Five reasons to buy a cooker hood

A cooker hood in a modern kitchen is not just a useful attribute, but a necessity. Some people think that while cooking, it is enough to open a window and ventilate the room naturally. Let’s debunk this misconception and give five reasons for the hood.

Lack of unpleasant odors
When cooking some products, the kitchen, and the whole apartment, literally “smells of aromas”, which are hard enough to erode. This applies, for example, to frying fish, onions, grilled steaks, when the smoke is a yoke, and the smell hits on the spot. The hood turned on during cooking literally removes unpleasant odors. It works on the principle of a vacuum cleaner: inside there is a motor and a pair of fans with filters, thanks to which the suction takes place. Since the appliance is usually installed directly above the hob, the fumes do not have time to spread through the kitchen.

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To find the optimal hood performance, you first need to calculate the area of ​​the room. For example, you have a kitchen of 12 m 2 . We multiply this figure by the height of the walls: let’s say the standard 2.7 m. Once again we multiply this value by 12 and we get 389. This means that you will have enough hood with a capacity of 400 m3 / h. If we take it with a margin (500 m3 / h), then it will renew the air in the room not even 12, but 15 times per hour, which is much faster than natural ventilation. You can read in more detail about the nuances of choice in this material .

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The headset is ok
During cooking, greasy steam settles on the surrounding objects in the form of drops, splashes fly onto the kitchen apron or directly onto the wall if it is not there. As a result, kitchen cabinets, refrigerators, microwave ovens and other items in the kitchen are covered with a layer of nasty, sticky coating that is difficult to clean. With the hood, the furniture will retain its original appearance longer, cleaning can be carried out less often, and, in principle, a greasy residue on the furniture should not appear if the power of the unit is selected correctly.

Plaque that formed on the headset of the author of the article when he was forced not to use the hood for a couple of months

Regular ventilation or an open window removes only combustion products, but cannot protect against soot. Especially if you have a gas stove – in such models, an open fire is used for cooking. Only a hood can prevent this: in addition to a charcoal filter, which neutralizes odors, a grease filter is usually installed, which retains oil particles.

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Removal of harmful vapors
This point is especially important for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. The hood immediately draws harmful impurities and fumes during cooking into the ventilation shaft, which means they will not enter the lungs. Of course, in this case, ventilation may be enough, but what to do in winter? Do not keep the window constantly open, especially if there is a small child in the house.

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The hood draws old air into the mine and passes it through the charcoal filter, thereby removing not only fumes, but also dust. Modern models from the middle and high price segments at low revs are no louder than the refrigerator, so you, most likely, will not notice much discomfort.

Additional illumination
Backlit cooking is much clearer

One of the pleasant bonuses of the hood is the backlight. If it is installed directly above the hob – most often this is the case – then thanks to the additional lighting it will be clearly visible what is being cooked in a saucepan or pan. Whether the meat is fried, whether an appetizing golden crust has formed – everything will be visible. In addition, soft additional lighting will help create a romantic atmosphere during dinner and will not dazzle at night if you get up to drink some water.

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The hood is just beautiful

A utilitarian kitchen device can complement the interior well or even become its highlight. This is especially true of unusual models – fortunately, the choice of such options is now very good. For owners of a spacious kitchen, a chic solution would be an island ceiling hood, which is usually installed in the middle of the room.

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Inclined or fireplace hood will look beautiful even in a small kitchenette or a studio apartment. The latest squeak of fashion is table hoods, which are mounted directly in the table top and take up almost no space. During cooking, they come out of nowhere in a futuristic way. There is only one drawback – a rather high price for this kind of device.