Fifa And Battlefield Game Company Data Hacked

Fifa And Battlefield Game Company Data Hacked

Silicon Valley: Valuable and sensitive information was stolen from the servers of EA (Electronic Arts), one of the largest companies making games for computers and mobile phones.

According to the news website Voice, the hackers claim that they have downloaded the source code of the popular game FIFA 21 and the data of other important games including Frost Byte. According to initial reports, the volume of hacked data is 780 gigabytes.

Electronics is one of the world’s largest makers of electronics games and has played in FIFA 21, Battlefield, Star Wars, Jedi Fallen Order, Titan Fall, The Sims and numerous sports games. Developed and published.
A spokesman for the EA said in a statement that it was “investigating a recent intrusion into its network, but that very few game source codes and related tools have been stolen.” Hackers have not gained access to any player’s data and we do not consider any of our user’s privacy to be at risk.

“We have already improved our security and this incident will not affect our business or business,” the spokesman added. However, this was not a ransomware operation and we have alerted law enforcement.

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