Flying Motorcycle

Flying Motorcycle

California: The world’s first jet-pack flying motorcycle has successfully completed its test flight. Named ‘Speeder’, this motorcycle has gone through all the stages of testing after 18 months of continuous hard work.

It was built by California-based Jetpack Aviation, the world’s first flying motorcycle with a jet turbine installed. The famous inventor of the jet pack, David Memon, has designed it with great effort. The goal is to create a motorbike-like ride that rises in a ‘vertical take-off and landing’ (V tool) style.

It is equipped with the world’s most modern and shortest jet engine that can seat two people. Raised in the air, its electrical system keeps it smooth during flight. Its speed and flight are also enviable for which an algorithm and software has been developed. At first, it was difficult to make a thrust, but it has a fully aluminum chassis.

Its thruster nozzles operate at 360-degree angles and support the bike instantly. According to the company, the journey on this motorcycle is the same as a normal ride, but you can enjoy flying in the air, not on the ground. The recreational version can fly at speeds of up to 150 miles per hour and can fly at a maximum altitude of 15,000 feet.

The second version is slightly different, military or military type. Agility and speed have been added to it. It can also be used for medical aid as it can carry weapons and medical aid. It can even help pick up a wounded soldier on the battlefield and take him to the center.