Foreign Office summons Indian Nazim-ul-Amour to protest blasphemous statement

ISLAMABAD: Leaders of India’s ruling party, the BJP, have staged a protest against the blasphemous remarks made in honor of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) by summoning the Indian External Affairs Minister.

The Foreign Office spokesperson said in a statement that the Indian Nazim-ul-Amour was summoned to protest against the blasphemy in the name of the Holy Prophet and was told that the blasphemous remarks of the BJP leaders had hurt the feelings of the Muslim Ummah.

The spokesman said that the Indian Nazim-ul-Amur was told that the insulting remarks had hurt the feelings of not only the Pakistani people but also the Muslims around the world. The Indian government should take decisive and actionable action against these leaders.
The Foreign Office spokesman added that India was concerned about the alarming rise in sectarian violence and hatred against Muslims. India should take immediate steps to stop human rights violations against minorities.

Pakistan called on the United Nations, the OIC and the international community to take note of the alarming rise of Hindutva and Islamophobia in India.