Five gadgets for a good start to the day

Morning mood is one of the important factors for a productive day. Sleepiness, bad mood or banal laziness reduce performance and simply spoil the mood. If winter hibernation does not let you go, this collection contains the most useful gadgets for a cool and bright morning!

Light alarm clock
To get up at the appointed time, most of us set up alarms, be it a typical alarm clock or a smartphone. Regardless of the design, the alarm clock is an important assistant, but at the same time the worst enemy! A sudden and harsh sound interrupting a sweet dream – no song, even the most beloved one, will help here.

The most comfortable awakening is from natural light, since the human body is sensitive to changes in light and darkness. You can move your bed closer to the window and never wake up before dawn. Better yet, together with him! But, nevertheless, there is a way out of this situation without any rearrangements in the room. Light alarm clocks allow you to create an imitation of the “sun” in the room.Hours FIRST FA-2420-3 2499 *
Having set the desired wake-up time before going to bed, at the appointed time, the device will gradually begin to shine brighter and brighter, and you can wake up even in the winter darkness. For extreme cases, if you have not woken up from the light, the alarm clock has a backup option – a soundtrack.

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Smart speaker
Charger? Charger! And don’t say you don’t like your morning workout. Charging becomes a duty only if you do it wrong. For example, in silence and perfect morning despair. And if you first wake up relaxed with the same light alarm, and then start a smart speaker, then the mood will be completely different!

Favorite music cheers up and helps to overcome the frustration after sleep more easily. Thanks to the voice control of the smart speaker, you don’t have to interrupt your warm-up every time to adjust the sound or change the track.

Smart column Capsule white 8 999 *
By uttering the appropriate command, you can find out the weather forecast, current news and the current time, if you are used to spending every minute of the morning with benefit. By the way, instead of songs, you can study with an audiobook or a good podcast – morning for intellectuals.

Smart home functions deserve special mention. If you have several devices that support this function , the smart speaker turns into a kind of “control center”. Without being distracted from charging, you can turn on a fan, light or humidifier, or send the robot vacuum cleaner to another room for cleaning. After all, turn on the kettle for a heated cup of tea!

The electric toothbrush
After charging, it’s time to take a shower. Even better – contrasting! And, of course, brush your teeth. An electric toothbrush is a great substitute for a standard brush. There is no need to worry about excessive brushing efforts or insufficient cleaning time.

Braun Electric Toothbrush Oral-B Smart 5 D601.523.5X 6 499 *
In modern devices, there are pressure sensors that reduce the cleaning speed when the pressure is too strong and built-in timers. And the round nozzles with pulsating movements not only clean more effectively, but also have a beneficial effect on the gums, which is an important factor.

Multi-cooker-pressure cooker
The most important aspect of your morning routine is of course breakfast. It is he who provides energy in the first half of the day, and sometimes even for the whole day. Breakfast simply has to be healthy and easy to digest. You can find a huge variety of kitchen appliances for preparing your favorite dish .


But some options can take up too much space, others don’t cook the healthiest food, and some simply won’t have enough time in the hustle and bustle of limited morning time.

Multi-cooker-pressure cooker Moulinex CE 500E32 silver 6 499 *
In this situation, universal multicooker-pressure cooker devices come to the rescue . These devices prepare tasty and healthy food under the influence of pressure. But most importantly, they save time thanks to the automatic temperature maintenance and delayed start functions. Having prepared the ingredients or a ready-made dish in the evening, in the morning you can save precious time for cooking and have a full breakfast without compromising with sandwiches. We pressed the button in the morning – and go do the charging, shower and gathering, and the multicooker will prepare everything by itself.

Before a busy work day, it will be useful to make a list of tasks that need to be completed in a day. This will allow you not to forget something very important and allocate the time correctly. For example, transferring difficult tasks to the morning when the reserve of strength is at its fullest.

Of the mass of devices that allow you to save notes, tablets are most convenient . But not all, but with a pen included. In addition to standard text input using the on-screen keyboard, such gadgets support handwriting input – a special delight for conservatives.

10.4 “Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 64 GB gray 28 999 *
Although it is difficult to overestimate the convenience of such a function. The text is handwritten, you can make a note if necessary, quickly find a note by the search tag, and use alerts to set up a reminder alert if you suddenly forget something. In addition, tablets have the broadest functionality: searching for the information you need on the Internet, making a video call to a colleague, opening work files, and many other options .