Free editors for video editing

Editing a professional clip for advertising and making videos about vacation for relatives – tasks of different levels and video editors for them will be different. In this article, we’ll cover completely free programs with customizable plugins and editors for beginners who don’t need all these complexities. This will help you decide which software to choose for yourself.

Advantages and disadvantages of free software
The main advantage of the programs from the list below is that they are free. This opens the user freedom of choice – he can download them all, test them, and choose what he will use all the time.

On the other hand, completely free software does not always work consistently. If you can load third-party plugins into it, it is vulnerable – incorrectly written code can damage the entire system. In some of these applications, there are many advertisements so that the product has at least some financial support. Often open source programs are created by the hands of free developers, so do not expect high-quality usability and operational tech from it. support – problems and bugs will have to be resolved through the community forums.







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The best free video editing software

Let’s start with the professional software that video editing experts and global studios use to create their stunning film projects.

DaVinci Resolve

It was used in color grading and editing for Avatar and Pirates of the Caribbean. It edited the superhero action movie Avengers: Infinity War, the fantastic drama The Martian, the Big Bang Theory series and many other things that are adored by millions of people around the world.

DaVinci Resolve is an editor for professionals looking for deep grading (color grading) and fine work with sound effects. Imagine having the standard tools of artists, sound engineers, and colorists digitized and incorporated into a program. This is how DaVinci Resolve came about. He alone can cover all the needs of production, which is why he is so popular in Hollywood.

DaVinci Resolve features:
Working with objects. The tracking feature keeps a racing car or Spider-Man in focus at all times. You can also apply effects to a moving object without affecting other areas of the image. For example, on the side of a mountain at sunset, you can create a solar gradient effect. In this case, the person running down the slope will not change.
Fusion. Do you need three-dimensional effects – explosions, changing the physical properties of objects, transforming cinematic reality, and in general any spectacular animation? Download Resolve. Also, thanks to Fusion, you can clean up small flaws in the recording or completely remove unnecessary objects from the frame.
Batch processing and parallel collaboration. The whole team can work in the program, and at the same time. One deals with sound, the second with images. When all the materials are ready, the clips can be processed in a batch.


The finished video can be output in any popular format, as well as prepare a tape in the DCP package for cinemas. There is a free version: it weighs 2.5 GB, requires a powerful video card, or better than two, so that the first displays the picture on the screen, and the second calculates the entire video sequence. You will also have to suffer over management – the interface is very confusing. But the manual is not always enough – some functions are missing in the instructions, there are no descriptions for them.

DaVinci Resolve will work on any OS, but how much is required to purchase the full version is unclear. The site does not indicate the cost of the license. With such questions, the developer directs the user to an authorized dealer, who also needs to be found.


It works on all popular operating systems and is open source, so those who like to delve into the settings can organize the system for themselves. The FFmpeg library linked to Shotcut contains hundreds of audio and video formats that can be installed in the editor and used for conversion.

The program can capture screen and streaming video, record you on a webcam and save the voice recording in the desired format. The set of functions for editing a video is standard here: you can adjust color correction, crop a picture, remove unnecessary fragments from a clip. When you add text – for subtitles or for a screensaver – it can be made voluminous.

Shotcut features:
Keyboard control. Click on the button – and the video can be slowed down, accelerated, moved between fragments of the timeline.
Fine tuning the audio track. In addition to sound filters, equalization and voice tone control, LADSPA effects are available to the user. They are used when, for example, you need to suppress noise when recording on a microphone or create a karaoke effect.
Multilevel editing. In the editor, you can work with several tracks at the same time, the components of which are simply dragged with the mouse. The timeline is designed in such a way that it remembers all changes, and you can return to any edit to debug it.

Shotcut is really fun to work with if you’re good at programming. The program provides few filters, which can be a significant disadvantage for aesthetes in video production. Another problem is system instability. The software can crash even on a powerful computer with a cool video card or freeze for a long time, for example, when rendering a project. But all functions are open immediately and free of charge, there are no viruses or ads here either.


Another video editing program that can transform a lot with plugins. For teachers, bloggers and information business, the function of capturing video from a digital or webcam will be interesting. This opens up the ability to record video lessons and webinars directly into the program cache and immediately edit them, add subtitles and edit voice comments.

VideoPad Features:
Downloading VirtualDub plugins. Plugins significantly expand the collection of video effects pre-installed in the program by default. It will come in handy to remove automatic stabilization and artificially turn on camera shake, remove a logo from someone else’s content, convert a video format to animation, etc.
MixPad catalog support. This function is responsible for adjusting the sound. Thanks to Mixpad, you can process and mix individual audio tracks, work with equalization, apply musical instrument effects, create echoes.
The rest of the video editing functions in the program are the same as in most popular editors – color correction settings, removal of unnecessary fragments, stabilization and chroma key, etc.


Most of the options in the program are free, but if you want to use all the audio and video plugin libraries, you will have to pay 35 $ for the full version.

Simple programs for beginners

In contrast to the giant video editors described above, we give a selection of simple, but functional programs for beginners. Such software does not require high power from the computer, and the user does not need to study huge manuals.


We tested Video Editing on an old netbook with a 2-core processor and only 2 GB of RAM, and everything mounted without freezing. Novice video editors will like that the interface is built logically, there are no tricky tab names, and there is no “noisy” interface, as is the case in professional software.

The program is suitable for full-fledged editing of home video stories, videos for YouTube and creating video tutorials. For those in a hurry, there is a “Constructor” function – the application itself guides you through the cycle of settings so that you do not forget to add opening and ending credits, overlay background music and smooth transitions between frames.


The project can be built from scratch. Video fragments are lined up on the timeline, where they are easy to swap, speed up, shorten or cut out individual parts inside.

To ensure that each section of the tape smoothly transitions into another, the developers have introduced a series of spectacular transitions into the catalog – each next frame can float out, go out, assemble in mosaics, etc. If you want your clip to be in the same style, use the catalog of 150+ presets for film, vintage, romantic atmosphere, etc. There are entire sections with effects for children’s videos and landscape shades.

Other possibilities of VIDEO MONTAGE:
Stabilization. Video captured without a tripod or in motion does not shake. The picture moves smoothly, as if captured on professional equipment.
Advanced audio tuning. You can mute the original sound of the file and add your own music. There is a microphone recording function, so you can completely change the sound of the footage or sing, using the background sound as a soundtrack.
Shooting the user on the camera. The recording immediately goes to the editor, and it can be corrected immediately – to increase brightness, saturation, crop edges or replace the background with the help of a chroma key.

File export can adapt to different social media. networks, but especially suitable for YouTubers. They can immediately send the edited video to their channel – they just need to enter a username and password to link the program to their account. In addition, videos that use music from the built-in collection of VIDEO MONTAZH are not blocked by the hosting – all tunes are selected with an open license and do not violate copyright.

During the free demo period, you can try out the main functionality of the program, and then buy a lifetime license for only 690 rubles.

Wondershare Filmora

Another uncomplicated video editor can work on both Windows and Mac. It will help you crop the length of the entire video, make individual sections shorter, crop and flip the picture. If you liked the shades of one of the fragments, you can use these colors as a preset and apply them to the entire video at once, so that the project is kept in the same style.