Free PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold Games – January 2022

Free games for PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold subscribers are about to burst into user libraries, which means it’s time to find out what interesting things the companies have prepared in the first month of the upcoming 2022?

The PlayStation Plus update will traditionally take place on the first Tuesday of the new month – January 4, and the games will need to be picked up until January 31 inclusive. As always, all games released on PS4 will also work on PS5 for backward compatibility.

DIRT 5 has received mixed reception. Simple physics, a small amount of content (storyline races for six hours), colorful colors, a complete lack of innovation and absolutely no damage system. But behind the seemingly almost complete absence of anything new, the best arcade race of 2020 was hidden. Here vigorous, albeit short, off-road races were replaced by tracks, uphill climbs, “tractor” races, and all this on the coolest cars with quite good physics.

Then came the next generation of consoles, and DIRT 5 blossomed. In quality mode on PS5, the graphics were pleasing to the eye, and the ever-changing weather effects literally made you press the screenshot button. The capabilities of the DualSense gamepad are fully utilized. Through your hands you will feel on what surface you are driving and what kind of car you are driving, vibration and adaptive sticks convey this as accurately as possible. DIRT 5 is recommended for all racing enthusiasts and gamers who want to relax in front of the monitor.












In a galaxy far, far away, the dwarves have mastered space travel and stumbled upon the planet Hawkes-4. It is rich in valuable resources, but in addition to gold, there are also hordes of monsters who do not like such encroachment at all. There is no plot, there is just a set of tasks. For example, a squad of gnomes must parachute into a cave in order to get certain resources. Destroying enemies is strictly optional, but, as a rule, you will not be able to do without it. The miners have large-caliber guns, chemical weapons, tons of explosives and other useful items in their arsenal. In the presence of humor inherent in dwarves and really interesting locations.

Persona 5 Strikers is a complete sequel to Persona 5 . Several months have passed since the events of the original game. At the very end of the school year, the Joker goes to Tokyo to visit his friends. However, as soon as the company begins to enjoy the life of ordinary teenagers, the police again gathered to sew on other people’s crimes. It will be possible to enjoy the game only if you have a good knowledge of the English language: unfortunately, there is no translation into Russian.

Games on a subscription Xbox Live Gold traditionally contain projects for three generations of consoles: Xbox Series X / S, One and 360, and access to them, as always, opens in stages from the beginning to the end of the month with a few exceptions.

NeuroVoider is a mixture of a roguelike and a twin-stick shooter, not the best. The gameplay of the game implies dynamic fights and furious action, but only
30% of the screen time, the remaining 70 will have to be spent in the bowels of the in-game menus. Boss battles are simple and monotonous, and the controls – the most important part of these games – are not exactly accurate. What you can’t find fault with is a truly endless combination of character options and procedural generation of enemies and levels.

Aground is an extremely curious survivor. Yes, here, as in all other similar games, you have to craft a lot, extract resources, build, craft again, build again, eat, fight the natives and engage in other activities inherent in the genre. Only Aground goes a little further. By developing technology, you can conquer other islands and even planets.

Radiant Silvergun is a shooter released in 1998 and enhanced in 2011 via Xbox Live Arcade. Radiant Silvergun features one of the best classic 2D shooters with a storyline, varied locations, and the good old-fashioned hardcore feel of many games from the era.

Space Invaders Infinity Gene is a reimagining of the 1978 classic arcade game. In its native Japan, Space Invaders was so popular that it was said to have led to a shortage of 100 yen coins, which the machines of the time consumed. The popularity of the game lies in the fact that it was extremely easy to master, but it is almost impossible to achieve truly outstanding results. Will you succeed?