Free PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold Games – May 2021

Microsoft and Sony have already announced games that will be included in PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold in May 2021. Let’s find out what the companies will please this time.

Playstation plus

The PlayStation Plus update will traditionally take place on the first Tuesday of the new month – May 4 , and the games will need to be picked up until May 31 inclusive. As always, all games released on PS4 will also work on PS5 for backward compatibility.

Wreckfest: Drive Hard, Die Last for PS5

The infamous FlatOut successor –  Wreckfest will be an exclusive for PS5 owners in the May selection . The game is a race with a lot of different modes, cars and tracks. The key feature of the project is a well-developed physics model and realistic damage to cars. Due to the constant struggle on the track, not everyone will come to the finish line safe and sound. To protect yourself as much as possible, you need to pump your fleet, improving both the load-bearing structure and power characteristics. Of course, all this will need to be used in online races.

It is noteworthy that the game will be updated to the PS5 version on May 4, but if you do not have an active PS Plus subscription, then you will not be able to buy Wreckfest: Drive Hard, Die Last on the same day. We’ll have to wait for June 1, that’s when sales start. The PS5 version will feature 4K @ 60 FPS support, DualSense features, and improved graphics and lighting. 

Battlefield V is a popular military first-person shooter set during World War II. Players have access not only to a variety of multiplayer modes, including both standard matches and “Big Operations”. Here the teams will have to go through three full-fledged fighting days. In addition, Battlefield V offers a storyline campaign of five different missions. The single player is designed in such a way as to introduce the player to multiplayer modes, techniques and the basics of combat. 

Survivor Stranded Deep tells the story of a man who found himself on a desert island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean due to a mysterious plane crash. You have to single-handedly explore the land and the underwater world, get supplies, create shelter, weapons and tools. All this is necessary for banal survival. After all, you will have to resist not only hunger and thirst, but also insidious elements, and most importantly – dangerous creatures inhabiting the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

Armello is a rather dark fairytale adventure that combines card tactics, role-playing and turn-based battles. The plot revolves around a distraught King who slowly dies from Rot (a local sore). Choosing one of the Armello clans, you will try to remove the foe from the throne and take his place. To do this, you will have to use sophisticated tactics, make plans, fight monsters, fight other players and all this for the sake of one single goal – to sit on the throne. Access to Armello opens on May 1.