Forest Fires Threaten Modern Olympic Birthplace

Forest Fires Threaten Modern Olympic Birthplace

Olympia: A forest fire has threatened the archeological site of the Greek town of Olympia, considered the birthplace of the modern Olympics.

According to Al Jazeera, Greece’s Minister of Civil Protection, Michelis Criso Cadis, has said that the historic site in the southern Peloponnese region is threatened by forest fires that have engulfed the Mediterranean. has taken. He said that firefighters were engaged in the struggle to save this important archeological site last night and today has also been spent in it.

“Right now we have saved this historic site from being set on fire, but the danger is not over yet, we hope that we will be able to use helicopters and firefighters,” regional governor Nektris Farmakes told a state TV channel. We will control the situation with the help of planes. Greece is currently battling a forest fire with 174 firefighters, nine teams, 52 vehicles, two drones and four helicopters.
Dozens of people were killed in a fire in the area in 2007, but the Olympic Games site and temples in the ruins of Olympia were saved.

It should be noted that this historic site in the Greek town of Olympia is considered the birthplace of the modern Olympics, where the Olympic Games were held every four years in 776 BC and continued for a thousand years. ۔

Greece is currently experiencing its worst heatwave since 1987, with temperatures reaching 45 degrees Celsius.