Food waste disposer: what is it for, what it can do and how to install it?

In the material, we will find out what a disposer is, how it works and what it is needed for. Let’s see if the shredder pays off or is it just a trendy technique. We will also find out if it is worth calling a plumber to install it.

What is a disposer
A disposer is a food waste disposer. It is installed on the standard sink hole, after which it helps to get rid of food waste accumulated during cooking in a matter of seconds.

And what is the meaning of this process? Remember how unpleasant the garbage bag looks and smells, especially if it leaks or contains a large amount of “fragrant” seafood or spoiled vegetables.

With a waste shredder, this problem disappears completely, including odors. Peelings from vegetables, fish, meat and other products can be sent to the shredder, and from there they will go straight to the sewer. This is very convenient, but many people have a question: will the sewage system itself be clogged?

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Blockages from waste shredder
Sewer blockages are one of the most common shredder myths. Supposedly, food that ends up in the dispenser can lead to blockages. In fact, the opposite is true. It is enough to see what exactly comes out of the shredder and goes into the sewer.

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The disposer processes food into a kind of gruel. Then it is mixed with water, and the consistency of the gruel becomes like juice with pulp. As a result, the mass leaving the disposer is sufficiently fluid to overcome any sewer obstacles. With proper operation of the shredder, there will be simply nothing to clog the sewer pipes.

How to use a waste shredder
It would seem that the disposer is the simplest device. This is an electric motor with a button. But you need to use the food waste disposer correctly. So the device will last longer, and there will be no problems with the sewage system, which, if you try, you can still clog.

Using the disposer is quite simple. First we turn on the cold water, and then the chopper itself. We sweep the waste into the sink drain hole. If necessary, you can push them in the right direction using the special pusher cover. The main thing is not to block the flow of water. This is important because in some models the plug is blind, without a valve.

Waste crushing occurs due to friction against the ribbed walls of the working chamber, “cams” and discs. They are completely safe, as they are hidden deep in the body of the device. As soon as the grinding process is completed, turn off the disposer, and only then, after a couple of seconds, the water. It is important to follow this sequence. Water has the following tasks: it does not allow the grinder components to overheat, and it also delivers waste directly to the sewer, preventing it from sticking to pipes and becoming a source of unpleasant odors.

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What can a disposer grind?
The disposer can recycle almost all food waste: cleaning from fruits, vegetables, herbs, fish, nuts, seeds, fish bones, eggshells in small quantities, cherry pits, plums, etc. From non-food waste, the disposer can recycle disposable paper towels and napkins.


By the way, for self-cleaning of the waste grinder and sewer pipes, it is even recommended to send chicken bones to the disposer from time to time. When he crushes bones, a kind of abrasive is obtained, which is a good “scrub” for cleaning the sewer system.

Unwanted or prohibited foods are listed in the instructions. First of all, these are fibrous vegetables, artichokes, corn husks, a large amount of eggshells, etc. Do not pour a large amount of fat and lard into the chopper – this can lead to a blockage of the system.

Waste shredder installation
Should I call a plumber to install a disposer? If you’ve had to clean your siphon or change your flexible water line, you can do it yourself. Everything is detailed in the instructions.

To begin with, we completely dismantle the standard siphon and remove the remnants of the sealant, if any. Further, in accordance with the instructions, we assemble the flange-fastening of the grinder to the sink drain hole. By the way, the dispensers are suitable for all types of sinks with a standard drain hole (90 mm). Then we install the chopper itself and tighten the mount. Next, we connect the sewage system with the appropriate O-rings and, if required, install the drain from the dishwasher.

Another myth is connected with the sewage system – an unpleasant smell from the sink. However, this can really happen due to incorrect connection of the sewage system. To prevent unpleasant odors from entering the kitchen, it is imperative to create a water seal. To do this, the corrugated pipe must be fixed in a position with two bends, or use an S-shaped siphon, it is also called a pipe or direct-flow siphon.


If you have a model with a pneumatic button, then you will have to cut a hole in the countertop or in the sink itself to install the button. And if you choose a disposer with remote activation, then you won’t have to cut anything. By the way, not all models have a pneumatic button, this should be taken into account. It is better to study the characteristics of the models of interest in advance.

As you can see, installing a disposer is, of course, not a trivial procedure, but for an experienced home craftsman it will not be difficult.

How loud is the shredder
How uncomfortable is the disposer during work? Let us compare the noise level generated during the operation of this appliance with other kitchen noises. For example, a kettle boiling or water flowing into the sink. And, for comparison, the work of the shredder when the tap is open.

As you can see, the dispenser does not roar like an airplane taking off, but quite the opposite – it behaves quieter than water and below the grass.

The disposer will help you get rid of food waste and avoid storing it in the garbage bag, which is usually accompanied by associated odors, puddles and other inconveniences.

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By the way, thanks to this, you can use more environmentally friendly garbage bags in the kitchen, which for many will be a significant plus.

It is enough to follow a certain procedure and cover the drainage after use so that kitchen tools do not accidentally fall into the chopper, then the disposer will turn out to be a really useful kitchen appliance.