, then the TV is too big and you need a partner, or even two, then you need to run away from the ghost, then the animal that accidentally climbed into the house is kicked out. Collect the game by November 30th.

Kingdom two crowns
Metascore – 84 / User Score – 7.2

Kingdom Two Crowns is located in three genre worlds at once. This is a strategy, a quest, and a simulator at the same time. The bottom line is that you literally need to build a kingdom, and you can do this in co-op with friends. At the beginning of the game you will find yourself on a certain island and quickly realize that it will not be possible to survive alone, because at night you will have to fight off the enemy invaders, whose name is “Greed”.

We’ll have to equip the kingdom: build walls, hire people and acquire the skill of survival. In the daytime you have to explore the island in search of useful resources, and at night – to fend off enemies. The main thing to know is the sandbox: here you are on your own, so whether you like the game or not depends only on yourself. To test your imagination, add Kingdom Two Crowns to the library by December 15th.

Rocket knight
Metascore – 72 / User Score – 7.8

Release Rocket Knight was held back in 2010. It is an arcade platformer starring a superhero possum. With the help of your trusty sword and powerful rocket pack, you have to cope with the army of wolves and save the kingdom. To do this, be sure to add the game to your library by November 15th.

Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes
Metascore – 79 / User Score – 7.3

In Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes, your favorite characters will come face to face. Not only Batman and Robin volunteered to save Gotham from the Joker and Lex Luthor, but also Superman and Wonder Woman. For a long time, this particular part was considered one of the best adaptations of serious superhero battles in the Lego style . In addition, you have a batcar and Gotham at your disposal, and not a single villain will interfere with a ride on it at dawn. All DC Comics and Lego fans should definitely add the game by November 30th.