Free photo editors for PC

Resize an image, add text, or even create a picture from scratch. In these tasks, photo editors are our main assistants. The functionality of such applications is so great that it allows you to create truly unique projects, the limitation for which is only your imagination.

Let’s find five photo editors with interesting functionality. We will not consider obvious options like Adobe packages and their variations. The main criterion will be the availability of editors, i.e. free of charge.

Paint.netLet’s start our selection with the simplest photo editor – . It was originally developed by a group of students for Microsoft and has evolved over time into a powerful graphics editor. Based on the name of the editor, we can assume that it is similar to the standard Windows program – Paint. Indeed, the interface will be familiar if you have previously worked with Paint, but the number of functions and capabilities in is much more than in the standard version of the editor.

The program interface is intuitive, there is support for hot keys, which will be a big plus for an inexperienced user. Using the built-in tools of the program, you can adjust the brightness, contrast, levels, layers and gradients. For editing portraits, there are functions for sharpness, glow and red-eye removal. You can also completely remove the background of an image by making it transparent.

21.5 “Monoblock Lenovo IdeaCentre A340-22IWL [F0EB00ENRK] has very modest system requirements and runs even on low-end PCs while taking up little space. The toolkit of the application is constantly expanding, more and more new functions are added. This is facilitated by additional plugins that appear with an enviable frequency on specialized resources. They allow you to perform more complex photo processing and access more advanced features.

GimpGimp Photo Editor is widely regarded as one of the best free editing apps. Its functionality is so extensive that it can be compared to Photoshop. After installing and running the program, we will find a large window for the canvas and many editing tools. They allow you to process high quality images, creating creative compositions of almost any complexity. You can also create icons, interface components, and layouts using the Gimp.

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The application implements a mode of working with several files at the same time, provides for adjustment of textures, gradients, frames and fonts. It is possible to paint with scalable brushes, control color and remove defects. With so many drawing tools, the ability to correct errors in the process becomes an important parameter. For this, the developers have introduced the “action history” function.

The editor is very flexible, it works with many programming languages. Thanks to this, users create a large number of scripts and plugins, which increases the already considerable standard functionality.14 “Ultrabook Acer Swift 1 SF114-32-P6XL (FHD / IPS) Pentium N5000 (1.1) / 4096 / SSD 128 / IntelHD / Win10 / Silver
At first, the interface may seem complicated due to so many features, but there are many tutorials on the manufacturer’s website and on the web to dive deeper into the material. This is useful if you plan to use the editor not only at an amateur level , but also aim at a semi-professional and professional result.

The next few photo editors do not require any installation or download, but provide their functionality in a browser window.

PixlrPixlr makes it possible to download an image from a PC or via an internet link. There are also standard images on which you can test the functionality. We are given the opportunity to choose one of three versions of programs: Pixlr X – the simplest editor; Pixlr E – the same editor, but with slightly expanded functionality; Pixlr BG is an application for quickly removing background from photos.

The program interface is laconic and very easy to learn. In appearance, it is similar to the Adobe editor, the icons are quite large and display all the necessary functions. Basic image types are supported, including Photoshop PSD files. It is possible to adjust filters for blurring, anti-aliasing, graininess and many others for raster layers. The sub-item “plasticity” allows you to compress and expand parts of images to make adjustments to portraits. And the effects function allows you to give the image a finished look using a considerable number of ready-made templates.


BeFunky is perfect for users looking for easy photo editing and collage makers. The program interface is not overloaded with many functions: the most necessary ones are available.

Basic editing tools are included, such as resizing, cropping, and contrast. Of the features of the program, it is worth noting the choice of individual frames for photos. There are a lot of layouts for every taste: for example, using one of them, you can recreate an analogue of a photo from a Polaroid. Processing portraits, various effects and shapes with the selected image are available. The program does not have Russian, but even basic knowledge of English is enough. With a collage app, you can create creative photos made up of multiple images. There are several fully customizable layouts in the collection of the program. After uploading a photo, the program will automatically create a collage, just drag and drop the desired file into the appropriate cell.

FotorThe Fotor app will be a good helper for those who like to manage social networks. It allows you not only to edit photos as usual, but also has many different “enhancers”. Structurally, Fotor is somewhat similar to the BeFunky program discussed above: it also includes basic editing tools, post-processing functions and the ability to create collages. For portrait processing of a photo, there are as many as three tabs with different functions.

Changes are available for photo saturation, clarity, color temperature and hue. There is a large database of templates and effects. It is possible to add stickers to the photo on a variety of topics and text. With the smoothing and focusing functions, you can focus only on a specific area of ​​the image. The finishing touch can be a thematic frame in a frame.