Free PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold Games – July 2021

The second summer month has already taken over the calendar, and we hope that you are on vacation with might and main. But if this is not possible now, then here’s a consoling selection of free games from Sony and Microsoft for PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold subscriptions.

Xbox Live Gold
Games on Xbox Live Gold subscription traditionally contain projects for three generations of consoles: Xbox Series X / S, One and 360 , and access to them, as always, opens in stages from the beginning to the end of the month, but this time there will be some changes.

Microsoft Xbox Live Gold Activation Key 12 Months

Planet Alpha is the very case when it is appropriate to say not a game, but art. An alien platformer will immerse you in an incredibly meditative atmosphere that intelligently intersects with puzzles and battles. The design of the locations is varied, bright and eye-catching. Of course, sometimes all this diversity can be confusing, especially in dynamic moments, but even then Planet Alpha wants to admire more than play. You need to pick up Planet Alpha from July 1 to July 31.

Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break
Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break is Tower Defense with arcade racing elements. There is a huge boulder that must destroy the opponent’s gate, destroying obstacles. On the other side of the conflict – the person who builds these very obstacles. This is all a lot of fun! In addition, the game has simple races on boulders along winding tracks, time trials and even just a mutual construction, when both people can tinker their tracks and destroy the enemy.

If all this is boring, be sure to check out the story mode, here you will be shown alternative views on historical and mythical events. For example, the fight with Genghis Khan in Mongolia or Shiva in India. The game will be available from July 16 to August 15.

Conker: Live & Reloaded was released in 2005 exclusively for the Xbox platform . And don’t look that the squirrel looks cute – the appearance of this creature is very deceiving. The story begins with the fact that Konker (that is the name of the protagonist) gets drunk in a bar to unconsciousness and wakes up in a completely unfamiliar place. Killing himself from a strong hangover, the impudent squirrel is trying to find his way home, simultaneously showing everyone he meets the maximum slovenliness and contempt. Of course, the graphics and rustic action elements can turn you off, but for the sake of such a hilarious story, the game is worth a try. You need to have time to add Conker: live & Reloaded to the library from July 1 to July 15.Midway arcade origins

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Midway Arcade Origins is a collection of games that have been released for classic slot machines. For example, including 720 °, Gauntlet and Marble Madness, Defender II, Robotron 2084, Super Off Road and so on – there are 31 games in total. For those who know what Atari and slot machines are, this project will be an immersion in those very tube times. True, the feeling of nostalgia can be hampered by a modern gamepad – after all, the classic slot machines “” have completely different input methods. You can pick up Midway Arcade Origins for your collection from July 16 to July 31.Playstation plus
The PlayStation Plus update will traditionally take place on the first Tuesday of the new month – July 6, and the games will need to be picked up until August 2 inclusive. As always, all games released on PS4 will also work on PS5 for backward compatibility.

Medieval Europe is generally not the most pleasant place. And when it comes to the middle of the 14th century, almost everyone is horrified, because it was at this time that the “Black Death” raged , claiming the lives of half of the population of Europe.

A Plague Tale: Innocence is a dark tale about a brother and sister, about a difficult relationship between characters, about a harsh world, about crowds of plague rats and about the fact that the worst attack is not an epidemic, but people. The updated version for PlayStation 5, in addition to the consistently cool plot, boasts improved graphics, work at 4K 60 fps and support for DualSense gamepad functions, from adaptive triggers to tactile feedback.

This is largely an experimental part of the popular shooter. Inside one game, you can play in three global modes: classic multiplayer, zombie mode and a royal battle called Blackout . In the first case, the gameplay has become more leisurely and got rid of verticality when compared with the previous parts. But there was a serious division by operatives, as, for example, in the then popular Overwatch . That is, each character had perks, ult and unlocking abilities. The zombie mode offered several stories to choose from, the most curious was the gladiatorial arena, but the goal, as always, was to go as far as possible and take with you as many walking dead as possible.

“Battleroyal” at the time of the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 was quite remarkable because of the perfectly working elements of the game. Fast looting, a lot of equipment, good technical performance and just stress-free rollers, where you could defeat everyone in 20 minutes. The main complaint about Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 at the time of release is the cut storyline. But in the end it turned out that the campaign was not completely cut out, but only made it smaller, more expensive and cinematic. If for some reason you missed this part, then you should definitely evaluate all this, especially since it will come to life during the distribution.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds is the arcade version of WWE 2K wrestling . It is not serious healthy guys who perform in the arena, but dolls. Moreover, each battle is a mixture of fun and absurdity. Super fiery strikes, pirouettes of unreal complexity, tosses a couple of tens of meters into the air and just a lot of fun. The game has a wide variety of fighters, arenas, items on them, so WWE 2K Battlegrounds will delight even those who are skeptical of the fighting game genre.These are all games that will be included in subscriptions from Sony and Microsoft. Which selection did you like best and what games would you like to see next month?