Fish talks Through Electricity

Fish talks Through Electricity

London: It is not good to talk constantly without stopping and now the same etiquette has been found in a fish. This fish takes breaks during the conversation but sends its message through electricity.

In the factory of nature, we have seen that frogs and birds also talk and take a break or silence in their conversation. Similarly, a peacock or elephant carries its message to each other with light weak waves.

These fish live in freshwater and their biological name is Brienomyrus Brachyistius. Scientists have found that it takes a break between a series of continuous electrical signals and becomes completely silent. Then the series goes on, but when the fish are alone, they emit less lightning and do not take a break.

According to experts, when the fish communicate with each other, first one fish is silenced by emitting electric shocks and then the other opens its electric tongue. In the meanwhile, he is silent like a human being which is a wonderful thing.

In the same way, another type of fish, Jamnotiformes, communicates in the same way when mating with males. Experts have also discovered that the falcon is more efficient at emitting electric shocks after silence and facilitates this process.

Experts took a pair of fish and one of them was silenced by artificially stopping the electrical activity of the fish, then at the same time the brain activity of the other (talking) fish began to increase. We humans have the same attitude.

In this way, not only is there a dialogue between the fish, but they also listen to each other attentively with an electric signal while remaining silent.